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When The Muse Attacks by Fallon Brown

My ROW80 sponsor post for this round. And, of course, I’ve already changed my method of handling all the ideas since this was written.

A Round of Words in 80 Days: The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life

When I talk about the muse, I don’t usually think about a mythical figure. Or really anything separate from me that helps inspire my work. To me, it’s more the part of my mind where all the ideas simmer, waiting for me to get to them.

Of course, they don’t always like to wait. Sometimes I can work through the draft of more than one book in a series without an issue. Other times, it seems like several ideas try to clamor for my attention at once. Different characters all demand their story be told now. This can lead to me having trouble concentrating on the one I’m trying to work on.


Lately I seem to be experiencing the latter of these. I have five different series that I have at least one novel drafted for. Besides those, I have five series somewhere in the planning stage. As well…

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Sunday Summary: November Wrap-Up

We had a good Thanksgiving, and stayed at home on Friday. We did go out Saturday, but surprisingly, Erie wasn’t too crazy.We only made a few stops, but I did take another box of books into the used bookstore, and this time I only walked out with 2 more(probably would have been more but I gave my mom the list of books I still need in series I’m following(which I typed up for when I go to the bookstore, but it was easier to just give this one to her than make another one), so tried to find ones that weren’t on that list). Then, I went to Books-a-Million while my husband was at Gander Mountain & Field & Stream. And I bought Heir of Fire(another one I’d forgotten to put on the list I gave to my mom).

I know, there’s still one more day left in November. But, I’m doing my wrap-up post today anyway. First, I’ll look at how the last week has gone.

  • My Way to You – write 25000 words(will get me close to the end if not all the way there) – 25000/25000. I’d gotten through all the ‘past’ scenes on Friday, but was still almost 500 words short of my goal. So, I started the first scene that’s back in the present. I have three or four scenes to finish. I’m hoping to get those done tomorrow. Maybe Tuesday.
  • Come Back Down – write 1000 words – 869/1000 words. But, I did get up to a total of 4000 words.
  • Read: Gotta Read It – finish – finished this earlier this week.
  • Read: Instant Temptation(Jill Shalvis) & Living Victim(Stacy Green) – read both of these and also Gone Too Far(Suzanne Brockman), Betting on You(Jessie Evans), Treasured Claim & Unintended Guardian(both by Jami Gold). I started 3 other books last night and ended up setting them all aside. Starting Love, Diamonds, and Spades(Violet Duke) today.
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – Strip 22 – I got through Strip 21, most of that was done yesterday morning.
  • Loom: Hat – haven’t worked on this at all. Might get to it later today.

This week has been pretty good. I did change my goals during the month(Is anyone really surprised by this?)


  • Love Who You Love(Kurztown #3) – didn’t get to this. I will be working on it next month.


  • Guarding the Heart – 1st draft – wrote 24506 words and finished this.
  • Some Fools Never Learn – Reach 32000 words – I wrote 44567 words and finished the first draft of this.
  • My Way to You – Reach 21000 words – wrote 25000 words on this and am at just over 32000 words.
  • By the Gun – Reach 7000 words – Didn’t work on this at all. According to new schedule, I probably won’t get to it until March.

I also wrote 4000 words on a new side project. Have written over 100,000 words this month.


  • Chasing the Ghost: Revise & Polish – I got through the first round of revisions, but set it aside to focus on drafting this month. I’ll be picking it back up next month.
  • Flames of Retribution: Organize for revisions – didn’t get to this. On the schedule for next month, though.
  • Anything I receive back from CP/Betas – nothing back yet


  • Read/Listen: 22 books – I listened to 14 books(10 of those the Shadowhunter Academy novellas, each about 2 hours). Read 23 books(5 of those novellas).
  • Read: Gotta Read It(Libbie Hawker) – finished this.


  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – getting close to finishing this.wpid-wp-1448190302028.jpg and the cat seems to think it’s her bed.
  • Crochet: Twist N’ Shout Slouchy Hat – haven’t started this
  • Loom: Scarf – finished this earlier this month.wpid-wp-1446417294956.jpg

Next month, I’ll be focusing on revisions. But, I’m still planning on drafting first thing in the morning. Planning on working on either outlining or writing for 1 hour(or 1000 words) before I switch over to revisions each day.

