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I’m back with more Dance with the Devil this week. This will put us about halfway through the story. I have the whole thing polished up and ready to post, so at least I don’t have to worry about that. And I’ll start revising the next story soon, so I may not have to wait too long in between them this time. Anyway, here is the beginning of Chapter 5:

It didn’t take me long to catch up to Hawk. He refused to respond to any of my attempts to get his attention. I was forced to follow behind him, steaming at how easily he ignored me.

I’d never been able to ignore his presence.

When he took a turn away from the clubhouse, I was surprised, but I followed anyways. We needed to have this out. Maybe we couldn’t go where he wanted us to. I wasn’t willing to lose the family I’d come into over it. I wasn’t willing to lose my riding partner, either. I’d known Hawk since before that was the name he went by and before I was Devil, before I was even a Marine. He was more than the guy I went out on patrols with for the club. So much more. Even if I didn’t usually let myself think about that.

Because I didn’t want to think about it, examine it, talk about it, I might be losing the one thing I would allow myself to have with him. It would kill me to lose that, too.

The sky darkened above us, and I looked up from under my helmet. Heavy clouds were rolling in. I flashed my headlight at Hawk, hoping to get his attention finally. His head moved, as if taking in my signal and the clouds above when I pointed up. But, he didn’t stop.

I really didn’t want to be getting wet while on the bike, but the only other option was turning around and abandoning Hawk, which would give him the idea I didn’t think he was worth it.

I couldn’t let him think that.

I kept following. Even when the first drops of rain hit the backs of my hands. Hawk didn’t react at all. He had his leather jacket on under his cut already. I hadn’t bothered to grab my coat before running out of the apartment. I had no protection save for the long-sleeve shirt I wore under my own vest. It wouldn’t take long for it to soak through if the rain continued.

Hawk turned down yet another road, and I swore a little. This wasn’t even toward the place he kept away from the clubhouse. Where was he taking me? No, that wasn’t fair. He hadn’t asked me to follow him. This was all my own fault. And it was too late to go back now.

The rain came down harder, pounding against the top of my helmet and soaking right through my shirt and jeans. He turned again, this time down what seemed little more than an overgrown trail. Maybe it had been a driveway once, but it didn’t look like any vehicles used it in some time. There was a barn at the end of it. Probably a miracle it was still standing, yet Hawk headed right for it.

I did, too, idiot that I was.

He rode straight into the barn, since the door hung open anyway.

I did, too. Sometimes, I thought I would follow him anywhere. Even into Hell. Or an old ramshackle barn.

If you want to read the rest of the chapter, you can find it here.

RoW80 Round 2 Wrap-Up

Today is the official end of Round 2 of the A Round of Words in 80 days challenge. I’ve been participating in this challenge for a few years now(actually I just looked back and my first post was written on July 3, 2011, so almost exactly 6 years now). I only had 4 goals back then for the round. Wow, things have changed. 😉



  • Heart of Christmas(BC Security #3.5) – finish outlining
  • Still Burning(Hunter Family #4/Flames #7(?)) – Outline
  • Jayla’s Story(Gilbert, Co #7) – Outline – I’m about halfway through the Story Toolkit on this one. I’m hoping to finish it next week. And then I can start writing in July.
  • High on Your Love(Kurztown #6) – Outline – About halfway through the Story Toolkit on this, too. I’ll be working on it more tomorrow. If I don’t finish then, I shouldn’t have a problem meeting this goal by the end of the month.


  • Playing with Fire – finish 1st draft
  • Not Meant to Be – finish 1st draft
  • By the Gun – finish 1st draft(I set this one aside a while ago, but hoping I can pick it back up) – not even close, though I have picked it back up and added almost 9500 words to it.
  • Side Projects – add 12000 words between all projects. – 30340/12000 words. I’d managed this partway into May.

I also started writing on Heart of Christmas(9088) & Still Burning(7851).


