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Story a Day September 2016


This is the first year I’m participating in the September Story a Day Challenge. I’ve done May’s a couple times before, though. And the prompts for this month’s are the same as May’s. My stories will be different, though. But, I am doing something similar to the last challenge. I’ll be using whatever project I’m currently working on and applying that day’s prompt to it.

Day 1: Dessert(Closing Time)

Day 2: An Easy Lie(In the Moonlight)

Day 3: Accumulate(Defending the Heart)

Day 4: Hawk(Dance with the Devil)

Day 5: A Few Rational Words(Shed Some Light)

Day 6: Going In(Shed Some Light)

Day 7: Past the Guilt(Shed Some Light)

Day 8: Make Peace(Closing Time)

Day 9: In This Family(Closing Time)

Day 10: Enjoying the View(Break on Me)

Day 11: Held My Heart(In the Moonlight)

Day 12 – “His Own Fault”(Defending the Heart)

Day 13 – “Too Many”(Break on Me)

Day 14 – “Rough Patch”(Defending the Heart)

Day 19 – “One Touch”(Snow White Twist)

Day 20 – “Looking for Allies”(Throne of Glass world fan fic)

Day 21 – “Barely Crawling”(Toby & Denise)

Day 23 – “Turned Away”(Defending the Heart)

Day 24 – “Busted”(Toby & Denise)

Day 25 – “The Corridor Beyond”(In the Moonlight)

Day 26 – “Not Hurting”(Closing Time)

Day 27 – “Mutual Faith”(Closing Time)

Day 28 – “Cormac”(Closing Time)

Day 29 – “Upside Down Again”(Closing Time)

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