So, my goals for December:


  • Love Who You Love(Kurztown #3)


  • Love Who You Love – write 9000 words
  • Come Back Down – Write 4000 words


  • Chasing the Ghost – Revise & Polish
  • Flames of Retribution – 1st Revisions


  • Read/listen: 21 books
  • Read: The Word-Loss Diet(Rayne Hall)


  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Hat
  • Crochet: Twist N’ Shout Slouchy Hat
  • Loom: Hat

Forgot to include next week’s goals. Here they are:

  • My Way to You: finish 1st draft
  • Chasing the Ghost: Read through
  • Come Back Down: add 1000 words
  • Read: Word-Loss Diet – 20%
  • Read: Love, Diamonds, and Spades(Violet Duke), Meet Me When the Sun Goes Down(Lisa Olsen), Almost Perfect(Susan Mallery), Concealed in Death(J.D. Robb), & Beautiful Little Fool(K.K. Hendin)
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – finish

WeWriWa: “Not by Blood”

Welcome to the Post-Thanksgiving edition of Weekend Writing Warriors. Lots of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie. But, now we’re back to words. Still sharing from Into the Sun. This week’s snippet picks up right where last week’s left off. 8 sentences. We’ve got Birdie, Icarus, and Cassie speaking in this scene.

   ”Dad,” Birdie said, using the term for the first time in nearly a month. “I know. It just…feels weird now.”
“If she’s yours, then they…”
“Not by blood,” he said. “Birdie and I don’t share that. Someone trusted me with her anyway. You didn’t even do that, Cassie.”

Going to have at least 2 more snippets to share from this section. Then, I may move on to the sequel, which I’m making progress on. Just passed 3500 words on it this morning.

Writing Wednesday: Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow here in the US, so today is the last (half) day is school for the kids. Which actually means the boy will be gone about an hour longer. He’s usually home around 10:45 or so,  but on early dismissal days,  they don’t get out until 11:15.

We got our “new” refrigerator hooked up yesterday, only to find something had chewed the water line right at the bottom. Husband cut that off and was able to get it to work,  but the water line under the sink is leaking, so he still needs to fix that. So we can’t use the ice/water from there right now.

I got almost all the Christmas shopping done on Monday from my computer. Two(out of 4) of the orders have shipped and should be here Tuesday. I’ll start wrapping stuff up as it comes in. And I think this is the first year we haven’t been scrounging for money to buy Christmas presents. My husband got a short of promotion/new position at work and with it, he gets a monthly vehicle payment and a fuel card. That had saved us a good bit of money. He’ll still be laid off for the winter, but hopefully we won’t fall behind like we usually do.

Anyways, it’s Wednesday so that means is Wippet time!!! Something different from me this week. You may remember (though probably not) back at the end of August/beginning of September, I posted a couple snippets from a plotting exercise I did(Part 1 & Part 2). These characters showed up in Chasing the Ghost and suddenly wanted their own story. I plotted it out and started writing it last month then set it aside while I finished Guarding the Heart & Some Fools Never Learn. Well, I finished Some Fools on Friday, so Monday I picked back up with My Way to You. I’ve already added over 12,000 words to it this week and am hoping to get to more later today. I may finish the first draft this week. Or at least be really close.

For today, I have 7 paragraphs(2+5=7). Bryan and Leo have gone to dinner and they are back at Bryan’s apartment. He has apparently said the wrong thing…again.

