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Sunday Summary: Adjusting Focus

I mentioned on Wednesday that I was adjusting how I was getting stuff done. Writing 3000 words a day between my projects, starting with one goal and adjusting for each story as I went. Well, that was working pretty well, but tomorrow starts a new month. For me, it will be a month of editing. So, I’ll be transferring that new goal to 3 hours of editing a day. Some of this editing will depend on people getting things back to me(from my CP and a beta reader), so I’ll work on things as I can. And I have another project that needs first revisions for while I’m waiting for stuff. I’ll still be working some on my other projects too. I figure I’ll give those an hour a day, first thing in the morning(when drafting usually comes better for me anyway), working on a different on each day.

But, before I get too much into next month’s plan, here’s how this week has gone:

  • Write 14045 words between 5 projects – 14832 words.
    • Protecting the Heart – 4116 words(getting *really* close to the end of this one) –  “I’m sure you don’t want to storm the front door. To minimize bloodshed-““I’m not worried about that,” Declan said, baring his teeth. “I want to shed his blood.”
    • Closing Time – 2632 words -“Your father terrified me plenty when we first met, too.”

      He shook his head. “I can’t believe that. You two are still so in love.”

      She pulled back and smiled at him. “That we are. Because he’s a tenacious bastard.”

    • Shed Some Light – 3620 words – He smiled at her, though it looked a little wistful. “Then, maybe it’s time you two held on to each other.”
    • Break on Me – 2629 words – Yes, he probably would. She just hoped everything wouldn’t be awkward when she did. He’d said Gabe was a good guy, but something told her he didn’t believe the same about himself. Even though she could see it was the truth.
    • In the Moonlight – 1835 words – I laughed even as tears stung my eyes. That sounded so much like Aunt Adriane. And God, it made me miss her even more.
  • Stained by Ashes – Compile Beta Notes as I receive them back – I got 4 chapters back yesterday but haven’t started compiling them yet.
  • Dance with the Devil – 910 words – 2915 words(a good chunk was from pieces I wrote during May for Story a Day) – “I don’t care,” he said, his mouth hovering close, so close, to mine. I could feel his breath on my lips as he spoke. “It feels like everything that’s ever taken me away from you was a mistake. This can’t be a worse one than those.”
  • Snow White Twist – 990 words – 1035 words Eira’s face fell slightly, and Tarian wished she’d responded differently. “I thought you were going to stop calling me that.”
  • Come Back Down: Search & Destroy – 38/50 words searched through
  • Read: Romancing the Beat – Finish – Finished this. Going to apply this to my next WiP I plot
  • Listen: Dead Weight(TR Ragan) & Nothing Like Love(Abigal Strom) – finished both of these and almost halfway through Fatal Affair(Marie Force)
  • Read: Strong Signal(Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell), Anything More than Now(Rebecca Paula), Better When It Hurts(Skye Warren), Fight For Me(Sharon Page), The Girl at Midnight(Melissa Grey), Down & Dirty(Liliana Hart), & Saddles & Sin(Jessie Evans) – I absolutely loved Strong Signal, enjoyed Anything More Than Now, liked Better When It Hurts and Fight for Me. Loved The Girl at Midnight & Down and Dirty, enjoyed Saddles and Sin. And I just finished Against the Night(Kat Martin) which I really enjoyed.

Well, almost all of it was blue this week.

