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Writing Wednesday: Two More Weeks

We only have 2 more weeks of summer vacation left. I’m, well, not complaining about this(unless you hear me say we still have 2 weeks left). It’s actually a little less than that since they go back on a Tuesday. It hasn’t been a bad summer(we’ve had worse where they seem to fight constantly), but I’m ready to have the house back to myself.

The girl’s 11th birthday was on Friday. My dad came up on Thursday and took us to dinner. They just left to drive to California to visit with my stepmom’s son. They’ll be gone for the boy’s birthday as well(on Labor day) so they celebrated both birthdays that night. We had her birthday party on Sunday. It was a small party. Only my mom, grandma, one sister, niece & nephew, and mother-in-law showed up. My other sister had left Friday with her family to go to Florida, my sister-in-law was taking her son to football camp that day. With the boy’s birthday on labor day, it will probably be just as small. Or we’ll put it off for a week. Really need to make a decision on that soon.

It’s time for WiPPet Wednesday again. This week I’m sharing from By the Gun. The last time I shared from this, Carlos wasn’t sure if he could trust the girl(Catherine) he’d been falling for. This is the first scene from Catherine’s POV in Part 3. I have 19 sentences(8+1+5+2+0+1+8)

He closed his eyes, and Catherine just wanted to reach out to him. But, what good would that do? He’d already made clear his thoughts on where she stood. She wasn’t even sure of where that was right now, though. “I can sniff around some,” she said. “Find out exactly what happened.”
His eyes snapped open again, and he shook his head. “No, do not even consider that. Just stay out of it, Catherine, and stay away from my family’s land. There may not be much left of it, but it’s still ours. I don’t want you here.”
The words felt like a slap to the face. “Fine,” she said. “But I will find those answers, whether you want them or not.”
She strode back to her horse and swung up into the saddle. But, she had to force herself not to look back at Carlos. He obviously didn’t care about her at all anymore. That was just fine, then. She’d just have to stop worrying about him, too.

Oh, how wrong you are, Catherine. 😉

Color Code:

Goal met


Nothing Yet

Set Aside


  • Heart to Heart – Finish story toolkit& outline Act 1,list rest of chapters & scenes
    • This Week: listed out chapters, started adding in scenes
  • Neil & Lin(The Rileys #2) – Brainstorm
    • This Week: brainstormed antagonists(I have 3 potential ones, we’ll see which direction the story takes and which ones have the most pull on the story), brainstormed plot, started GMCs
  • Wyatt & Kaden(Gilbert, CO # 9) – Brainstorm
    • This Week: brainstormed antagonists(2 of them), brainstormed plot, started GMCs
  • GH & SF 3 – Brainstorm
    • This Week: brainstormed Bridgette, brainstormed Desmund
  • Build This Love(Kurztown #8) – Brainstorm
    • This Week: brainstormed Dawn, brainstormed antagonist


  • Nowhere to Run – Get through Chapter 18 – 4/16 scenes
    • This week: 1241 words
  • GH & SF 2 – Get through Part 1, Chapter 4 – 6/15 scenes
    • This Week: 996 words
  • Craving You – Get through Chapter 5 – 2/13 scenes
    • This Week: 681 words
  • By the Gun – Get through Part 3, Chapter 9 – 4/11 scenes
    • This Week: 647 words


  • Short Story Collection – Flesh Out
    • Goin’ Down
      • This week: 644 words
    • Meeting Jonas
    • Changing History(though I may move this one to another collection)
  • Paint Me a Picture – transfer to Scrivener – 2/9 chapter
  • Green Hills & Smoky FieldsInitial Read through/Fill in [xx]s
    • This week:
  • Stained Blood – Beta Edits
  • Flames of Renewal – Proofread
  • Law of Choice – CP edits

Side Projects:

  • Geoff – Write, edit & post to Patreon
    • This Week: 203 words
  • Hawk – 1500 words – 1265/1500 words
    • This Week: 183 words
  • Jacob & Matthew – 1500 words – 1068/1500 words
    • This Week: 280 words
  • Desmund – 1500 words – 1173/1500 words
    • This Week: 194 words
  • Jonas & Isaac – 15 pages – 7.75/15 pages
    • This Week: 2.42 pages


  • Flames of Renewal


  • Read: 13 books – 11/13 books
    • The WAG and the Scoundrel(Debbie McGowan) 
    • Year of the Guilty Soul(A.M. Leibowitz) 
    • Blue Flame(Jill Shalvis) 
    • Cleaning House(Jeanne G’Fellers) 
    • Those Jeffries Boys(Debbie McGowan) 
    • Can’t Stand the Rain(Kait Nolan) 
    • Mastering Her Senses(Laura Kaye)
    • Darkest Night(Megan Erickson) 
    • Gold Dragon(Lindsay Buroker) 
    • Even Odds(Elia Winter) – Started this Saturday evening. Finished it Sunday night.
    • Pretending He’s Mine(Mia Sosa) – Started this Sunday night. Finished it Tuesday night.
  • Listen: 5 books – 13/5 books
    • Protecting What’s His(Tessa Bailey) 
    • His Risk to Take(Tessa Bailey) 
    • Officer Off Limits(Tessa Bailey) 
    • Asking for Trouble(Tessa Bailey) 
    • An Unseen Attraction(K.J. Charles) 
    • An Unnatural Vice(K.J. Charles) 
    • An Unsuitable Heir(K.J. Charles) 
    • Risking It All(Tessa Bailey) 
    • Up in Smoke(Tessa Bailey) 
    • Boiling Point(Tessa Bailey) 
    • Raw Redemption(Tessa Bailey) – Started this Saturday morning. Finished it Sunday afternoon.
    • Between then and Now(Zoe York) – Started this Monday morning. Finished it Monday morning.
    • What Once Was Perfect(Zoe York) – Started this Monday afternoon. Finished it Monday night.
    • Where Their Hearts Collide(Zoe York) – Started this Tuesday morning. Finished it Tuesday afternoon.
    • When They Weren’t Looking(Zoe York) – Started this Tuesday afternoon. On Chapter 24/27

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      • Weekend Writing Warriors
      • Sunday Summary
  • Post to Patreon 3 times – 1/3

Fiction Friday: “Family Brunch”

“I am not above slashing my own tires to avoid going to this family brunch.”

Tereza laughed and set her hand over Carlos’ as he pulled into his mother’s parking lot. “You should have thought of that before we left our house, I guess.”

“Damn. Why didn’t I?”

“Just stop,” his wife said. “It’s going to be fine.”

“You say that every time. It’s never fine.”

“It’s better than Andrew completely ignoring your existence as well as our children’s, isn’t it?”

“Sometimes I wonder,” Carlos muttered.

“It will be fine. Carisa and Jayla are in there. I’m sure your sister is about as nervous as you. Your stepfather doesn’t keep his mouth shut about the two of them, either.”

That was about the only thing that could get Carlos out of the car without any more complaints. His baby sister deserved better than to have her own father run her down because he didn’t agree with her relationship. He picked Luis out of his carseat while Tereza got Pia from the other side then they headed up to the house together.


Today’s Fiction Friday prompt from Pinterest was the first line of this. And it instantly brought to mind Carlos. This happens somewhere between Nowhere to Run(which I’m working on now) and Jonas & Isaac’s story(which I’ve been working on in a notebook because they just won’t leave me alone).

Writing Wednesday: Cruising Along

Well, I managed to survive all the socialness of the last weekend. On Sunday, I mentioned the boy dancing at the festival Friday night. I finally managed to get the video up.

INathan Dancing from Fallon Brown 

I took Monday mostly off, which seems to be working well for me. I did finish curating a master character list for my Flames series. Fourteen stories so far and about 190 characters. Some of those only show up in one story. Next week I’ll be moving on to the Gilbert, Co series, updating the timeline and starting the character list.