Leo’s face heated. “No, I don’t,” he said when they made it to the first landing then turned to go up the second half of the steps to the second floor. “Brendan gave me a full-time job on the ranch when I turned eighteen. I’d been doing chores after school, on weekends, and during the summer up until then. I didn’t go to college.”
“I didn’t mean anything…I just thought…” He sighed and ran a hand over his face. “Can, we start over? Hey, I’m Bryan Coleman. I know numbers and can double or triple your investment fund in no time. But, I’m more than likely to put my foot in my mouth when I talk to you.”
Leo laughed and leaned into him. “Leo Rusak. I don’t know much more than horses and cattle, but I could probably help you extract that foot.”
Bryan chuckled as he slipped the key into the lock at his door. “I’m not kidding. Almost everything out of my mouth is the wrong thing. I can never find the right words. It’s why I work with numbers instead.”
“Well, let’s start with this,” Leo said and pulled Bryan toward the couch. “You have one couch.” They sat down on it. “We have two mouths.” Leo pressed his to Bryan’s.
“What’s three?” Bryan asked, the sound vibrating against Leo’s lips.
“I don’t have a clue. You’re the number genius.”

I’ll be back to revising Chasing the Ghost next month, which takes place about 10 years after this snippet. But, you may see more of these 2(or at least Leo) in that.

Been a pretty good week, goals-wise for me.

  • My Way to You – write 25000 words(will get me close to the end if not all the way there) – 12379/25000. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get all my words in tomorrow, but if not, I’ll try to catch up on them Friday.
  • Come Back Down – write 1000 words – weekend project
  • Read: Gotta Read It – finish – finish this morning. Going to apply this to next back cover summary I write
  • Read: Instant Temptation(Jill Shalvis) & Living Victim(Stacy Green) – finished both of these. Really enjoyed them. I also read Gone Too Far(Suzanne Brockman) but felt kind of meh about it. It jumped back and forth between timelines and several characters. Then, there were letters that didn’t seem to have a point to the actual story. Overall I enjoyed it, but… I just started Betting on You(Jessie Evans). This is the oldest free book I have on my kindle. Yeah, it’s been there a while.
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – Strip 22 – Worked on this a little Monday but not at all yesterday.
  • Loom: Hat – made some progress on Sunday after my blog post. Hopefully more this weekend.

Lots of green & even a little blue. Always nice to see.

Sunday Summary: Officially a Winner

It’s been another good week. I unofficially finished NaNoWriMo on Tuesday and am officially a winner as of Friday(the first day you could win). Of course, I’m still writing. On Friday, I had my second 7k+ day of the month. That’s high even for me. But, I was on a roll.

Monday I got an email with some good news. My novella, Into the Sun, was accepted for this year’s volume of the World Unknown Review. It will be included with 9 other short stories.

Thursday we got new internet service. We’ve had a local company for the last several years. But “high-speed” is a bit of an exaggeration with it. We’ve tried to get service with verizon before, but they always said it wasn’t available at our location. Even though it was available for everyone around us. Finally my husband was able to talk to someone who actually looked into it and now we have it. And a much better experience than when we first got cable at the apartment we used to live in(but that’s another story).

Went to Erie yesterday to do some shopping. And, wow. It’s crazy already and not even officially the Christmas shopping season yet. I’d say that cements my idea of doing as much shopping as I can online this year. We also got the kids hair cut. They left the boy’s a little longer on top and he wanted it spiked. So, we even got some stuff to do it at home. I think this is the shortest the girl’s has been, but it will be a lot easier to take care of(it gets tangled very easily).

wpid-wp-1448189235291.jpg wpid-wp-1448189246734.jpg

We also got a new refrigerator yesterday(well, new to us). It has the water & ice in the door, so my husband has to run the water line to it. So, for right now it’s sitting in the middle of the living room. And we’re getting snow this weekend. It’s stayed away(except for one little snowfall earlier) longer than usual. So not really going to complain. But, I guess it’s finally time to get the winter coats out.

