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We took the kids to Waldameer(amusement/water park, though we just go to the water part) Sunday. About 4 hours out in the sun and water. And guess who forgot sunscreen? yep. That’d be me. My face, shoulders, chest, and thighs are red. I don’t usually burn too bad, but yeah, it hurts. Today isn’t quite as bad as Monday was. And after we left there, we went to best Buy. And I was finally able to get my new computer. I’ve been wanting to for several months now, but we didn’t have the extra money. We do now, so I was able to finally get it. I got things downloaded and set up Sunday night. I spent most of Monday moving my projects into Scrivener on the new machine. Well, not all of them. I decided to just worry about the ones I’m currently working on for the moment. I have them all(I hope I didn’t miss any) on dropbox, so I’ll grab them when I get around to editing them.

Difference in size between old computer(in front) and new one.

I’ve adjusted my writing schedule slightly. or at least when I do certain things. The first morning session(from 5-7, adjusted from 4-6) is when I first get up. I’m setting that as my plotting time. After I do chores and start social media(so at 9-11), I’ll focus on my main projects. The after lunch session(1-3) will be for editing, and the evening session(6-8) is for side projects. Having a schedule seems to work better for me than just having a list of goals to meet. I work through the goals in each section one by one.

Nowhere to Run is the only one of my main projects that I’ve worked on this week, so it’s what I’m sharing from again. Nowhere to Run takes place shortly after Whatever It Takes, so during the period when Jonas & Isaac are broken up. But, Isaac and Konner are still together and show up in this scene. I have 16 sentences for today(8+8).

“Has Wyatt come in?” James asked. “He said he was going to try, but he hasn’t said anything about it again.”
“That cop partner of yours?” Konner asked. “Now, that’s a fine looking man.”
Isaac nudged him hard, and Konner laughed before smacking a kiss on his boyfriend’s lips. “Don’t worry. I still love you best.”
“You love everyone, Konner,” Isaac said, but his lips were turned up.
“Yes, but I love you best. That has to count for something.”
Tracy pressed her lips together and turned back to James. And saw that he was full out grinning at the boys’ antics. “I guess we can leave them alone,” he said, taking her arm. “I’ll be around this weekend if any of the kids want to throw a game together,” James called back to Konner. “Let them know.”
“Will do,” Konner said, then he was engrossed in Isaac again.


Color Code:

Goal met


Nothing Yet

Set Aside


  • Heart to Heart – Finish story toolkit & outline Act 1
    • This Week: Act 4 beat sheet, timeline
  • Neil & Lin(The Rileys #2) – Brainstorm
    • This Week: brainstormed Neil, Lin
  • Wyatt & Kaden(Gilbert, CO # 9) – Brainstorm
    • This Week: Brainstormed Wyatt
  • GH & SF 3 – Brainstorm
    • This Week: Brainstormed Torin
  • Build This Love(Kurztown #8) – Brainstorm
    • This Week: Brainstormed Chris


  • Nowhere to Run – Get through Chapter 18 – 3/16 scenes
    • This week: 983 words
  • GH & SF 2 – Get through Part 1, Chapter 4 – 0/15 scenes
  • Craving You – Get through Chapter 5 – 0/13 scenes
  • By the Gun – Get through Part 3, Chapter 9 – 0/11 scenes


  • Short Story Collection – Flesh Out
    • Goin’ Down
      • This week: 999 new words
    • Meeting Jonas
    • Changing History(though I may move this one to another collection)
  • Paint Me a Picture – transfer to Scrivener – 1/9 chapter
  • Green Hills & Smoky Fields – Initial Read through/Fill in [xx]s
  • Stained Blood – Beta Edits
  • Flames of Renewal – Proofread
  • Law of Choice – CP edits

Side Projects:

  • Geoff – Write, edit & post to Patreon
    • This Week: 303 words
  • Hawk – 1500 words – 961/1500 words
    • This Week: 461 words
  • Jacob & Matthew – 1500 words – 945/1500 words
    • This Week: 384 words
  • Desmund – 1500 words – 874/1500 words
    • This Week: 339 words
  • Jonas & Isaac – 15 pages – 5.33/15 pages
    • This Week: 2.25 pages


  • Flames of Renewal


  • Read: 13 books – 5/13 books
    • The WAG and the Scoundrel(Debbie McGowan) 
    • Year of the Guilty Soul(A.M. Leibowitz) 
    • Blue Flame(Jill Shalvis) 
    • Cleaning House(Jeanne G’Fellers) 
    • Those Jeffries Boys(Debbie McGowan) – Started this Saturday night. Finished it Tuesday night.
  • Listen: 5 books – 7/5 books
    • Protecting What’s His(Tessa Bailey) 
    • His Risk to Take(Tessa Bailey) 
    • Officer Off Limits(Tessa Bailey) 
    • Asking for Trouble(Tessa Bailey) 
    • An Unseen Attraction(K.J. Charles) – Started this Saturday morning. Finished it Monday morning.
    • An Unnatural Vice(K.J. Charles) – Started this Monday morning. Finished it Monday night.
    • An Unsuitable Heir(K.J. Charles) – Started this Monday night. Finished it Tuesday afternoon.
    • Risking It All(Tessa Bailey) – Started this Wednesday morning. On Chapter 11/27

Social Media:

  • Post 5 Regular Blog Posts – 6/22 posts
    • This Week:
      • Writing Wednesday
      • Fiction Friday
      • Stream of Consciousness Saturday
      • Weekend Writing Warriors
      • Sunday Summary
  • Post to Patreon 3 times – 0/3

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: To a Crisp" (4)

  1. Emily Wrayburn said:

    Aw, this is a cute scene!

  2. This is a sweet scene. And I know all about replacement systems. I just had to replace my lavander menace (yes, it was lavender because it was a refurbished system and that was *not* part of the description). The new computer is a nice general silver, but I would have dealt with lavender considering the price… it’s the problems, less than one year and substantial problems, I was having. Youngest child took the lavender menace back to college with him so he and the over computer science majors could figure out the issues (hardware, more than likely) and fix it. Youngest gets to keep the system if he can make it work.

    • Thanks.
      The new computer is working pretty well for me so far. Especially now that I have everything(I think) moved over.

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