As for how I’ve done for the month:


  • Protecting the Heart – finish 1st draft(or get damn close) – I have about 4 more scenes plotted out. So, getting very close.
  • Closing Time – finish 1st draft – Only about halfway there
  • Shed Some Light – write 17000 words – 16840/17000 words
  • Break on Me – add 9000 words – 11096/9000 words
  • In the Moonlight – add 8500 words – 9586/8500 words
  • Dance with the Devil – get to 7500 words – got to 12061/7500 words
  • Snow White Twist – get to 5000 words – got to 6667/5000 words


  • Stained by Ashes – compile beta notes as they come in – I have through chapter 12 compiled. Have 4 more waiting for me.
  • Come Back Down – read through & revise – almost finished with this
  • Midas’ Daughter – Read through once Come Back Down is finished – didn’t get to this one yet, moving to next month’s goals


  • Listen: 7 audiobooks in Audible library(1 from my credit, 1 was 1.99 add-on to free ebook, 2 were on sale, & 3 were read & listen from Kindle Unlimited) – 7/7 listened to
  • Read: 28 books – 29/28 books
  • Read: Romancing the Beat(Gwen Hayes)

Goals for next month:


  • Defending the Heart – Finish Outline


  • Protecting the Heart – 5000 words or finish 1st draft
  • Closing Time – 5000 words
  • Shed Some Light – 5000 words
  • Break on Me – 5000 words
  • In the Moonlight – 5000 words
  • Dance with the Devil – get to 15000 words
  • Snow White Twist – get to 10000 words


  • Stained by Ashes: Compile beta notes, start revisions
  • Healing the Heart: finish CP revisions
  • Guarding the Heart: Finish 1st revisions
  • Come Back Down – Finish polishing
  • Midas’ Daughter – Read Through & Revise


  • Listen: 8 audiobooks(already in my audible library)
  • Read: 25 books
  • Read: Writing Vivid Characters(Rayne Hall)

And for this week:

  • Write: 5000 words
  • Stained by Ashes – compile beta notes through Chapter 16(more if I get them back)
  • Healing the Heart(if I hear back from my CP)
  • Guarding the Heart – layer in World Building details
  • Defending the Heart – Finish brainstorming, write Xavier’s back story
  • Dance with the Devil – add 820 words
  • Snow White Twist – add 990 words
  • Come Back Down – finish polishing
  • Read: Writing Vivid Characters – 25%
  • Listen: Fatal Affair(Marie Force) & The Night Circus(Erin Morgenstern)
  • Read: You’re It(Leigh Ann Kopans), Never Never(Brianna Shrum), Dangerous and Unseemly(K.B. Owen), Beyond What is Given(Rebecca Yarros), One Last Song(S.K. Falls), & Eight Naughty Nights(Eliza Madison)


WeWriWa: Not Gavin

Welcome to another gathering of the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. This week I’m coming to you from my tablet since our home Internet is out (hopefully will have it fixed this afternoon), but I wanted to write this up while I was thinking about it, so using the data on my tablet is the only way. We don’t have great 4G signal out here,  but it’s better than nothing.

Anyway, I’m still sharing from Dance with the Devil. Added a lot of words to this during the week, though most of those were from pieces I’d written during the Story a Day challenge in May. It was just a matter of firing them in to the rest of the story. But for now, here’s 10 sentences from the next scene (skipped the first few of the scene):

Hadn’t he thought I might need that information during our patrols? Was this supposed to be some sort of punishment? Because I wouldn’t let us go back to one night that never should have happened anyway.

No matter how upset I was with him, I knew he would never do that. He wouldn’t put the club at risk because of a grudge against me. That wasn’t Gavin’s way.

I winced then took another pull from the bottle. I had to keep thinking of him like Hawk. The lieutenant who could keep information from me.

Not Gavin, the boy who had at one time saved me.

A little more of their history there. But how did Hawk save him? What happened between them?

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Art

We haven’t had Internet since Thursday night. I noticed it wasn’t working when I finished a book on my Kindle and tried to add the next in the series to my wishlist. Figured it would come back on. But, all day yesterday, it didn’t. Finally called and they’re sending someone out “by evening” to try and fix it.

In the meantime, I turned the data back on on my tablet (usually use it on airplane mode with the WiFi ) so I can at least get some stuff done. Like today’s Stream of Consciousness post. The prompt is “art”. I’m just starting to plot Defending the Heart  (book 3 in my BC Security series) so exploring these characters some more.