As for how my goals have gone this week:

  • Some Fools Never Learn – add 25000 words(this will get me close to 60k) – 27425/25000. I actually finished the first draft, though it’s a little shorter than I expected at ~61250. I tend to add more during the first round of revisions, though. So it may end up longer.
  • Come Back Down – add 1000 words – 1152/1000. Moving into Chapter 2 now.
  • Read: Gotta Read It – get to 75% – this is done.
  • Read: Prodigy, Crown of Midnight(Sarah J Maas), Lover Eternal(J.R. Ward), & The Emerald Isle Trilogy(Renee Vincent) I loved Crown of Midnight and Lover Eternal. I started the first book in the Emerald Isle Trilogy, but it didn’t catch me. So, I set that aside. I did read Chasing Forgiveness(Tia Silverthorne Bach) and Finding Autumn(Heather Topham Wood) on Friday. And started Instant Temptation(Jill Shalvis) yesterday.
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – Strip 22 – didn’t work on this at all this week. On the days I did have time after getting everything else done, the cat was using it as a bed. Maybe this week I will get to it. wpid-wp-1448190302028.jpg
  • Loom: Hat – I made a little progress on this yesterday. Hoping for some more today.

And goals for next week:

  • My Way to You – write 25000 words(will get me close to the end if not all the way there)
  • Come Back Down – write 1000 words
  • Read: Gotta Read It – finish
  • Read: Instant Temptation(Jill Shalvis) & Living Victim(Stacy Green)
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – Strip 22
  • Loom: Hat

WeWriWa: “All This Time”

Welcome to another installment of Weekend Writing Warriors, the weekly hop for everyone who loves to write. I’m still sharing from Into the Sun(which I have news about). This starts directly after last week’s snippet.

   ”Grady.” His name came out in barely more than a whisper.
“Cassie. I wondered if you’d recognize me after all this time.”
She looked from him to me then brought her gaze back to Birdie. I could see her mind working, trying to fit the pieces together. “She’s yours?” she asked, looking back toward Icarus.
“I raised her,” he said softly. “She’ll always be mine, even if she refuses to see that anymore.”

What’s Cassie going to do now that she knows who he is? Are her and Birdie going to get along? I’ll have a little more next week. And probably the week after.

And, as for that news: Into the Sun was chosen as the novella to be included with 9 other short stories in this year’s volume of the World Unknown Review(this is last year’s volume, which I also have a short story in). I had two other submissions in, but neither of them were accepted. I may end up fixing them up and doing something with them down the line. But, I’m excited this one made it in. It should be out around 12/15, so you’ll be able to read the full story then.

I finished the first chapter of the sequel this morning, so that’s going well.



Writing Wednesday: New Routine

Getting to this a little earlier this week. Since I decided to set further revisions on Chasing the Ghost aside until next month, I have more time to focus on new writing. So, I raised my daily goal from 3k to 5k. And that I split in half, so I write the first 2500 first thing. Then, I’ll get chores and blog reading/writing, email, goodreads, pinterest stuff done. Then, I’ll write the other half of my words before I worry about fixing dinner/crafting(which I’ve gotten none done yet this week). This seems to be working well for me so far this week. Of course, we’re only 2.5 days into the new routine.

It also helps that I was awake at 3 this morning(ok, 2:30, but I didn’t get out of bed until 3). So, I had an extra hour+ to get some words done. I made my first goal before 7:30. It’s a little more than an hour later and I have almost all chores done(waiting for laundry to be done in washer to throw it in dryer then fold it). So, here I am working on my blog post.

It’s Wednesday, so time for another snippet from Some Fools Never Learn. I’m a little more than halfway through this. So, still hoping I’ll be able to finish the first draft next week. For today, I have 11 paragraphs+a bonus sentence at the beginning. For context: They’re at Nolan’s(1 of Tate’s younger brothers) wedding. Jess(Tate’s sister) is talking to Emilia. She’s the second youngest, and about 15 years younger than Tate.

