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Tidbit Thursday: Slow Revenge

I finished the edits on Slow Revenge yesterday. Or at least the first round of them. So, now I am ready to have other people look at it. This is a story I actually started writing like nine years ago. This version is different than the first since in that time I’ve learned quite a bit. And I’ve loved getting to know these characters again. But, I realize I may be a little too close to them. So, I need some other eyes on it.

When a police detective’s sister turns up missing, he is thrown into an investigation that takes him into the darkest parts of his past.

Garren Alexander is a Homicide detective who has long struggled to keep his past behind him, using whiskey and women to drown his own pain. He knows his old coping methods don’t work and almost meant his destruction. So, he has given them up to try to fight his inner demons on his own.

But when his sister is reported missing and his best friend is the most viable suspect, he is determined to find her and prove his innocence. As he works against time and his colleagues, he has to fight his own urges to turn to those old coping methods. He turns to his sister’s best friend, Lisa Giles, and realizes he may find more than just someone to talk to about his sister. When he finds his friend dead, apparently by his own hand, he doesn’t know where to turn. But, Lisa still has faith Connie is alive and will be found, so he tries to hold onto that and her. But, he fears his demons will destroy another relationship if he doesn’t maintain control. More people with a connection to him start turning up dead. When a young boy he mentors is attacked, it sends him into a downward spiral.

He tries to push Lisa away from him in an effort to keep her safe. Instead he pushes her right into the danger. Will he be too late to stop someone bent on revenge from taking the woman he loves? Or will time run out before he can face the shadows from his past?


If anyone would be interested in reading this and giving me some feedback, let me know. You can either leave a comment here, message me on twitter(@frbrown906), or email me at fallonrb@gmail.com

Writing Wednesday: Making Changes

I’ve been making some changes around here, not the blog, but in my life. I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to not just be here, but be present. So, I’ve cut back my computer time to when the kids are sleeping and during my son’s nap time. Which essentially means I’m I’m trying to cram doing more into less time. before I would write up my blog posts and do some other things while he was up. Writing can’t really be done while he’s up, because he is into everything. Also, we’re in the beginning of potty training with him, so there’s a lot of up and down. Hard to get much writing done when I can’t sit for more than a few minutes. 🙂

I am also probably making some changes to my goals. I wanted to finish the 1st draft of Flames of Redemption when I’m done with the edits on Slow Revenge. But, I don’t know if I’m going to do that. I have no drive to work on it. Instead I want to work on planning the next story in my series. And want to read over my western novella again. I’m thinking of taking it in a different direction. As for the next story in the series, I don’t think it’s going to be the one I’ve been planning. I think I’m going to set that one aside. As I’ve thought about it, it makes more sense for it to come a little later. Instead, I think the next one will be the one that was going to come after it. So, I’ll be making those changes to my goals.

  • Finish 1st round of edits on Slow Revenge –  I did finish making changes to everything I’d marked up during my first read through of it. I’d been debating about whether or not to include an epilogue. My idea for it would foreshadow a future story(actually the one I had been planning). I took some notes on that idea on the way to my nephew’s birthday party on Sunday and wrote it up on Monday. I may end up cutting it, but I figured if I didn’t write it, I would never know if it worked or not. Then, I spent yesterday and this morning going through again and marking areas where I needed to change certain details since I realized I needed to change the setting of it. Not a big change, just a different city in the same state. Because I realized in doing some research that what I had written wouldn’t work for there. I guess that’s a lesson: do more research before writing!
  • Send to Beta Readers(if anyone is interested, let me know) – I really need to get serious about finding some who would be interested in reading it. 
  • Finish 1st draft of Flames of Redemption
  • Read 20 books – finished reading Beauty of Fear on Thursday. I started reading Echo in the Bone on Friday. I finished Part 2 of it(there are 7 parts of differing lengths) yesterday. On Page 358/1149. So, that’s 5 books for the round. Hoping to have this book finished by next week’s check-in though.
  • workout for 30 minutes 5 days a week -I’ve worked out on the Wii with some cardio boxing 4 days in the last week(Thursday, Friday, Monday, & today) and walked on the treadmill yesterday.
  • Track calories every weekday – been doing good with this as well and mostly staying within my budgeted calories. Went over the other night because of the ranch dressing I dipped my french fries in at dinner. I’ve also been trying to up my water consumption each week. Adding another glass every week. I’m up to 3 glasses a day so far(our glasses hold about 12-14 oz) before I allow myself to drink any pop. So far today, I’ve had 2. So, need to go fill my glass up again.