Tuesday I made it through almost all my writing goals for the week: Drafting, editing, plotting, & side projects. The only ones I had left were Jonas & Isaac and By the Gun. I finished the goal for J&I this morning. So, I’m on to By the Gun now.

So, that’s what I’ll be sharing from for this week’s WiPPet Wednesday. I have the first 11 paragraphs of Part 3 this week. I just wrote this last week, so it’s still rough. The last time I shared from this, we were in Alejandro’s POV. Part 3 is mostly from Carlos'(Alejandro’s younger brother) POV.

“We cannot keep meeting out here this way,” Catherine said.
But, Carlos was shaking as he stared at her. Months had gone by. Months and he was wondering if he was even seeing the real person. “Did you know?” he demanded.
“Know what?” she asked, sliding down from the saddle and moving toward him.
He pulled slightly on his horse’s reins, making his horse take a step back. “Just tell me,” he demanded.
She shook her head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. My father is getting suspicious, though. I barely escaped notice by his men tonight. We are going to have to stop for a while.”
They might have to be stopping for good. Thank the Christ all they had ever done was talk and kiss. If more had passed between them, the betrayal might be even harsher. “Did you know?” he asked again. “Did you know your father paid men to teach my father a lesson? Which apparently included killing nearly his whole family. Did you know all that destruction was started by your father’s wounded pride?”
Catherine stared at him, color draining from her face. “No,” she finally said. “You have to be wrong. Father would not do something like that. He wanted to work with your father on something, some kind of partnership. But, he wouldn’t have done that just because he said no.”
“You said it yourself when we first met,” he reminded her. “No one tells him no and walks away unscathed. You can’t tell me you didn’t know.”
“Yes,” she said, “I can. I know Father can be ruthless in business, but even he would not go this far.”
She seemed to actually believe that, but Carlos couldn’t make himself trust that. He forced his horse back another step. He’d been reeling since Alejandro had told him what Patrick had said before their gunfight almost two weeks ago. And to think, he’d still been coming out here to see Catherine when his brother could have been dying. Because of something her father put into motion. He was such an idiot.
“I won’t be coming back out here,” he told her. “And I’m not going to let your father take the rest of my family from me. I can’t believe I let myself start to fall for you.”

Uh oh. Who is right? Will Carlos regret his actions?

Color Code:

Goal Met

Progress Made

Set Aside

Not Done


  • Primary: Heart to Heart – finish Story Toolkit
    • This Week: Romance Arc
  • Secondary: Heart to Heart – Outline Act 1, List rest of scenes
  • Tertiary: Nowhere to Run – Outline Act 2
  • Stretch: Neil & Lin(Rileys #2) – Brainstorm


  • Primary: Nowhere to Run – Draft through Chapter 14/~25000 words – 9731/25000 words
    • This Week: Write 4 scenes – Finished 4/4 scenes
  • Secondary: Side Projects – 5000 words – 2762/5000 words
    • This Week:
      • Arresting Callum – 250 words – 264/250 words
      • Hawk – 250 words – 363/250 words
      • Jacob & Matthew – 250 words – 384/250 words
  • Tertiary: Jonas & Isaac – 15 pages – 6.25/15 pages
    • This Week: 3 pages – 3.25/3 pages
  • Stretch: By the Gun – 4 Chapters – 1/4 chapters
    • This Week: Chapter 2– Finished 0/2 scenes


  • Primary: Short Story Collection
    • This Week: Bree & Jenny – 1 scene
  • Secondary: Stained Blood – Beta Edits(as I get chapters back)
  • Tertiary: Flames of Renewal – Proofread(once I get it back from proofreader)
  • Stretch: Law of Choice – CP edits(if I get it back this month)


  • Flames of Renewal


  • Read: 20 books – 13/20 books
    • Heart Seeker(Juliana Haygert) – Started this Sunday morning. Finished it Sunday evening.
    • Winter’s Heat(Cristin Harber) – Started this Sunday evening. Finished it Sunday night.
    • Unraveled(Lindsay Buroker) – Started this Monday morning. At 56%
    • Red Hot Christmas(Debbie McGowan) – Started this Tuesday morning. Finished it Tuesday evening.
  • Listen: 5 books – 7/5
    • Yours Forever(Farrah Rochon) – Started this Monday morning. Finished it Monday afternoon.
    • Animal Magnetism(Jill Shalvis) – Started this Tuesday morning. On Chapter 24/26

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday: “His/hers”

His hand engulfed her smaller one, but he only squeezed it gently. “You have to go talk to her, Carisa,” Carlos told her.