“I came to talk to you, though.”
“About what?” The tone in her voice put Emilia’s nerves on edge. She didn’t understand it, she’d never done anything to the other woman. So, why did it feel like Jess was poised to attack.
“My brother.”
“You may want to be more specific. Or do I get to choose between them?”
She’d meant it as a joke, but since Jess’s face pulled tighter into a scowl, it obviously hadn’t gone over well.”
“You know perfectly well just which one I meant. And you’d better not be trying to go after any of the others, either. Nolan and Jace are taken. And Kelan’s dealing with his own shit. You need to-”
Emilia held out her hands. “I was joking, Jess. I’m not like that. I don’t know what gave you the idea I might be.”
“She was. Still is, the cold manipulative bitch.”
Emilia narrowed her eyes then it came to her. “You’re talking about his ex-wife.”
“So, he has told you about her.”
“Some,” she admitted. “He told me she cheated. And I know she dug her claws deep into her. If you think I’m like that-”
“I don’t know, do I? All I know is he’s getting awfully wrapped up in you. Rebekah is the only one who’s ever done that to him before. And I don’t want to see him get jerked around again. I want to like you, because it’s obvious he does. But, I’m not a little kid this time. I don’t have to just stand around when I see someone hurting him.”

Also, yesterday this happened:

Screenshot (11)

This is the fastest I’ve ever finished NaNo. 17 days, with only 12 of those actual writing days. Last year it took me 19 days, with 15 writing days. I’m still going, of course. And can’t officially “win” until Friday. But, still exciting.

  • Some Fools Never Learn – add 25000 words(this will get me close to 60k) – 12832/25000. Making good progress
  • Come Back Down – add 1000 words – weekend project. Also, got good news about Into the Sun, which this is the sequel to.
  • Read: Gotta Read It – get to 75% – through 65%
  • Read: Prodigy, Crown of Midnight(Sarah J Maas), Lover Eternal(J.R. Ward), & The Emerald Isle Trilogy(Renee Vincent) – finished Prodigy Sunday night. Really enjoyed it, though the beginning felt a little slow. But, the ending…gah. can’t wait until I can pick up the last book(yes, I know it’s out. No, I don’t want to pay $9.99 for the kindle version, no matter how much I want to read it). I’m about 75% through Crown of Midnight and can’t wait to finish the rest of my stuff so I can get back to it.
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – Strip 22 – Haven’t worked on this at all this week.
  • Loom: Hat – Weekend project

More red than I’d like there, but hopefully by Sunday it will be mostly blue.

Sunday Summary: NaNo Halfway

It’s been another good week for me. Didn’t write quite as many words, but that’s okay, too. Because I’m still making good progress on things. I passed 40k for NaNoWriMo on Friday. Shouldn’t have a problem “finishing” early this week. Of course, I’ll keep going after that. I’m hoping to finish Some Fools Never Learn and maybe even get back to My Way to You before the end of the month.

  • Some Fools Never Learn – add 15000 words –  added 17142 words. It’s sitting at 33,830 words right now. Still have 33 planned scenes to get through
  • Chasing the Ghost – finish 1st revisions – finished these on Friday. Added 2274 words during this round and cut out a couple scenes. Setting further revisions aside until December.
  • Come Back Down(Into the Sun sequel) – add 1000 words – added 1032 words. Have a few ideas for where to take it.
  • Read: Gotta Read It – 50% – got through this on Thursday.
  • Read: Soul Enslaved (Keri Lake), Luck on the Line(Zoraida Cordova), Whatever Life Throws at You(Julie Cross), Captive Films episodes 1-3(Jillian Dodd), and Getting Rowdy (Lori Foster) – Read all of these. The Captive Films serial didn’t really pull me in, so I’m not going to get the rest of the episodes. But, I enjoyed everything else. I also read Then Came You(Jill Shalvis) and loved this one. Then read Secrets on the Sand(Roxanne St. Claire) and enjoyed it. I’m about 70% through Prodigy(Marie Lu) right now. So, it’s been quite the week for reading. I finished listening to Alone and loved it. Also listened to the first Shadowhunter Academy(Cassandra Clare) and enjoyed it. Short, but it was a fun listen.
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket -halfway through strip 21 – I made it through strip 20.
  • Loom: Hat – Ended up ripping out what I’d done. There looked to be too much space between the stitches, so I doubled up the yarn. I think I’ve gotten back close to where I was, though.

