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Writing Wednesday: Almost There

When I first started writing Closing Time, I was sure I only had enough story for a novella, and probably a short one at that. Figured I’d be lucky to hit 30k with it. Then, I keep writing and writing and hit 30 k, and I’m barely at the halfway point. So, obviously it’s not going to be done at 40k, either. Then, I keep thinking, almost done. This should be done soon. Thought I’d have it finished by the end of September. Then, the end of last week comes and these two still aren’t back together. *sigh* I don’t want to say I’ll have it done this week, because then I likely won’t. But, I’ve just got them back together, so there’s really just a few things to tie up and it will be done. So just maybe…*crosses fingers*

For now, I’m dialing back from where I’m currently at to bring more of Gio and Cam’s story for WiPPet Wednesday. I have 15 sentences(10+5) a little past what I shared last week.

He could barely breathe through his wanting of this man. Then, Gio reached out and tugged on his tie. Cam went willingly, his own lips curving up into a smile. Gio’s mouth pressed to his in a light kiss. Cam wanted to take it deeper, to just drown in him for a while. But, Gio pulled away all too soon.

“Maybe you should wear one of these to work. No, wait,” Gio said, a laugh in his voice, “that would distract me too much. Never mind. Better leave them at home.”

That only made him want to start wearing a tie to work. He’d been distracted every night Gio worked beside him. Maybe it was time to start dishing some of it back out. Gio’s cheeks started to flush as Cam continued to look at him.

“What?” Gio asked.

Just what is Cam thinking? Should it be reason for Gio to blush?(um, yes, Gio already seems to be picking up the signs of when Cam has dirty thoughts on his mind 😉 )

Walking in our Homecoming parade

Walking in our Homecoming parade

On Monday, when I posted my RoW80 goals, I mentioned Wednesdays would be more of a general update, instead of my detailed check-ins like I’ve been doing. I’ll break it up into sections for now and see how that goes.


I finished the outline for Toby & Denise’s story. And I did the brainstorming for Jess & Terrall’s. I’m going to start using the Story Toolkit now though. And I’m moving the outline for Defending the Heart from One Note over to Scrivener.


I’ve written 7229 words so far between Closing Time, Break on Me, and In the Moonlight. I’ve met my goal for Break on Me for the week. And a few snippets:

  • Closing Time“Why the hell would I? My brother can be an asshole, too. I haven’t spoken to him since he came by the other day and admitted what he’d done. I’m not quite ready to forgive him yet. But, you don’t hold his actions against me, do you?”
  • Break on Me – He could feel the tightening in his chest again. Lora had chased it away earlier, but it was coming back with a vengeance now. He should have known the monster wouldn’t stay vanquished. It never did, no matter how many times he beat it back. Gabriel pushed off the bed, grabbing a pair of sweats that had been tossed over a chair. Thankfully Lora had been too into him to notice the mess his room had become.
  • In the Moonlight – “Why do you have so many clothes on?” she asked. “Weren’t you naked the last time I saw you?”


I’ve made it through 2/3 tasks in fixing time line issues. Added 71 words. I’m still looking for beta readers for Healing the Heart. Check out my post yesterday and let me know if you’re willing to read and give feedback.

Side Projects:

Nothing here yet.


Finished listening to Wrong Question, Right Answer. Started re-listening to Six of Crows(Leigh Bardugo) before I start reading Crooked Kingdom. I finished reading Right of First Refusal(Dahlia Adler) and started The Blade’s Memory(Lindsay Buroker)


I started knitting the Unleashed Hat. Nearly have the band finished. wp-1475680064378.jpg

JusJoJan:Day 21 – Mittens

Welcome to Day 21 of Just Jot It January. Today’s prompt is mittens, brought to us by Candy.

Here’s some mittens I’ve made over the last several years.


Toddler mitts Leona Baby Mitts Baby mitts102_4235102_4265


some fingerless gloves

some fingerless gloves


more fingerless gloves

more fingerless gloves

100_6064 100_6059 100_6052

Haven’t made any more mittens for a while. Never could quite get the thumbs quite right.



Sunday Summary: Steady Progress

It’s been a pretty good week overall for me. Been pretty busy writing and editing. Not too much else going on. We’re supposed to be hit with more snow today through sometime Tuesday. So, I may be doing battle with the snowblower again(although my husband showed me how to use the electric start for it, so that should make it easier).