“It’s an art form.”

Xavier looked up from the computer screen and snorted. “You’re ridiculous sometimes, you know that?”

Piers’ lips barely turned up, just a ghost of a smile. It didn’t matter what they were talking about. Xavier would always get entranced by that smile. He shouldn’t have even looked up. They had to work together on this job, but that didn’t mean anything else would happen.

He was just lucky Piers would speak to him.

“It’s a computer,” Xavier said. “I see nothing artful about it.”

“And Alex said you were their best computer guy until I came back. I don’t see how that can be possible with that attitude.”

Xavier let out an undignified snort. “It’s a computer,  not oils on canvas. It’s about manipulating code, not. ..careful strokes and mixing colors.”

Piers’ gaze heated, and Xavier drew his bottom lip in between his teeth.  Maybe he should have rephrased that. Tension crackled between them until finally Piers looked away.

Hell. At this rate,  Xavier wouldn’t survive this case, let alone the rest of his career if Piers stayed on with the company. Somehow he’d have to deal with it.

And make sure he didn’t hurt Piers any more than he already had.

Writing Wednesday: Adjusting Again

I’ve been working on a time goal for the last few weeks. And it’s worked for the most part. But, I’ve started to sit there during the time I should be writing, just staring at the screen. So, my word counts for the hour I spend working on each project are coming in a lot lower than usual. So, I’ve decided to go back to a word count goal. I’m still working on each of my projects every day. Going for a combined total of 3000 words a day. I start out with that spread evenly across each of the projects(so 600 words/project). Then, as I write, I adjust, since it’s likely I won’t write that exact amount. Yesterday I wrote over 1100 words each on 2 different projects because the words were rolling on both. I’ve been working on them in order of which is closest to being done. But, I think I may switch that around for next week, so I have the higher word goal on the ones that are further behind. And I’ll adjust the day’s count if I write more or less for the day. Like Monday(before I started this plan), I only wrote about 2400 words. So, yesterday’s total goal was about 3600 words(I actually wrote almost 4k on these projects). I’ve only done this for one day, so we’ll see if it continues to work.

Those are my word goals from yesterday, not actual word counts

Those are my word goals from yesterday, not actual word counts

For now, it’s WiPPet Wednesday time, which means time for another snippet from one of these projects. Sharing from Shed Some Light since that’s what I’m working on as I type this up. I have 9 paragraphs(2+7) from some of what I wrote yesterday.

Her shoulders fell at that, and she dropped her head back to his chest. “Please don’t do this,” she said. “It’s not up to you to stop him. I need you here. I need you with me.”

He took a step back from her at that. “You’ve never needed me, Reza. You’ve made that perfectly clear over the years.”

He wanted to take the words back as soon as he’d said them. He didn’t know what he would have done the past few days without her. How he would have survived. And maybe that made this old wound ache even more. He needed her, but did she really need him? Or would all he ever do be to drag her down? He couldn’t stand to think it.

Tereza took a quick step back from him, and he could see the pain in her eyes. “You know that isn’t true, Carlos. You chose to stay away as much as I did. I made a promise, and I felt I had to keep it.”

“A promise to who?”

“It doesn’t matter. If you can even say that to me, you obviously don’t know me very well. So, I guess maybe I should just go.”


He didn’t know what else to say, though, and she was grabbing her coat from the hook beside his door then reaching for her purse. Then, she turned back. “You may be an idiot, Carlos, but I still love you. Which is the only reason I would have broken my promise now. I guess it didn’t mean anything, though.”

He couldn’t do anything but say her name again. Why didn’t he tell her he was sorry, that he hadn’t meant it, any of it? But, no, he just stood there like an idiot.

What promise did Tereza make? To who? What does this mean for them now?