Crafty Tuesday: Another Bib & Afghan Squares

I haven’t finished a whole lot in the last week. I was working on the crochet bag and ran out of the one yarn. And of course I don’t have any more of it. I thought I was going to have enough, but obviously I was wrong. So, I had to set that aside until I can get to the store and get more of it. And I had started knitting another hat, but I was having a couple issues. A problem with the short rows and the fact that the yarn wouldn’t stay on the needles. i got frustrated and decided to set it aside for now.


Baby Ripples Bib


I posted about this one last week, as an in progress project. Well, I finished it last week. It didn’t take all that long, a little less than 7 hours total. I did crochet ties this time instead of the knitted I-cord ones. They turned out pretty nice.

In Progress:I just started knitting another hat today. It’s the Soft Berry Hat from Lion Brand Yarn. I’m using Lily’s Sugar ‘n’ Cream yarn instead of the Lion Brand Organic Cotton though. Just have a few rows finished and no picture yet.

I have also been working on crocheting some afghan blocks. I figure I can seam them together later to make a blanket. I have three done so far.

100_6019 100_6020 100_6018 100_6017

Coming Up:

Not really sure what I’ll be working on next. Will be picking up the crochet bag again once I have the yarn I need to finish it. Other than that, I’m not sure.

Photo Friday: A Monster & a Princess(AKA My Children)

I haven’t shared any recent pictures up here for a while. And have really slacked on taking very many so far this year. Between being sick earlier this month and trying to get all the things done, it’s easy to let some other things fall away.

Here’s one of my little monster. Really. He got this outfit for Christmas, so now he can really look the part. 🙂


And my princess. She wanted to wear her new dress to church and a sweater one of her grandmas made her last year.


And some more random pictures:

wearing Daddy's fire station hat

wearing Daddy’s fire station hat

Making plans with Daddy

Helping Daddy figure it out

"this is what we should do"

“this is what we should do”

He wants to haul equipment just like Daddy

He wants to haul equipment just like Daddy




Tidbit Thursday: Missing

This is another excerpt from Chapter 2 of Slow Revenge. Just a little later than the last one I posted.


When they returned, Garren’s mother was just setting dinner on the table. “Get some plates,” she told him before he could sit down.

It reminded Garren of his childhood when he and Connie would have to take turns setting the table. And usually ended up fighting over whose turn it was. He shook off the memory and grabbed the plates out of the cupboard. They same cupboard they had always been in. And stood at the table in confusion for a moment when he realized he’d grabbed four plates out of habit but there were only three places set. Some things remained the same, even when so much was different.

“Damn it,” he muttered and went to return the extra plate to the cupboard. He had to take a moment to regain his composure before turning back to his parents. He just hoped this table would see more than these three seats again.

Garren was bringing a bite of food to his mouth when he heard the crunch of tires in the driveway. His gaze swept to his parents and saw the shock and hope that was probably reflected in his own. He jumped from his seat and his legs ate up the distance in just a few steps on the way to the door.

His father was right behind him. At the sight of his best friend’s truck, Garren felt an instant relief. Maybe his father had been right. They had just stayed longer than planned. They were here now.

Then, he realized there was only one person in the truck. And fear clutched at his heart again. He grabbed onto the door frame as his knees threatened to give out on him. Geoff jumped out of the truck and started toward the house, and Garren knew. Something had happened. Something bad.