  • Stained Blood – Polish and send back to CP and to beta(if anyone else wants to read, let me know) – Done, Done, and I’ve gotten through Chapter 1 back from beta(CP sent me an email with thoughts but no actual changes)
  • Snow White TwistPolish and sent to readers. Hopefully submit before the end of the round – Done & Done and have it back from both. One final polishing round & I plan to submit. Hopefully this weekend.
  • Dance with the Devil – Revise and start posting to Wattpad – Done and in progress.
  • Flames of Renewal – Apply CP edits – still waiting to get this back.
  • In the Moonlight – Revise – I’ve gone through the first round of revisions and added 4823 words to it. Plan to start read through and more revisions in July then it will be ready to send to CP.
  • Demons Rising – Revise – Nothing here. Think I’ll send as-is to CP. There’s a lot going on in this one, and I’m afraid it’s too much. But, I don’t know what thread to cut because they all continue through the next books in the series, too.


  • A-Z posts: Draft 13 posts, edit & format 18 posts, post 25 posts – got all these done with at least a few days to spare.
  • Story a Day: Write 31 stories – Got all these written. Really enjoyed it, too.


  • Listen: 12 books – 16/12
  • Read: 90 books – 86/90 – Unless I count the individual stories in the Hiding Behind the Couch box set, which would put me up to 90. I should also have at least 2 more books read by the end of the week.


  • Knit: 3 projects – 1/3
  • Crochet: 3 projects -1/3
  • Loom: 3 projects – 0/3

It was a pretty good round overall. There’s a lot of blue there, and a good bit of green. Some red, but that’s not too bad. I’ll be figuring out the next round(and July’s) goals out next week, but until then I’ll keep writing and editing and plotting.

The end of the round is technically tomorrow, so that’s when I’ll take a look at my round goals. But, today’s the last official check-in, so here I am with progress. A good bit of it at that. not much else to report really. It’s been a fairly laidback start to the week.

But, first, I’m sure some of you are here for WiPPet Wednesday. I’m working on By the Gun today. Words are coming a little slow, but at least they are coming. It’s a little hard to shift from yesterday’s fluffy Christmas story to today’s death and destruction. And I decided to switch to working on Hawk’s story(this will be novella #5 in my Riders of Justice series), one of my side projects. So, I’m actually going to share a snippet from that today. I have 9 paragraphs(6+2+1) from the end of the first chapter. I usually share from these stories for the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop so this may end up there soon as well.

His gaze shot past me to the truck, but Mr. Bentley hadn’t come out yet. He looked back at me. This was something we’d been trying to work past as well. He was mostly okay with the other Riders seeing us being affectionate, but with anyone else around, he reverted to his old state, of trying to pretend we were only friends.

I wish he never had to do that. But, I knew it could be hard to leave behind armor that had always done well protecting you.

So I held myself back from kissing him, even though I wanted to do it more than anything else at the moment. I couldn’t be the one to make the move. Damon just stared into my eyes, though.

Then, from the truck, Mr. Bentley shouted, “Jeez, boy, just kiss him already and put him out of his misery.”

I grinned even as Damon flushed a dark red. “Maybe you should listen to him,” I said. “He’s a wise, old man.”

“Hey!” Mr. Bentley shouted. “I heard that.”

He had to be at least in his seventies, probably closer to eighty, but he’d always hated being called old. Damon chuckled under his breath then leaned forward and pressed his lips lightly to mine. When he started to pull back, I grabbed his head. “You fucker. That’s just a tease,” I said and pulled him back to me.

We kissed until I heard Mr. Bentley say, “Damn boys. You know there’s no fan in here, and this place could go up like a tinderbox if you raise the heat anymore.”

I laughed and pulled back. Damon’s cheeks were still red, but he was grinning, too. And the tension between us, now that he knew Mr. Bentley was okay with us, had eased. We shouldn’t have a problem making it to when we could leave again and retrieve our bikes.

