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June Review

June had been a busy month around here. We’ve had a pay every weekend. 3 birthday parties and a 50th anniversary pay for one of my husband’s relatives. At the same time, I participated in JuNoWriMo. And won. A few days early even. And my daughter had berm home from school for most of thus month. I’ve still managed to reach most of my goals for the month.

50000 words on Demons Rising – This was my JuNoWriMo project. And I reached that 50k goal on June 27. Of course, the story isn’t finished yet, just a large chunk of it.
Read through Slow Revenge – finished this on June 7.
Slow Revenge Rewrites – Finished these yesterday. Ending up adding about 4500 words to it. It was all ready longer than most of my others.
Re-plot Guarding the Heart – not quite there yet. Just about finished with putting it through the snowflake method. Hoping to get there tonight.
Finish knitting 3 projects – Finished 1/3. Finally finished the shimmer-by-night bag tonight. Didn’t expect it to take quite so long.
Finish crocheting 3 projects – this I did finish. Ruffled Skinny Scarf on June 4, Hairpin Lace Skinny Scarf on June 10, and a newborn penguin hat on June 22.

June was a pretty good month. Hoping July is just as good.

June Review

June had been a busy month around here. We’ve had a pay every weekend. 3 birthday parties and a 50th anniversary pay for one of my husband’s relatives. At the same time, I participated in JuNoWriMo. And won. A few days early even. And my daughter had berm home from school for most of thus month. I’ve still managed to reach most of my goals for the month.

Fitness Friday: Right Way

Writing this on my phone this week. I had just started to get ready to type this morning. And had just unplugged my laptop because it was storming outside (and sounded like it was just overhead) when there was a loud crack outside. I looked up and noticed none of the lights on the modem wee lit. Which I found really strange since we silk had pee to everything else. That less me to believe we have a fried modem. Last time this happened (about 7 years ago) we still had power to it, it just wouldn’t receive any signal. So I may not have any internet connection, except through my phone, until we get that problem fixed.

Anyway, onto my fitness Friday post. Last week I mentioned trying to up my water consumption. I’ve been doing decent with that. Finishing off one of my bottles of water wasn’t too difficult, so this week I’ve been shooting for 2. I can usually just manage that. I think I’m going to keep my goal right there for next week, until finishing those two isn’t a problem.

I also switched up my workout a bit. On Monday and Tuesday, I did 10 minutes of my sculpt & burn DVD then walked on the treadmill for at least 20 minutes. Wednesday, Thursday, and today I just walked on the treadmill. I decided that’s all I would do on Wednesdays(kind of a break), and then had a nasty headache the next two mornings, so didn’t want to push it too much. I’ve worked out with those headaches before, and it’s usually not a good outcome. Next week, I’m going to try for at least 3 days with the DVD and a walk on 5 days.

I don’t know if it’s the water or the change in workout, but I was down almost 2 pounds this week. Still not back to my starting weight, but at least I’m going in the right direction now.

Starting weight: 165.2
Last week’s weight: 169.4
Today’s weight: 167.8
Weekly loss: 1.6 pounds
Total loss(gain): still 2.6 up from my starting weight

Fitness Friday: Wrong Way

I haven’t been very consistent about these posts. I know I need to be better about that. I need the accountability. It’s been just over a month since my last, and first, post. Yikes. Part of the problem is that the scale has not been going the right way. I’ve been working out and doing mostly good about staying within my calorie budget. But the weight kept going up. I know I don’t always make the best choices in what I eat. Part of the problem is my husband. He won’t change his diet. So, we have crap food in the house, which when I’m feeling lazy, is easier to make. So, I’ve been trying to have veggies on hand, got some whole wheat sandwich thin things(which I have a problem with regular bread sometimes. It gets stuck in my throat, so I like the thinness of this). I usually have oatmeal for breakfast in the morning after I work out. And I’ve been trying to keep my snacking down and choose better snacks(I’ll admit, I had Skittles for my afternoon snack yesterday). Trying not to get in the mood where I say, “why even bother.” I’ve been there before. It’s not pretty.

I think I know what part of them problem is. I know I don’t drink enough water. So, that’s my main goal right now. To up my water consumption. I have a water bottle I got from the hospital when my daughter was born. It holds about 24 oz. I’ve been finishing off at least one of those a day. Next week, I’m going to shoot for 2.


Starting weight: 165.2

Last week’s weight: 170(actually was this Monday, didn’t weight last Friday)

Today’s weight: 169,4

Total gain/loss: +4.2

I didn’t even want to post until I had actually lost. But, if I’m going to hold myself accountable, I have to do it even when I’m not doing so well.

Writing Wednesday: Another Round Done

Hard to believe it’s the end of another round again(well tomorrow). I’ve been participating in ROW80 since July 2011. So that’s 2 straight years of “ROWing”. It has certainly helped me become more accountable and better able to make those goals I want to stick to. I wanted to get more serious about my writing back then,  and I definitely feel like I’ve done that.