  • Love Who You Love – get to 23000 words – 23014/23000 words. They were pretty slow and steady this week. But, it’s coming along.
  • Flames of Retribution – 2nd round revisions – finished these, as well as revisions on the two connected short stories.
  • Stained Snow – edit chapters as I get them back – finished 6/7. Counting this as a win, since I just got chapter 7 back this morning. It will go on tomorrow’s list.
  • Come Back Down – reach 14000 words – 14123/14000 words
  • Read: Writing Vivid Settings – 55% – got to this part.
  • Read: Heir of Fire(Sarah J. Maas), Be With Me(J. Lynn), Alicia(Gloria Weber), The Inn at Eagle Point(Sherryl Woods), Between Everything and Us(Rebecca Paula), The Siren(Tiffany Reisz) – I finished Heir of Fire on Thursday. It took a lot longer to read than I’d expected. But, it was so good. I read Alicia while eating dinner. it was short but good. Yesterday I finished Be with Me and The Inn at Eagle Point. Started Between Everything and Us this morning.
  • Knit: Antler Hat – finished thiswp-1452703179989.jpg
  • Crochet: Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket – Row 40 got through almost row 24 and I ran out of one of the colors I need. So, I’ll be setting this aside until I can get it.

Got a lot done this week. Hoping I can keep this up for the next week, too.

  • Love Who You Love – get to 28000 words
  • Flames of Retribution – Polish
  • Stained Snow – continue to edit chapters as I get them back.
  • Come Back Down – get to 16000 words
  • Read: Writing Vivid Settings – 80%
  • Read: Between Everything and Us(Rebecca Paula), The Siren(Tiffany Reisz), Only His(Susan Mallery), The Year We Fell Down(Sarina Bowen), Star Cruise: Marooned(Veronica Scott), Not in the Script(Amy Finnegan), & A Home By the Sea(Christina Skye)
  • Loom: Zig Zag Hat

Sunday Summary: WeWriWa – “Not as Wounded”

Another Sunday, another installment of Weekend Writing Warriors. Still sharing from Into the Sun, which I’m hoping to have all polished up this weekend. 8 sentences from a later scene from last week’s.

   I turned away even if it wasn’t what I really wanted to. I could hear Barbie behind me. “Careful with that boy, Birdie. He’s got a lot of hurt places inside him.”
I cringed, and I could almost feel each of those places. Then, Birdie said, “He’s not as wounded as you want to treat him. He’s tough to have made it here. I think he’ll survive me, too.”

This shouldn’t surprise anyone who had been following me for any length of time,  but I’ve changed what I’m working on again.  Yeah,  yeah,  I know.  I don’t know why but Wednesday the urge struck me to read over Burning Bright. This is the first in a spin off from my Flames series. And I miss these characters so much.  So I looked at my calendars.  I wouldn’t be getting back to drafting them until next November.  That’s just too long to wait.  I have 4 series (I’m including Flames & its series as one series) &  my list of standalones. So I went through and randomly picked one thing to work on each day.  So I could work on up to 5 different things in a week(this week I’m working on 2)  Hopefully this will appease my need to work on all the things. I’ll be writing in the morning (first half of every hour) and editing in the afternoon (second half of each hour). Those half hours I’m not writing or editing,  I’ll be working on the other stiff on my to-do list.  Doing it this way has me finished editing everything that’s currently drafted by the end of January 2016. As I finish drafting,  I’ll add to that. But,  I think this might work for me. I have more trouble focusing on drafting in the afternoon anyway.

  • Let It Begin – 25k (that’s 5k a day.  I should be able to get this, but we’ll see) – I managed about 17700 words this week.  A little past the midpoint (so may be a little longer than originally planned) according to new schedule I’ll get back to this early October.
  • Leo & Bryan – finish back stories – I did write about a page of Bryan’s back story.  I’ll be getting back to this in a week.
  • Into the Sun – finish proofreading & submit – I got more proofreading done on this yesterday. May get more done today,  but most likely finishing it next week.
  • Read: Take Off Your Pants – 70% – got to this point. Don’t know if I’ll be using anything from this method or not.
  • Read: Hot Head(Damon Suede), The Falconer (Elizabeth May), Wings (Aprilynne Pike), & Heartless (L.S. Engler) – reading had been slow this week for some reason.  Have gotten through a few audiobooks though.
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – made some progress on this

Goals for next week:

  • Guarding the Heart(BC Security #1) – add 9000 words
  • By the Gun (western standalone) – 6000 words
  • Stained Blood (Stained #3) – revision note cards. If time: 1st revisions
  • Into the Sun – finish proofreading & submit
  • Read: Take Off Your Pants
  • Read: Wings (Aprilynne Pike), Heartless (L.S Engler ), On the Fence(Kasie West), & Openly Straight (Bill Konigsberg)
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – hoping to be at least halfway finished with this

Writing Wednesday: Some News and Changes

First, some news. Back in October, I submitted two short stories for the first edition of L.S. Engler’s World Unknown Review. One of them was accepted. So, next month, ‘Forever Again’ will be published along with several other stories. And the other story, well, I have some ideas for that. Mostly, as a starting point for a potential series(which I got the idea for as I was fleshing the short out from a flash I wrote a few years ago). And unlike most of my series, connected but with different main characters, I think this will be more of a traditional series. Because, you know, I don’t have nearly enough ideas. 😉

As for the changes: I’ve been drafting my NaNo project as well as editing Flames of Redemption, and working on a side project this month. And while I could probably keep that up, I’m thinking it’s not the best use of my time. So, for the rest of this month, I’m concentrating on just Scars and All. Once I finish that, I’ll finish up edits on Flames of Redemption, and hopefully The Choice. Basically, December will be dedicated to editing. In January, I plan to go back to drafting. I’ll probably switch back and forth like that. I have a lot of first drafts that need revised, but if I go too long without any actual drafting, I might lose my mind. 🙂 I’ll also probably be plotting. I’ve taken a break from any of that for the last couple weeks, but I think I’m going to start brainstorming for At Her Hands.

When the boy came home from school on Monday, I was told that his preschool is cancelling transportation for the rest of the week due to staffing issues and the weather(which we have gotten pretty much no more snow). If we had another way to get him there, he could still go. If not, it’s not a problem, since they cancelled it. Well, there’s a reason he rides the bus there. I don’t have another way to get him there. So, he’s been home the last couple days. And probably will be until Monday. I’ve still managed to get a lot of words written. Yesterday, I wrote just over 4800. Doren and his father finally had it out about something they’ve both been holding onto for the last six years. I always seem to find that the emotional/argument scenes come really easy. Kind of surprising, considering how much I avoid conflict and confrontation in my own life.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday, so I’m sharing another snippet from Scars and All. Today, I have 10 lines(1+9) from Chapter 2.

“Don’t worry, Mom, everything’s fine.” Cassie nearly rolled her eyes, but she was sure her mother would somehow know even over the phone.
“Are you sure? You said your car broke down. That doesn’t sound fine to me.”
She could hear the worry in her mother’s voice and wanted to soothe it. “I am fine, Mom. The car might not be, but I am. It was just a flat tire, and there might be something wrong with the engine. I’m here at Aunt Beth’s though. So, you see, I’m perfectly fine.”
Her mother’s sigh came through the phone. “I just don’t want to worry about you. I’m starting to wish I hadn’t suggested this.”
Cassie smiled and leaned against her aunt’s kitchen counter. “You act like I’m by myself in the big bad city or something.”
Her mother laughed. “I know Kurztown is about the farthest thing from that, Sweetie. I’m still allowed to worry though. We didn’t always have the easiest time there.”
“I know. People are jerks. But, it’s not like moving to Ohio got us away from jerks.”
“You’re right. That’s not all I was thinking about though. You left a lot behind when we moved. I didn’t know if you were ready to face it all.”

Since I’m only working on Scars and All for right now, I changed how I figure out my goals for it. I have figured out which scenes I need to get to each day to finish by the end of the month. Of course, that’s judging by what I have outlined right now. I ended up moving several planned scenes to my ‘cut scenes’ folder, because it felt like they would be too forced. I’ll probably end up adding other scenes in as I go though. Here, though I’ll still be tracking by word count. It’s the easiest thing to measure and report on.

  • Scars and All – add 18000 words(this will get me over the 50k for NaNo). – I’ve written 9995 words so far this week, and I still have at least 2 more scenes to finish today. I’m just over 46k right now.
  • Flames of Redemption – edit 5 chapters – edited 1 before I changed my plan.
  • Chasing the Ghost – add 1500 words – added 349 words on Monday
  • Read: Where You’ll Find me(Erin Fletcher) & What Once Was Perfect(Zoe York)  Finished Where You’ll Find Me on Sunday and What Once Was Perfect yesterday. Both very good reads. Started another book last night, but right now it’s not drawing me in. Think I’ll give it at least 1 more chapter before I decide whether to set it aside or not.
  • Read: How to Write Dazzling Dialogue – still going through the section on dialogue issues. Only have a few more to go.
  • Knit: Lake District Hat – finish – I’ve got about 9 inches on this. Still on track.