I love writing about these big, tough bikers(also both former Marines) who are totally gone over each other. 🙂


  • High on Your LoveBack stories, Plot summaries, Story Toolkit, Outline – Through Character Arc worksheet. Section 8/18
  • Jayla & CarisaPlot summaries, Story Toolkit, Outline – Through Romance Arc worksheet. Section 9/18


  • Heart of Christmas(BC Security #3.5) – Add 8000 words – 8066/8000 words, 3944 words this week – I will still be working on this next week even though I’ve met the goal for the month.
    • He didn’t, but he didn’t see the point in arguing about it with Niall. He couldn’t argue that point with Declan either, seeing as he seemed to treat his stepdaughter as if she was his own blood. Not that Caelen would truly have any idea what that looked like. He didn’t scream at her, even when she’d done something she wasn’t supposed to. Hadn’t once raised a hand to her that Caelen had seen. And hadn’t walked out on her as Caelen’s own mother had done. Maybe that’s exactly what loving your own child looked like.
  • Still Burning(Hunter Family #4) – Add 10000 words – 6190/10000 words,
  • Not Meant to Be(Gilbert, Co #6) – finish 1st draft 
  • By the Gun – Add 8000 words – 4561/8000 words, 332 words this week
  • Side ProjectsAdd 9000 words between them – 11112/9000 words,  1592 words this week
    • Preggers – 335 words – That wasn’t what she wanted. Not unless Lyndi wanted to go with her. And she certainly wasn’t going to hold out hope for that.
    • Roman – 389 words – Tereza jerked away from him, nearly losing her balance. Roman wanted to reach out to steady her, but she obviously had a problem with him touching her. He would respect that. Instead of drawing attention to her reaction, he just took down three of the plates and set them on the counter for her and moved toward the cupboard containing glasses.
    • Midas’ Daughter – 340 words – Murray’s face had gone red at Flip’s comment, but his eyes looked worried. And for the same reason Flip knew he could never have anything with Calla, as much as he wished it. Mr. Midas wanted everyone single and wholly devoted to him.
    • Patrick & Sarah – 303 words – The man was awfully familiar with her, but she didn’t look happy with that fact. “I am not,” she insisted.
    • Hawk – 225 words – “Not gonna go run and hide, boys,” he’d said. “Haven’t done it once in my life. Not gonna start now.” So, he was probably opening the bookstore even now.


  • Stained Blood – beta edits – edited Chapter 1/26(counting the epilogue as a chapter of its own).
  • Flames of Renewal – CP edits – still waiting, but I should have this soon.
  • In the Moonlight – Pre-revisions & 1st Revisions – This is done until I start the read through in July.
  • One Touch(formerly Snow White Twist) – Beta edits, Polish, & Submit – 10/10 chapters revised.
  • Dance with the Devil – Polish 6 chapters  – Polished 6/6 chapters


  • Listen: 5 books – 3/5,  this week
    • The Mummy Case(Elizabeth Peters) – Started this Thursday. On Chapter 7/13
  • Read: 30 books – 22/30, 3 this week
    • Hiding Behind the Couch – Box Set One(Debbie McGowan) – Started this Sunday night. Picked it back up Thursday night. Read through Beginnings, Ruminations, Hiding Behind the Couch, & No Time Like the Present.  About 1/3 through The Harder They Fall. Finished 4/7
    • Full Disclosure(Kat Morrisey) – Started this Monday morning. It’s my CP’s second book, and I’ve been so looking forward to getting to it. This is about the third version of the story I’ve read, and I’d say it’s the best one. I finished reading it Monday afternoon and loved it.
    • Dangerous Attraction(Sidney Bristol) – Started this Monday evening. Finished it Tuesday afternoon. Enjoyed it.
    • Off Base(Annabeth Albert) – Started this Tuesday afternoon. Then I had to charge my kindle. Picked it back up closer to dinner time. Finished it Tuesday night. Really enjoyed this one.
    • Too Hot to Handle(Victoria Dahl) – Started this Tuesday afternoon while my kindle was charging. On page 50/312

I’d almost, kind of forgotten that today is Father’s Day. Maybe on purpose. It’s the day that all my mixed-up, bitter feelings rise up to the surface. Now, my dad isn’t a “bad guy”. And I do have good memories, mostly from before my parents got divorced. After that, it was like I wasn’t important to him unless it was convenient for him. It took me a while to realize just how much it hurt me. There’s a reason my stepdad was the one to walk me down the aisle when I got married. And probably why I have a tendency to write more blended families.