Lots of blue and not any red. Really like seeing that. Now goals for next week:

  • Some Fools Never Learn – add 25000 words(this will get me close to 60k)
  • Come Back Down – add 1000 words
  • Read: Gotta Read It – get to 75%
  • Read: Prodigy, Crown of Midnight(Sarah J Maas), Lover Eternal(J.R. Ward), & The Emerald Isle Trilogy(Renee Vincent)
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – Strip 22
  • Loom: Hat


WeWriWa: “Guest In This House”

Welcome to another trip with Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who loves to write. Still sharing from Into the Sun, and this one starts right after last week’s.

     ”Birdie.” Icarus’ voice came from the other end of the hall. Bull stood back, arms crossed but obviously ready to jump in if it became necessary, but now with Icarus there, he relaxed a bit more. Even as Icarus strode forward, I worried about all the tension swirling in the hallway.
“Cassandra is a guest in this house,” Icarus said, as he bore down on us, “and you will treat her as such.”
Birdie’s gaze dropped. “Sorry, D-Icarus,” she corrected.
Sorrow filled his eyes when she stopped herself from saying dad, but Mom had already turned to look at him. “Who…” All the color drained from her face, and she probably would have dropped to the ground if Bull hadn’t stepped forward and grabbed her around the waist.

Will Birdie and Cassie be able to get along? Has Cassie figured out who Icarus is? I’ll be back with a little more next week(and maybe one more snippet from this after that). I’m currently 1500+ words into the next story(told from Birdie’s POV).

Writing Wednesday: A Little Behind

I’m getting to this a little late today. I was reorganizing my writing scheduled…again. Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m going to be spending 6 months(March, April, June, July, October, & November) focused on writing new words. Was just going to do the WriMo months(April, June, July, & November), but decided to split my time evenly between the two stages. When I’m editing, I’ll still be writing some new words. I just can’t seem to function well when I don’t get those words out first thing in the morning. So, I’ll plan on writing 1000 words then switch over to revisions during those months. I’ve got that all figured out now, though.

Today I have 22 sentences from Some Fools Never Learn. Some context: Kaemon is a distant cousin of Emilia’s, also his little sister is engaged to Tate’s youngest brother. He just found out Tate is interested in Emilia and decided to act like a big brother and made assumptions about why at 40 Tate isn’t married with kids(basically that he’s not a “kid person”).

“I did,” he said, his voice strained. “Married my high school sweetheart. She got pregnant a couple years into our marriage. Lost the baby.” He stared at the wall beyond Kaemon’s head as he told him this. “Then, she started cheating on me. We divorced about six years after our wedding. Almost to the day.” It had been almost a perfect mirror image. “It’s been about fifteen years.” And she still had a stranglehold on him. He needed to loosen it and finally get free.
“Sorry to hear that. You ever think of starting with someone else? Or do you still love her?”
Still love Rebekah? He didn’t think even he was stupid enough for that. “No, I don’t still love her. But,” he added, remembering Nolan’s words again, “she’s like a drug I can’t seem to get out of my system.”
“You may want to detox before you get involved with Emilia. She’s one to take relationships seriously.”
“So do I.”

So, words are going well this week. I’ve been getting all my writing & revising done before moving on to other things on the list for the day. Which is why this is so late today. Also why there haven’t really been any extra blog posts this month. That will probably continue.

  • Some Fools Never Learn – add 15000 words – 9454/15000
  • Chasing the Ghost – finish 1st revisions – through Chapter 23/27
  • Come Back Down(Into the Sun sequel) – add 1000 words – weekend project
  • Read: Gotta Read It – 50% – 35% so far
  • Read: Soul Enslaved (Keri Lake), Luck on the Line(Zoraida Cordova), Whatever Life Throws at You(Julie Cross), Captive Films episodes 1-3(Jillian Dodd), and Getting Rowdy (Lori Foster) – Really enjoyed Soul Enslaved & Luck on the Line. Halfway through Whatever Life Throws at You. Also finished listening to In Ride Trouble(Julie Ann Walker) and am a few hours into Alone(Kendra Elliot). Really like both of these series.
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket -halfway through strip 21 – I’m almost finished with strip 19. It’s the last thing on each day’s list, so it’s one of the first that gets pushed aside.
  • Loom: Hat – got this started Sunday night. Haven’t made much progress yet, though.


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