Now, on to my progress so far this week:

  • Write 14045 words between 5 projects – 7553 words. A little more than halfway and not done for the day yet.
    • Protecting the Heart – 2131 words – This is now at 75% complete, which means I can start brainstorming the next one, Piers & Xavier’s story. Woohoo!
    • Closing Time – 1303 words
    • Shed Some Light – 2235 words
    • Break on Me – 1017 words
    • In the Moonlight – 1065 words
  • Stained by Ashes – Compile Beta Notes as I receive them back – nothing yet
  • Dance with the Devil – 910 words – 356 words
  • Snow White Twist – 990 words – 273 words
  • Come Back Down: Search & Destroy – weekend project
  • Read: Romancing the Beat – Finish – at 92%
  • Listen: Dead Weight(TR Ragan) & Nothing Like Love(Abigal Strom) – finished Dead Weight(really enjoyed) and a little more than halfway through Nothing Like Love(liking it).
  • Read: Strong Signal(Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell), Anything More than Now(Rebecca Paula), Better When It Hurts(Skye Warren), Fight For Me(Sharon Page), The Girl at Midnight(Melissa Grey), Down & Dirty(Liliana Hart), & Saddles & Sin(Jessie Evans) – I finished Strong Signal Monday night(LOVED!), and both Anything More than Now & Better When It Hurts yesterday. About 25% through Fight For Me so far this morning(mostly while eating breakfast). I’m actually a day ahead on my reading, since I didn’t plan to start Fight For Me until tomorrow.

Mostly blue & green! And hoping to turn the red into at least green by Sunday.

ListifyLife Challenge: Weird Things I Do

Okay, so the actual title of this week’s theme is “Things I Do that People Think Are Weird”, but that would make for an awfully long blog title. So, I adjusted. And I could pretty much sum this list up into one thing, but that would be kind of boring.


  • Everything – Like I said, I could sum it up in one thing.
  • Fold Wrappers – Or at least my husband finds this odd. When we go out for fast food, I always fold my sandwich wrapper when I’m done eating. He just crumples his up. It’s not like I feel I have to fold it. it’s just what I do.
  • Think Out Loud – ok, so most people call this talking to myself. And, yeah, I get strange looks when I do it. Especially if I happen to be “thinking out loud” about one of my stories. Maybe a good thing I don’t go out in public often.

And one I forgot to add to my list

  • No hugs – I really don’t like being touched with a few exceptions. I really don’t like hugs. I can handle the one-armed side hug, but unless I know you really well(and sometimes even then), I’m very uncomfortable with anything more.

There’s probably more that people haven’t actually *told* me they find weird. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

Sunday Summary: Mellow Progress

I mentioned on Wednesday that I instituted Mellow Monday. Though I don’t take the day off, I have taken it easy. And…it seems to have helped. Over all, I did write less words during the week, but I didn’t feel like it was such a struggle to get the words. So, I may be continuing with this, at least for now. I’m hoping once our social weekends are over(hopefully after Labor Day), I may be able to stop with this.

As I said, the week went really well. I wrote over 17,000 words. And I’m ahead on my reading for once this month. And finished revisions on one of my side projects. Yesterday we went out to a friend’s for a fire. Had some food and laughed and kids played in the pool for about 3 hours until it was dark, and we practically had to force the girl to get out(she’d probably swim 24/7 if we let her). This morning, we dropped them off at church with their grandma, came home, got on the bike and took off for a meeting with the club we ride with(usually we meet Sunday night, but our usual meeting place is under renovations, so we had it at a member’s house). Home for a few minutes, then we’re off to get groceries & some birthday presents for the girl(she’s going to be 9 in just over 2 weeks!)So, another busy, social weekend.