He just shook his head as Geoff approached him. “Don’t say it. Please don’t say it, Geoff.”



Writing Wednesday: Steady Progress

I’ve been making steady progress so far this week. And I think I’ve pretty much decided that I won’t be doing Sunday check-ins, at least for right now. It seems either we’re doing something with family(this weekend is my nephew’s 2nd birthday party) or I’m just not on the computer. Usually on the weekends I’m concentrating more on my knitting or crochet, so I’m not even at the computer really. So, I think sticking with just the Wednesday updates will work better for me.

  • Finish 1st round of edits on Slow Revenge – Like I said, steady progress here. I’m almost through Chapter 25 right now. Just have one more scene to go. Hoping to be through Chapter 27 by the end of today. Was hoping to have this finished by Friday, but I ran into a pretty big research/plot hole that I need to fix. Not sure of the best way to fix it, so I need to figure that out. So, I’m working through the other things while I think on that.
  • Send to Beta Readers(if anyone is interested, let me know)
  • Finish 1st draft of Flames of Redemption – Haven’t worked on this at all yet this week. Probably won’t until Slow Revenge is finished.

Monday night I did do a little more outlining for the WiP I’ll be starting once I finished Flames of Redemption. Didn’t feel like sitting at the computer to work on edits after the kids were in bed, so instead sat on the couch with my notebook while I finished watching the Hatfields & McCoys(finally! since we recorded it back in May). It also gave me the urge to brainstorm some for a story idea I’ve had for a while but only ever wrote a couple pages for. I didn’t write any of those thoughts down of course.

  • Read 20 books – still working my way through Beauty of Fear. So, no more to add to this. I’m about 63% through it right now though.
  • workout for 30 minutes 5 days a week – not quite meeting this. Worked out with the Wii on Monday. And shoveled snow for 20 minutes today. Didn’t do anything yesterday though.
  • Track calories every weekday – started out strong on Monday then the site I use was down. So I never put everything else in. Yesterday after lunch, I started snacking(my downfall) and just stopped trying to keep track. Doing good so far today. Haven’t really even snacked. Just chewed some gum when I got the urge to snack. It’s just past lunch time now though, so I’m hoping to keep at it the rest of the day.

Crafty Tuesday: Finishing Projects

I’ve managed to finish a few different projects in the last week, and am working on two more now.


The first thing I finished was the pair of slippers I was working on last week. They only took about half the time it took me to do the knitted slippers.

a pair of finished slippers

a pair of finished slippers








The next project I finished was a pair of fingerless mitts from Lion Brand Yarn’s website. I couldn’t find the right yarn for them when I went to Michael’s the last time, so I got one that was a similar weight. They turned out nice(and warm!) still. Of course, when I went to Joann’s after that trip to Michael’s, I did find the right yarn, but I used this one anyway.







And I also finished crocheting a dishcloth. that project only took about 2.5 hours. Could have been done even quicker, but I’m still figuring out crochet. But, it was a real easy pattern. half double crochet for about 24 rows.

dishcloth folded over

dishcloth folded over








In Progress:

I started one of the projects that came in the book with the crochet kit. I’d started it once before, but it requires holding two strands of yarn together as you work, and I thought I’d start with something simpler. It’s really not too difficult, but I wanted to have more practice before I worked on it. I’m about halfway finished with it so far. I have one side of the bag done. Have to do the other side and the gusset that will attach them.

one side finished

one side finished

the start of the other side

the start of the other side








I also started another bib. This is another by designer Elaine Fitzpatrick. I really do like her patterns. So far I have the main part of the bib done. I just need to do the neck/shoulder decreases and the ties.







Coming Up:

When I finish these two projects, I’m planning on starting another one that was in the crochet book, a scarf. I attempted it before as well, but didn’t quite understand the pattern stitch(mat stitch). I’m going to try to find some clearer directions on it before I start it again. I’m also planning on starting another cause hat, this one a flat top hat with brim base.

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