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Wednesday Check-In

This week has gone much better than the last. Monday morning I got up and wrote another 600 words on my flash fiction. It’s at around 800 words now and I think finished. I debated adding more to the end but kind of like where it is right now, so I may just leave it. I still don’t know though so I’ll probably read over it again before I post it here.

As for my outlining: As of half an hour ago, it is pretty much finished. I still have more planning to do for the characters and such, but I have what happens when figured out. It may always change after I start writing of course, and i always try to keep my mind open to those changes. Now, I just need to get the character worksheets done, and I’ll be ready to start writing by Monday.

And I would like to thank everyone for the well wishes for my daughter. She is doing a lot better now. Over the weekend we thought we would need to get her prescription refilled, but it never came to that thankfully. She still has a little cough, but other than that is back to her normal self.

Knitting Monday: Baby Jacket Progress

I haven’t made a whole lot of progress on this project. So, I guess it’s a good thing it will be a while before it’s cold enough for Nathan to wear it. I was able to finish the right front side, although I think I messed up somewhere while shaping the shoulder so I’m hoping it won’t look too off when I sew the pieces together. I also got started on one of the sleeves. I had a little bit of trouble figuring out the increases on the sleeve, but I finally did. Hoping I can have both sleeves done in the next couple weeks. Then, I only have to make the hood before sewing all the pieces together and doing the finishing touches on it.

finished front right side

started on the sleeve.

Sunday Check-in

This past week has been rather unproductive which is why I did not check in on Wednesday. On Monday, I wrote a couple hundred words on a flash fiction piece and finished mapping out my next novel. And that was basically it for the week. Wednesday-Friday were really hot here(Thursday & Friday, it hit 100 degrees which is very hot for this area), which I’m sure did not help my motivation. And, my daughter started to get sick on Wednesday. She was acting like her throat hurt, which I thought at first was just dry b/c it was hot and she did not want to drink water. I knew something was wrong though when she fell asleep while eating lunch. The next day, she sounded really bad though. Her voice was getting hoarse and she was starting to cough pretty bad. And she fell asleep on the floor for about an hour while watching cartoons and then laid on the couch with me for another hour. That just about never happens. By the time my husband got home from work on Friday(about 2 pm), she couldn’t even talk and her breathing was raspy. So, we took her into the doctor and sure enough, it’s croup. The doctor gave us a prescription for a steroid for her. Within 2 hours of taking it Friday night, she was breathing better and sounding more like herself. Today, she still has a cough, but her breathing still sounds good. Last time she had it, she was 13 months old and ended up in the hospital b/c the steroid pill didn’t help her. Hopefully, we can avoid that this time.

I think I’ve gotten more done this weekend than I did all week though. I downloaded the free program storybook which I had heard good things about. And started playing around with it. I got all my notes for each chapter into it. And got the scenes for chapter 1 outlined. By next weekend, I hope to have the rest of the chapters outlined and character outlines done. And hopefully I can start writing by the first of August.

Knitting Monday: Previous Projects Pt 3.

This is my last installment of my previous projects, since it will get me caught up to where I am now.

I found this pattern for a penguin and thought it would be cute. I knitted the separate pieces(head, beak, wings, back, front, and feet) then stitched the all together. I stitched the wings on a little crooked which makes it look kind of weird, but for my first fairly complex project, it turned out nice. Should have used smaller beads for the eyes, I think though since they take up almost its whole face. But, Hayleigh loves playing with it.

These booties were another quick project. I knitted the first one in about a day or so. Then, I took a break to do some other projects before finishing the second one.

I still wanted to make a hat for Hayleigh, since my first attempt didn’t fit her. And I wanted to try to use circular needles. This hat took me a little under a week to make, and she loved wearing it even though she did not want to hold still long enough for me to get a picture. I finally did while she was being silly.


And another bib I made. This one was a simple garter stitch pattern(knit every row) so didn’t take too long to complete considering Nathan was mobile at this point(which really slows down my project completion time). I made the neck strap a little too long and the buttonholes too big so it doesn’t like to stay on. But it’s just lessons to learn from for the next project.

Quick Check-in

This is just going to be a quick check-in, mostly because I don’t have much to report. Also, we had a long busy weekend so I just want to relax now. After finishing my 1st draft on Wednesday, I was going to give myself until next week to work on anything writing related(except for maybe some flash fiction), but I couldn’t help myself. I already have most of my next wip mapped out. Just need to finish the last couple chapters and put it all into outline form(and I used to call myself a pantser. Ha!). Need to work on one of the supporting characters and the antagonist(already know the other characters pretty well) and I’ll be ready to go with it. Still going to wait to start writing it(unless I can’t control myself.) until August 1 for camp nanowrimo. I also got an idea for a novella that I may try to plot out if I get the urge before 8/1. I worked on some flash fiction while we were on the road Friday, but didn’t make a whole lot of progress toward that. I’ll probably be focusing more on that this week though. Hopefully I’ll have one for this Tuesday.

Silly Sally

Silly Sally went to town
Waking backwards,
Upside down.

On the way she met a pig,
A silly pig,
They danced a jig.

Silly Sally went to town,
Dancing backwards,
Upside down.
– “Silly Sally” by Audrey Wood

Three year olds and their love of repetition. You gotta love it, right? Or I could just be losing my mind. This is the book we’ve had to read every night at bedtime during this last week. And I very well could be losing my mind since I’ve found myself reciting the words to it during the day. Still on the fence about whether it’s better than reading The Cat in the Hat, Fox in Socks, or Green Eggs and Ham every night(her other favorites).

For the parents out there, are there any books your kids wanted to read over and over(and over and over and…)? Are you ever able to convince them to read something else or just have to go with the flow? Are there any books you remember wanting to read over and over as a kid?

Met a Goal Early

Woohoo!! OMG! SQUEE!! And any other words for excitement. I just met the first goal on my list. I finished the 1st draft of Serial Neighbor about 15 minutes ago.  It’s obviously rough, and there’s scenes I need to revise/take out/put in, but it’s done!! I’m also not sure that I’m happy with the last scene, but that could be because I didn’t want to end it(as much as I did want to finish it, I didn’t). So, I’m going to step away from it and start outlining & writing the next one before I start editing this one. This is the first novel length work I’ve finished in probably six or so years. I did participate in Nanowrimo last year and ended up finishing it in December, but it still came in under 50K. The last one I finished(6+ years ago) is only about 55K. At about 90,150, this is the longest one I’ve written in at least 10 years(and I’m not sure how long that one was. It might be shorter). Ok, I’m probably rambling, but I’m really excited.

On Sunday, I said I was going to back off on my daily word count and just try to get in 3 writing sessions and write 500 words each session(so at least 1500 words a day). Yeah, apparently all I had to do was take some pressure off myself. Here are my word counts so far this week:

Monday: 2113

Tuesday: 3133

Wednesday: 3624

So, now I guess I will be concentrating on outlining the next story and working on some flash fiction over the next couple weeks. I had given myself until next Friday to finish Serial Neighbor, but I’m glad I finished it now because we’re leaving sometime Friday to go down to my dad’s for the weekend. Now, I won’t have to think about it while we’re there.

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