  • Write 14165 words between 5 projects – 15285/14165 words.
    • Protecting the Heart – 3495 words – “Damn it, Eva,” he muttered as he pulled back into the street. “You should have just trusted me.”
    • Closing Time – 3185 words – Nolan nodded and stepped back. But, he held his hand out as Gio started to step past him. “Give him a chance, Gio. I know he made a bad mistake. I know you don’t want him to hurt you, too. But, give him a chance to prove he won’t.”
    • Shed Some Light – 3996 words – “I can’t do this, Reza. I can’t lose him, too. I don’t know what I’ll do if I lose him, too.””Survive.” She pressed up to him, and he tried to take in the comfort she offered. “it’s what you’ve always done.”
    • Break on Me – 2271 words – He nodded, but his face had fallen. “I get it, Lora. Don’t worry. I won’t pursue you if you don’t want me. I’m a big boy.”
    • In the Moonlight – 2338 words – “Hot,” I said quickly. “If you meant what I think you did. Please don’t ever apologize to me for saying anything dirty. Even if it’s only vaguely dirty.”
  • Stained by Ashes – Compile Beta notes from Chapter 12(and any more I get back during the week) – Got Chapter 12 done. No more chapters received this week.
  • Dance with the Devil – 920 words – 1199 words – Hawk following me to my bed? Yeah, I didn’t see how that had good idea written anywhere remotely near it.
  • Snow White Twist – 995 words – 1021 words – “Please drop the princess. I already told you I do not own that title any longer.”
  • Come Back Down – Revisions – Done. Going to do a search for all my crutch words next weekend
  • Read: Romancing the Beat – 80% – Got to this point
  • Listen: George(Alex Gino) & Wrong Number, Right Guy(Elle Casey) – finished both of these, loved George and really enjoyed Wrong Number, Right Guy. Listened to most of Dead Weight by T.R. Ragan(less than an hour left). Enjoying it.
  • Read: Finish Tough Love(Lori Foster), Officer Off Limits(Tessa Bailey), Always on My Mind(Jill Shalvis), Thorn Fall(Lindsay Buroker), Into Elurien(Kate Sparkes), Caged in Bone(S.M. Reine), The Everlasting Circle(Juliana Haygert), & Wish Come True(various) – I finished Thorn Fall(enjoyed), Into Elurien(loved!), Caged in Bone(really enjoyed), & The Everlasting Circle(really enjoyed). I finished Wish Come True this morning. It was a collection of LGBT short stories(actually, I think they were all m/m). I read most of the stories, but it’s not unusual for me to skip a few in an anthology.

Love all that blue! Now for next week:

  • Write 14045 words between 5 projects
  • Stained by Ashes – Compile Beta Notes as I receive them back
  • Dance with the Devil – 910 words
  • Snow White Twist – 990 words
  • Come Back Down: Search & Destroy
  • Read: Romancing the Beat – Finish
  • Listen: Dead Weight(TR Ragan) & Nothing Like Love(Abigal Strom)
  • Read: Strong Signal(Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell), Anything More than Now(Rebecca Paula), Better When It Hurts(Skye Warren), Fight For Me(Sharon Page), The Girl at Midnight(Melissa Grey), Down & Dirty(Liliana Hart), & Saddles & Sin(Jessie Evans)

WeWriWa: The Last Thing

And we’re back for another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. Sharing the last 10 sentences from the scene I’ve been sharing from Dance with the Devil. Next week, I’ll move farther along in this story. I’ve skipped two paragraphs of Devil being reminded that Hawk does have some say over what he’s told.

I don’t know why I was surprised. It’s not like it’s the first time he kept information from me. Or claimed he did something for my own good. I was a little sick of it, though.

“I could have handled it,” I said, looking around Bull right at Hawk. “Maybe one day you’ll actually trust me.” I turned away. “If you don’t need me here, I’m crashing at my place tonight.”

I didn’t hear anything from Bull or Icarus, but just before I reached my bike, I heard Hawk murmur, “Be careful.”

That was the last thing I wanted to be right now.

Is Devil going to get himself into some trouble? Or will he actually take Hawk’s advice?

Also I posted the final chapter of Into the Sun to Wattpad yesterday, so if you’ve been waiting for it to be finished, you can go ahead and read it now.

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