  • Demons Rising: Write 12000 words – Triumph! Over 14,000 words in the last week. My mom took the kids for about 5 hours last Thursday and I ended up getting over 3100 words. That gave me a good boost. I’ve been shooting for at least 2500 a day during the week, since I don’t always get a lot written on the weekends. I’ve written over 33,000 words this month. I shouldn’t have a problem getting 50k this month. Then, I’ll probably just need another 30,000 or so to finish it next month.
  • Slow Revenge: Rewrites through Chapter 10 – I’m actually on chapter 19. Made a lot of progress here. Have a few scenes I’m adding in in this next part. 
  • Guarding the Heart: Finish Back Stories – I finished this yesterday. Now to get the story re-plotted. This was my NaNoWriMo from 2011, that I’m now rewriting. 
  • Knit: Finish Shimmer By Night Bag – Not so much progress here. still trying to finish the body of the bag. 
  • Crochet: Finish Penguin Hat – almost done with this one. I have the hat itself done. Just need to sew on the penguin face(and eyes and nose) and the pom poms for the end of the earflaps. 

As for my progress on this month’s goals:

  • Write 50,000 words on Demons Rising – 33318/50000 words
  • Read through Slow Revenge – DONE
  • Slow Revenge Rewrites – 18.5/30 chapters
  • Re-plot Guarding the Heart – back stories are done, need to work out summaries of plot and do scene cards
  • Finish knitting 3 projects – I didn’t even finish 1.
  • Finish crocheting 3 projects – finished 2, almost finished with the third.

I guess the good thing here is that the month isn’t quite over yet.

And how did I do with my starting goals for this round?


  • 1st draft of Stained Snow(novella) – Finished!
  • 1st draft of Demons Rising(#3 in Inner Demons series) Not quite finished. Will be rolling over into Round 3


  • Finish 1st edits on Healing the Heart – Finished
  • Find Beta Readers for Slow Revenge – Roll over into Round 3
  • Read Through Flames of Redemption – Finished
  • 2nd edits on Slow Revenge – Finished


  • Finish plotting Demons Rising – Finished
  • Re-plot Guarding the Heart(my 2011 NaNo) – Working on it – Roll over into Round 3
  • Start plotting Connie’s story(#4 in Inner Demons series) – Haven’t started on it yet. Round 3


  • Read 17 books – HAHA. More than met. 40/17 books read. I’m almost 3/4 of my way through my goal for the year and only halfway through the year. 9 of those were novella length or shorter and 1was a collection of shorts.
  • Complete 10 knitting projects – Have completed 3. One of these was a pretty big project, so I should have thought of that when setting this goal. Will reevaluate for Round 3.
  • Complete 10 crochet projects –  6/10, almost 7. A little better on this one. Will reevaluate for Round 3.

Overall, I’d say I did really well for this round. Especially my writing and editing goals. And, uh, yeah…I read a lot. Now, I’ll have to go and think about what my goals should be for the next round.

Writing Wednesday: Winding Down

Not a whole lot going on in the last week. My daughter finished the school year last week. We had her graduation ceremony on Friday. I am so proud of the progress she’s made during her second year of Pre-K. My coffeemaker also stopped working last week. Well, not exactly stopped working. I got the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew(can do K-cups or regular coffee in it) about 3 months ago. It was the cheaper option out of the 3 I could find(HB, Mr. Coffee, and Keurig). Now, it will barely even brew half a cup. Well, couldn’t live without coffee, so I got some instant coffee at least until I can get it replaced. Had a birthday party to go to on Saturday but not much to do on Sunday.  It rained all day Monday & Tuesday, the first full days of summer vacation really. Last night, my daughter lost her first tooth. And was very excited for the tooth fairy to bring her 4 silver coins(quarters) this morning. Today, since my mother-in-law is on vacation this week, she came up and took us out to lunch then to a park in town. Then, we went out to the playground at the school. So, it took me longer to get things done today. Tomorrow may be the same because my mom’s having pictures done of all the grandkids. We’ll see what I get done.

As for the last week’s progress here:

  • Demons Rising: Write 12000 words – I’ve written about 11,000 words over the last week. Not quite to my goal, but still a good amount for me. Just moving into Act 2. The sprints at the JuNoWriMo hashtag have really been helping with this.
  • Slow Revenge: Finish reading through – Finished this on Thursday and compiled all my notes on Friday.
  • Slow Revenge: Start rewrites – through Chapter 3 so far. Working on a chapter a day right now.
  • Guarding the Heart: Finish back stories –  taking a little longer than planned with this one. I’m almost finished with the second one. Only have 1, maybe 2 more to do. Should have them done by the end of the round at least.
  • Knit: Finish Shimmer By Night Bag – another task that is taking me longer than planned. Since it uses a lighter weight yarn, it’s taking longer to get to the length needed for the body of the bag. Hoping to get it finished soon though.
  • Crochet: Finish Hairpin Lace Skinny Scarf – finished this earlier this week. And started a Penguin hat last night.