Carisa shook her head. “She doesn’t want to talk to me. I already told you that.”

Carlos sighed and leaned back, sitting against the edge of his desk. He muttered something in Spanish she couldn’t quite make out. It hadn’t been allowed in their house, but that had never stopped Carlos. None of her father’s rules had really ever stopped Carlos. He’d still turned out to be a pretty good man.

She’d tried to follow every rule, and what had it gotten her? Absolutely nothing. So, maybe Carlos had always had the right of it.

“You’re being foolish,” he said. “The both of you. I’ve seen the two of you together. It’s right. Pushing each other away isn’t going to do any good. Why can’t you just learn from my mistakes?”

Her lips twitched up. “Hey, you got the girl anyway,” she reminded him. “And now you have the perfect little family.”

“And almost got her killed in the process. You always forget that part. Everyone does, but I can’t. Trust me, you don’t want that weight on you. Jayla won’t, either.”

“She doesn’t want me,” Carisa said. “So, it doesn’t matter anyway.”

“You know that isn’t true. She’s just scared. From what you told me, she has every reason to be.”

“Then why won’t she let me help?”

“Foolish, like I already said. But, it can be hard to see that when your heart’s involved.”

Carisa shook her head. It seemed like the only heart that was involved was hers.


Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was to use “his/her(s) in the post. Bonus points for starting with one and ending with the other. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get the other in at the end, but I managed it. This fits right in with where I’m at in Whatever It Takes.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: “Sign”

“I’d take that as a sign,” Carlos said.

“Sign of what?” Carisa asked, looking up at her older brother. He was leaning against her table but not looking at her. She followed his gaze and saw Jayla walking into the restaurant, trailed by two young men and a girl. She knew the girl, Alexa, but not the two boys.

“Jayla doesn’t come down here,” he said. “Not around anyone from her past, except Jared. And that’s because he gave her a job at the clinic. She certainly doesn’t bring her siblings.”

“Obviously she does if they’re here,” Carisa said, ducking her head so her brother hopefully wouldn’t notice her cheeks flaming.

He only chuckled, though. “That’s just what I’m saying, Carisa. You ever tell her you spend most every day here after work.”

She felt the temperature in her cheeks climb higher. “No,” she said finally. “But, I did tell Alexa about it one day when I was working with her at the youth center.”

“And she told her big sister, maybe even mentioned your name. And here they are.”

“It doesn’t mean anything, Carlos. They need to eat like anyone else.”

“But, never here. Not before. And that’s just what I’m saying. And she’s risking the younger sibling’s foster mother’s ire by bringing them around someone like me. I’d say that’s another sign.”

“Sign of what?” she asked again. She didn’t know what had gotten into her brother lately, but he kept saying stuff like this. Just because he was happily married now with a new baby didn’t mean everyone was cut out for that.

“Sign that she wants to be with you. Maybe it’s one you should start heeding.”

She shook her head and turned back to the paper she was grading. She didn’t need to start heeding any signs. It would probably be better if she avoided them at all.


Oh, Carisa. No don’t avoid those signs. Your brother knows what he’s talking about. 😀

This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was to use “sign” any way we’d like. And the first line of this popped into my head. So, I went with it.

SOCS/Story a Day: Day 20 – “All or Nothing”

“All I was asking,” Carisa said, “was what made you buy this place. It wasn’t a judgment, Carlos. I’m just curious.”