Back when I was still a Daddy’s girl sitting on his lap(probably 1988-89)

Wednesday afternoon, my mother-in-law came and picked the kids and me up and took us up to a book sale. It had been going on all week, but on Wednesday, the books went to half price. And I bought 11 books for $3.25. On the way home, we stopped at Walmart because she needed to get floor mats for her new car. Since it was getting later, plus too hot to cook, I grabbed a roasted chicken(and some strawberries just because), to have for dinner.

Yesterday we had my husband’s 20th class reunion(I’ve been out 14 years, and my class still hasn’t had a reunion).  It was down at the town’s ballpark. And it was hot out. And there ere a bunch of people here that I didn’t know. And my anxiety was already up. Oh, yeah, tons of fun. I spent a good part of it reading on my phone to keep myself sane.

And as far as being ahead of myself(as I reported on Wednesday), by Wednesday night, I was pretty much done with everything on Thursday’s list(other than workout and getting dinner ready). So, it’s definitely been a good week. But, I’m going to rework how I handle my daily routine. I’ll keep my goals the way they are, but I think instead of moving on to the next day when I finish everything, I’ll keep working on that day’s project and just count it as a bonus.


  • High on Your LoveBack stories, Plot summaries, Story Toolkit, Outline – Through Character Arc worksheet 8/18
  • Jayla & CarisaPlot summaries, Story Toolkit, Outline – Wrote up plot summaries Sunday night and typed them Monday. Started the Story Toolkit. Got through Major Plot Points worksheet 4/18


  • Heart of Christmas(BC Security #3.5) – Add 8000 words – 4122/8000 words, 2425 words this week
    • As he walked out, Alaina turned her gaze to her brother. “You know, sometimes I forget I love you and really start to hate you.” Then, she pushed away from the table as well and followed Caelen. *looks like someone’s overprotectiveness just backfired on him.
  • Still Burning(Hunter Family #4) – Add 10000 words – 6190/10000 words, 1761 words this week
    • Austin watched as the volunteer department’s engine pulled away. “I just wish I knew why she hated me.” The words spilled out before he could catch them.
  • Not Meant to Be(Gilbert, Co #6) – finish 1st draft 
  • By the Gun – Add 8000 words – 4229/8000 words, 2215 words this week
    • His oldest son, always so strong and steady, broke down into tears then.
  • Side Projects – Add 9000 words between them – 9520/9000 words, 4054 words this week
    • Sean & Braeden – 216 words – Braeden dropped his gaze almost instantly, which sent a rock tumbling into Sean’s stomach. That was probably his own fault. He shouldn’t have let Braeden’s reaction to that stupid kiss send him running. But, how could he see him every day with Braeden had made his feelings clear? *Oh, I don’t think they’re all that clear, Sean. 😉
    • Hawk – 275 words – “It’s my father,” I said, after swallowing the huge lump in my throat. “Yesterday he tried to kill me.”
    • Mike & Fadil – 1009(about 750 of these were copied from a piece I wrote during May). “I know. I’m not saying you should regret anything, Mike. I’m just saying you should stop looking back. You have a daughter, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a future.”
    • Patrick & Sarah – 324 words – That changed things, at least as far as Patrick was concerned. It would have been one thing to him if Sarah had wanted the man here. But, he would not let someone get away with abusing her.
    • Roman – 202 words – And that had totally not been what he’d expected. He’d thought Carlos would be more worried about himself, not some young girl he’d been using. So, maybe it wasn’t what he’d thought. Maybe he’d made assumptions he shouldn’t have. He was going to have to figure that out.
    • Dougal & Shae – 258 words – But, as she took a few more steps down, she saw that she’d been wrong. He was here. Her gaze shot back to Donovan. And his smirk turned to a full-out grin. That damn, dirty bastard. *Oh, yeah, Shae is not happy with her brother & this little set-up.
    • Preggers – 240 words – Lyndi snickered when the waitress had left. “Damn, she’s gotten good since the last time I was in here. Her older sister made passive-aggression an art form. I wasn’t sure Missy had the knack for it, though.”
    • Midas’ Daughter – 232 words – Murray just raised one eyebrow. Right. Like Mr. Midas would ever leave every detail entirely to anyone else. Even his own daughter. Maybe especially his own daughter.
    • Jared’s Stepfather(no clue what I’ll actually title this, but some of Jared & Denise’s shared back story that may make it on my Patreon) – 215 words – No, Jared had always done the running there. Not anymore. Not with Denise’s safety at stake. Obviously her father couldn’t be trusted with that. No, he was using her for his own gains.
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 227 words – But, apparently what his brother’s wife had told him once was true. You really could not help how you felt.
    • Jacob & Matthew – 334 words – Jacob turned quickly from the driver and moved to the departing passengers. Maybe he’d been wrong. Maybe it had only looked like Matthew.
    • Hang On – 522 words – He spun away, paced a few steps then came back, his face only inches from mine. “No. There isn’t,” he said through his teeth. “It’s you, Aidan. It has always been you. Only you.” *And this is DONE!! I have loved writing these boys, now to polish them up and send them off. 😀