For the rest of the week, I’ll only be tracking a few of these goals. We’ll see how long I can stick to the simplified goals.


Crafty Corner: Gauntlets & Hats

I haven’t done a crafting update in a couple weeks. 3 to be exact. I have been getting some things done in that time.

I finished the Phoenix Gauntlets I was knitting. They turned out okay, but a little tight on my arms. If I make these again, I may increase the number of stitches.


Then, I crocheted this little hat. The pattern was titled “Olivia’s Butterfly”.


It’s only supposed to fit up to 3 months, but it looks like it might fit a little bigger(depends on kids’ head circumference of course. Hats never fit my kids at the right age, because their heads were always in the 90+ percentile).

I’m just about finished knitting another baby hat. The pattern was in a little book I got from my mother-in-law, and I didn’t have the actual yarn it called for, but I used one the same weight. It was knitted on straight needles instead of in the round, so I still have to sew up the back seam.


I plan to finish this hat today and start working on a crochet puppy hat tomorrow. Hope to share that one next week.

Crafty Corner: Sweater & Phoenix Gauntlets

I finished the Storybook Baby Hoodie I’d been working on all of last week on Sunday. It didn’t turn out as small as I was afraid it would.


I’ve gotten better with the seaming, doing it on the wrong side and turning the piece inside out. Still had a little trouble setting the sleeves into the sweater, but I think I got it figured out.

Yesterday I started on the Phoenix gauntlet pattern from Lion Brand Yarn. These aren’t the first fingerless gloves I’ve made. The other ones I’ve done though have all been short ones. This pattern comes with instructions for three different sizes: mini, midi, and maxi. The mini are about the length of my other ones; just past the wrists. The midi, which are the ones I’m making now, should come to about my elbows, I’m thinking. Or at least mid-arm. The maxi looked like they’d be a little too long. Plus they would have needed an extra skein of the yarn.

I only have the first half of the first one knitted so far.


Crafty Corner: Hat & Sweater

Last week I finished the Baby Pom Pom hat I was working on.


One tassel is a little shorter than the other. Oops. Still it turned out cute.

After I finished that, I started the Storybook Baby Hoodie from Lionbrand yarns. I didn’t actually have any Pound of Love yarn. I decided to use another large skein I had, but it’s actually a lightweight yarn instead of worsted weight. So, it’s probably going to turn out a little smaller than the pattern indicated. But, a lot of the instructions for the pattern have you knit until a certain length, so that should help. If nothing else, it would make a nice sweater for my daughter’s dolls. 🙂


The back section is still on the needle and the right front is on the stitch holder. I’m hoping to have this finished sometime this week.

Crafty Corner: Hats

Last week I was just starting a fox hat. I finished it on Friday. It came out a bit bigger than I’d planned, but it still looks nice. My daughter is wearing it today for Crazy Hat Day. It took me just a little over 5 hours to finish.

The Sly Fox

The Sly Fox

My little fox boy

My little fox boy

I was going to start a pair of fingerless gloves next, but I didn’t have the Cotton-Ease yarn it called for. So, I moved on to the next project on my list, a Baby Pom Pom Hat. I just have the hat and ear flaps finished so far. I should have it finished soon though.


Crafty Corner: Ladybug & a Scarf

Two crafty posts in as many weeks. It must be a miracle. Or my determination to become more consistent with my posting schedule. And I’ve finished two projects in the last week.

When I posted last week, I was almost finished with the ladybug I was crocheting. I finished it later that day.

view from side

view from side

top view

top view

When I finished that project, I started a scarf pattern I found on lionbrand.com. The Tidewater Lace Scarf actually called for Cotton-Ease yarn, which I do not have any of. I did have a ball of Caron Simply Soft yarn(ok, I have more than 1). I thought that would work nice too. Since You work over the same pattern rows until it reaches a certain length, I wasn’t too worried about gauge. I worked on it for 6 days, a total of about 11.5 hours. It did turn out nice, even though I messed up a couple times on the pattern.


folded over

folded over

laid out

laid out

I’m planning on starting my next project today, this hat. I thought it was really cute when I was browsing through ravelry. Hopefully I’ll have something to show for it when I post next week.

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