Her brother relaxed slightly. She really hadn’t meant for the question to sound judgmental, but that was apparently how it had come out. Or at least how he had heard it. Did he really still think she was so much like her father? She’d have thought he’d have known better by now.

“Before I bought this place,” Carlos said, “I was working as a cook at another restaurant. Aberto hired a lot of people just out of prison. Gave ’em a chance. One chance. If you screwed up, broke one of his rules, you were gone. Roman and Cristine knew him and helped get me a job as a dishwasher there when I was released. Roman had already done enough by getting me a very reduced sentence. This was so much more than what he had to do.”

“Because Tereza asked him to help you. And he promised to do what he could as long as she didn’t see you again.” She knew that part of the story.

His lips curled up a little. “Yeah. It was smart. We would have ruined each other back then.” But, he ran a thumb over the ring on his left hand. They were married now and so happy. She was happy for her brother. Even if she was a little jealous, too.  “Anyway, Aberto was killed in a drive-by and his place shut down. I’d been thinking of opening my own place by that time, and Cristine helped me get started.”

“I know all that, Carlos. What I was wondering, why this place? This neighborhood. Isn’t this where you grew up?” It had to hold hard memories for him to deal with. It did for her, and she’d been young when her father had moved their mother, her and her only remaining sister to another city.

“That’s why. And I wanted to continue what Aberto had been doing. I was given a second chance, so I wanted to give that to others, too. And this place was available and in my budget.” His lips curled up even more at that. “You should have seen it. It was only a step above being condemned. It took a lot of work, but I turned it into this.”

“And it’s a good place.” She’d seen the good he’d done here, the people he’d helped. It wasn’t enough for her father to ever forgive him, but he was holding a grudge against Carlos that wasn’t his fault. So nothing would ever be enough.

He gave her a quick hug. “Thanks, little sis. I’d better get back in the kitchen or no one else will think so.”

She smiled as he did just that. She was so glad she’d re-connected with her brother, even if it had taken another death to do so. One had ripped them apart and one to bring them back together. But, nothing would take her from his life again. Nothing.


I combined Story a Day and Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompts again. Story a Day was to focus on worldbuilding. So I decided to go with how Carlos did come to have his restaurant. And for Stream of Consciousness was to use all or nothing, Use one or both and bonus points if you start and end with one(or each) of them.

Story a Day: Day 18 – Refusal

“We’re not your family.” Carisa flinched at the words, even though they hadn’t been aimed at her. She chanced a glance over at her brother, the man she hadn’t seen in nearly twenty years. She only had vague memories of him, most of them likely influenced by her older sister’s stories. “You took one daughter from me,” her father continued. “Don’t even think I’m going to let you have a relationship with the others. I don’t care how much you claim you’ve changed. You’re still the punk kid you’ve always been.”

The words made Carisa want to cry. She couldn’t imagine how Carlos felt. She’d only been four when the oldest of her sisters had been killed. He’d been nineteen. But, he wasn’t the one who had killed her. She did know that much. Yet her father had always blamed him.

She took a step toward them, but the knot that always seemed to sit in her chest tightened and her hands shook as more angry words passed between the two men. She tried to drag in more air, but everything still felt too tight. She had to get out of here. She’d never been able to stand up to her father anyway. Why would now be any different?

She turned away from the group gathered at the graveside. The other brother she’d never really known had just been buried, but all she could think was that she had to get away. She couldn’t take anymore. She’d wanted to reconnect with Carlos, but not like this.

Maybe it was better this way. It’s not like it would change anything anyway.


Today’s Story a Day prompt was to write a story where instead of accepting the challenge that takes them into the story, they turn away. This moment actually happens at the end of Shed Some Light(which is Carlos’ story). Except originally Carisa does combat her anxiety and faces her father, standing up for her brother. And they do re-connect. It causes problems with her father and she ends up moving closer to Carlos to have a relationship with her brother. Which wouldn’t have happened if she really did just turn away. Neither would the events of her story(which I’m still figuring out).

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