  • Stained Blood – beta edits – edited Chapter 1/26(counting the epilogue as a chapter of its own).
  • Flames of Renewal – CP edits – still waiting, but I should have this soon.
  • In the Moonlight – Pre-revisions & 1st Revisions – finished 4 scenes(added 2623 words). Decided to leave chapters how I have them for now(switching to a new chapter when POV switches between Yasmin & Nola – which  means some are a bit longer than others). I’ll see how the pace seems when I do my read through, which I think will be in July.
  • One Touch(formerly Snow White Twist)Beta edits, Polish, & Submit – contacted 2nd beta reader Sunday night. We chatted about it Friday night, and I got an email Saturday morning. 😀 Have all comments in one document now and will probably start edits today.
  • Dance with the Devil – Polish 6 chapters  – Polished 5/6 chapters


  • Listen: 5 books – 3/5, 1 this week
    • Blood and Betrayal(Lindsay Buroker) – Started this Friday morning. Finished it Wednesday night. Next one isn’t up on audible yet. 😦
    • The Mummy Case(Elizabeth Peters) – Started this Thursday.
  • Read: 30 books – 19/30, 6 this week
    • Hellbent(Cynthia/Sara Rayne) – Started this Saturday night. Finished it Sunday evening. Really enjoyed it.
    • Hiding Behind the Couch – Box Set One(Debbie McGowan) – Started this Sunday night. Picked it back up Thursday night. Read through Beginnings, Ruminations, & Hiding Behind the Couch. About 2/3 through No Time Like the Present. Hoping to finish at least that one today. Finished 3/7
    • Delivered Fast(Annabeth Albert) – Started this Monday evening. Finished it Tuesday morning. Liked it. Was about to give up on these books, due to same reasons as an earlier rant(basically in the six books of hers I’ve read – from 2 different series- the word bisexual hasn’t even been used. And it’s been bothering me). But I read a review of the next book and apparently one of the characters(who was a side character in this one) is bi, so I’ll give it a little longer and see how that one is(and it was only .99 so I bought it already).
    • This Savage Song(Victoria Schwab) – Started this Tuesday afternoon. Finished it Wednesday night. This was definitely…different. But, I really enjoyed it.
    • Hard to Be Good(Laura Kaye) – Started this Wednesday night. This is a novella in her Hard Ink series and is Jeremy & Charlie’s story, which we’ve seen start to unfold in the other books. I’ve been really looking forward to getting to it. And really enjoyed it.
    • Evidence of Trust(Stacey Joy Netzel) – Read this one Thursday afternoon. Liked it.
    • Firebird(Annabel Joseph) – Started this Thursday evening. Finished it Thursday night. It was okay.

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, a blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I’m still sharing from Hawk’s story. This bit comes from a part I wrote for the Story a Day challenge in May using one of the prompts. I thought it would just be a silly little exercise, but it actually fit into the story and explained some things about Hawk and his dad. So, I kept it in there. Anyway, Hawk and Devil went to check on the old bookseller who took both of them in at one point, only to find the shop closed. So, they went to his house, and this picks up from there.

I saw a footprint in the dirt and jerked my gaze up toward the window. “Get down,” I shouted at Damon, lunging to the side just before the window shattered and something thudded into the wall behind me.

“What the hell?” Damon asked, staring at the bullet in the plaster of the wall.