Goals for next week:

  • Demons Rising: Write 12000 words
  • Slow Revenge: Rewrites through Chapter 10
  • Guarding the Heart: Finish Back Stories
  • Knit: Finish Shimmer By Night Bag
  • Crochet: Finish Penguin Hat

Writing Wednesday: Final Push

It’s been an uneventful week. And after last week, I don’t really have a problem with that. Tomorrow is the last day of school for my daughter. After 2 years of K-4, she’s moving on to Kindergarten. Last year I had been torn about our decision to keep her back, but seeing how much she’s blossomed this year, we feel it was definitely the right decision. Academically, she probably would have been fine. But, last year she would barely speak to any of the other students. Wouldn’t go to one of their centers if there was anyone else there. This year she’s actually playing with the other kids. And she’s made a lot of improvement with her speech and motor skills(was delayed in speech, fine, and gross motor skills). She’s still behind with her gross motor skills but has made improvements with everything. Anyways, I don’t really know what this will mean for my progress. Both kids will be here all day. But, at the same time, that means they might be able to keep each other occupied(when they aren’t fighting).  She’ll go back August 28 and will be at school all day for the first time.

Anyways, on to my progress for the last week. I posted on Sunday, but didn’t really get into what I’d gotten done for the week.

Slow Revenge – start reading through: I have started this. And as of today am through 25 of 30 chapters. Have quite a few notes taken. I’ve been doing 5 chapters a day, so should have it finished tomorrow. Will probably start working on rewrites on Monday.
Demons Rising: Set up in Scrivener: As I said in my post on Sunday, I finished this Thursday. And started writing it on Friday. Then, I was talked into joining JuNoWriMo. Okay, “talked into” may be a bit strong. I was simply asked if I was going to join it, and I decided to check it out then sign up. Have a goal of 2250 words each weekday and another 1000 on the weekends. If I can keep that up, I should have 50,000 by the end of the month. Right now I have 7914 words. I haven’t made my goal for today, and I may not as it’s all ready past 8 p.m. But, I will try.
Knit: Shimmer by Night bag: I’ve made a little bit of progress on this, but still not finished yet.
          Broken Rib Toque: Haven’t even started this. or rather picked it back up. I started it earlier in the year, when it was still cold, then set it aside to work on some other stuff.
Crochet: Hairpin Lace Skinny Scarf: Haven’t made much more progress on this. But, I was able to pick up some yarn I needed to finish another project over the weekend. So, on Tuesday I finished the Ruffled Skinny Scarf I’d been working on last month. 

I didn’t include reading goals on this week’s list(or the one for the rest of this month) since I’ve all ready surpassed that goal. But, I am still reading. I finished Paradise Damned by S.M. Reine yesterday and started reading Leigh Bardugo’s Siege and Storm. I’m all ready about 40% through it, even though I’ve been trying to be good and save the reading for when I’ve finished everything else on my to-do list.

My goals for next week:

  • Demons Rising: Write 12000 words
  • Slow Revenge: Finish reading through
  • Slow Revenge: Start rewrites
  • Guarding the Heart: Finish back stories
  • Knit: Finish Shimmer By Night Bag
  • Crochet: Finish Hairpin Lace Skinny Scarf


May Goals Review

I usually don’t post on Sundays anymore, but I figured since it’s the beginning of the month, I’d do a review of my goals and progress during last month. And I’ll do a more in depth accounting of the last week’s goals on Wednesday.

May’s goals were:

  1. Finish first draft of Stained Snow – I finished this on 5/23. It ended up at 49413. A little long for a novella, but I’m sure there’s some I can cut and bring it down. It will probably still be a long novella though.
  2. Finish Flames of Redemption rewrites – This I finished on 5/29. And I brought it up from 55,500 words to just under 66,800. Still a bit on the short side for a novel. I’ll probably go through it again and see if there’s more to add, or it just may end up being shorter.
  3. Finish plotting Demons Rising – I finished this on 5/30. And started writing on the 31.
  4. Read Through Slow Revenge – Just got this started on 5/31. Have the first five chapters gone through and some notes taken. Mostly looking at the big picture changes rather than just the little things. 
  5. Write 10,000 words for Demons Rising – Not even close. I was thinking I’d start writing earlier in the month. I managed 514 words on Friday. Then, I decided to join JuNoWriMo to try to push me through most of it.

Didn’t do too bad on May’s goals. Finished the main ones at least. Now, for June’s goals:

  1. Write 50,000 words on Demons Rising
  2. Read through Slow Revenge
  3. Slow Revenge Rewrites
  4. Re-plot Guarding the Heart
  5. Finish knitting 3 projects
  6. Finish crocheting 3 projects

I’ll fall short of my knitting and crochet goals for this round(I’d need to finish 7 and 6 each to meet it this month), but I know I’ve surpassed my reading goals. And I know I wouldn’t be able to get 13 more projects finished.

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