I wondered the same thing. Except I was afraid I knew. But, I just couldn’t understand why. I didn’t think I’d ever run into my father again after he kicked me out. Or that he’d try to kill me. And actually put effort into it this time.

Was it really Hawk’s father shooting? Why would he do that? Will they get out of this mess? I have some of those answers already.

I also have Chapter 4 of Dance with the Devil up on Wattpad if you want to check that out.

“I’d take that as a sign,” Carlos said.

“Sign of what?” Carisa asked, looking up at her older brother. He was leaning against her table but not looking at her. She followed his gaze and saw Jayla walking into the restaurant, trailed by two young men and a girl. She knew the girl, Alexa, but not the two boys.

“Jayla doesn’t come down here,” he said. “Not around anyone from her past, except Jared. And that’s because he gave her a job at the clinic. She certainly doesn’t bring her siblings.”

“Obviously she does if they’re here,” Carisa said, ducking her head so her brother hopefully wouldn’t notice her cheeks flaming.

He only chuckled, though. “That’s just what I’m saying, Carisa. You ever tell her you spend most every day here after work.”

She felt the temperature in her cheeks climb higher. “No,” she said finally. “But, I did tell Alexa about it one day when I was working with her at the youth center.”

“And she told her big sister, maybe even mentioned your name. And here they are.”

“It doesn’t mean anything, Carlos. They need to eat like anyone else.”

“But, never here. Not before. And that’s just what I’m saying. And she’s risking the younger sibling’s foster mother’s ire by bringing them around someone like me. I’d say that’s another sign.”

“Sign of what?” she asked again. She didn’t know what had gotten into her brother lately, but he kept saying stuff like this. Just because he was happily married now with a new baby didn’t mean everyone was cut out for that.

“Sign that she wants to be with you. Maybe it’s one you should start heeding.”

She shook her head and turned back to the paper she was grading. She didn’t need to start heeding any signs. It would probably be better if she avoided them at all.


Oh, Carisa. No don’t avoid those signs. Your brother knows what he’s talking about. 😀

This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was to use “sign” any way we’d like. And the first line of this popped into my head. So, I went with it.

And I’m back with the next chapter of Dance with the Devil. If you haven’t started yet, or need to catch up, the previous chapters are all available on Wattpad. And here is the beginning of Chapter 4:

“You sure it’s a good idea to be getting back on your bike?”

I turned from checking my saddlebags—everything was still in place from the day before—and saw Bull standing only yards away, his arms crossed over his chest. “Didn’t know I was required to stay here. Just because you put me on probation didn’t know I’d be treated like a prospect again.”

Bull’s face pulled down into a scowl. “You’re going to want to start watching that mouth, Devil. You’re already on thin ice. Mouthing off to me or any of the other officers isn’t going to endear you to us.”

I couldn’t help but think about Hawk. He was the only one I wanted to endear to. No, no, no. No! I couldn’t think like that. Especially not when facing one of the men who held my future in his hands.

I was sure that was a smirk twisting his lips up. He couldn’t know what I was thinking. Could he? I couldn’t let him. But, I remembered that hurt in Hawk’s eyes once again, and it twisted a knife right through my gut.

“What’s wrong?” Bull dropped his arms and took a step toward him. “Your head still hurting?”

I hadn’t thought I’d reacted physically to that emotional pain, but apparently I had after all. “It’s fine. I need to get out of here.”

Bull studied me for a moment then nodded. “I get it. Despite what you might think, I do understand. Just watch yourself out there.”

“Yeah. Whatever.” I said and pulled my helmet down over my head. If I didn’t get out of here soon, I would lose my mind.

The ride back to my place didn’t do the usual job of clearing my head. In fact, it seemed to be spinning even more. Maybe Bull had been right. I gritted my teeth at that thought.

By the time I made it up the stairs to my apartment, I was pretty sure I was going to be sick. I should have stayed back at the clubhouse a little longer. If I had done that, I’d probably be climbing the walls. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if I’d been able to get a little more sleep the night before. I hadn’t been able to forget the feel of Hawk’s hand on my elbow, making sure I didn’t fall as we headed to my bedroom. Or the sight of him pulling down the sheets for me.

You can check out the rest of the chapter here. And I’ll be back with Chapter 5 next week.

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