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Writing Wednesday: Bury in Fiction

It can be hard to write a light-hearted intro when there’s bad stuff going down outside the window(not literally my window. It’s dark and peaceful right here). I tend to withdraw when there’s any kind of bad news or worry even, on the news or even in my own life. Like me completely blocking that my stepdad was having knee replacement surgery the other week(he was being stupid and doing more than he should shortly after getting home. So, you know, pretty typical). Last time he had surgery was on his heart about 8 years ago, and I was a nervous wreck the whole time.
So, that’s what I do. I shut out everything else, and I bury myself in fiction. Not necessarily a great way to deal with the world. I often care too much and get overwhelmed by it. Another reason it’s not good to tell your kids they’re too sensitive(which I’ve been guilty of myself and am trying to do better). It doesn’t give very many coping methods for dealing with an insensitive world.
Anyway, good stuff happening here. Went to the bookstore with the girl on Sunday. I got three new books, the girl got 2. And I got her to try a new series, which she seems to have liked(she’d read most of it on the way home). We also got our hair cut. Left it up to the kids how short they wanted to go. Girl decided to go with shoulder-length. I went a little shorter than before. It was starting to feel like I had a mop on top of my head. There’s a little bit of bangs I can twirl while I’m writing, though.

I’ve had a fairly good week of writing so far. Especially when it comes to the Jonas & Isaac project(considering I wasn’t supposed to start writing their story yet and don’t even have it plotted out, just a couple notes jotted down). I have more from that for my WiPPet Wednesday, a blog hop where we share a snippet from a current WiP that somehow pertains to the date. Today I have 7 paragraphs(1+6 for the day). This picks up almost right after last week’s(there’s only one paragraph between them).

    Jonas turned his head the other way, still refusing to look at him. “So, I guess you’re still angry with me,” Isaac said softly. “I never thought you’d be the type to hold a grudge, Jonas.”
His throat felt too thick to even respond. He’d stopped being angry by the time he’d finished boot camp. The heartache had taken longer to disappear. Maybe by the time he’d met Santiago when he was stationed in Texas while doing his combat medic training.
It had still hurt to think about him, though, so he’d done his best not to. Santiago had helped with that, until they realized they were better friends than lovers. He hadn’t been the last relationship Jonas had, though he hadn’t remained friends with the others.
And now when he needed Santiago the most, he wasn’t here.
He saw Isaac’s hand go up to brush hair away from his face. Bracelets clinked together on his wrists at the movement. The gesture and sound was so familiar, Jonas couldn’t help but look up.
He had a hard time focusing on Isaac’s face since his left eye didn’t like to cooperate. And even with the severe hearing loss in his left ear, he heard Isaac’s gasp. Or maybe he saw his mouth round and his brain interpreted it as a gasp. He didn’t know. It didn’t matter because Isaac was already turning away from him.
He was wrong, the heartache wasn’t gone. It was slamming into him, just like the medevac chopper had slammed into the ground a couple months ago. Only this time, he wasn’t sure he’d survive the crash.

Why did Isaac take off out of there like that? Will they ever be able to get back to where they were? Will Jonas survive this(I’m pretty sure we all know this answer;) )
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The girl is ready for school to start in just under 2 weeks. Even found a cat bookbag.

And now for my RoW80 update. Internet has been acting wonky the last couple days, but it finally seems to be better. So hopefully I can get this posted without any problems.


  • Primary: Write 50000 words on 5 main projects – 24862/50000 Pretty much on target
    • Heart of Christmas – 1053 words
    • Still Burning – 1341 words
    • Whatever It Takes – 1363 words
    • High on Loving You – 1259 words
    • By the Gun – 1115 words
  • Secondary: Write 10000 words on 10 side projects – 4315/10000 nearly on target here, too.
    • Patrick & Sarah – 45 words
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 57 words
    • Roman – 71 words
    • Dougal & Shae – 56 words
    • Jacob & Matthew – 35 words
    • Mike & Fadil– 239 words

Had he truly been such an awful son? Well, he would start to make up for it. Starting right now. *Aw, Fadil. Your mother does not think that.

  • Preggers – 48 words
  • Hawk
  • Sean & Braeden – 111 words
  • Jacob’s Stepfather – 186 words & this one is done!

“Yes, son,” the officer said. “He had identification on him, and my partner here recognized him. Again, we’re sorry for your loss. Can we-”

“Good riddance,” Jared said before he could say more, then he slammed the door shut.

  • Stretch: Write 40 pages in composition notebook on Jonas & Isaac’s story – 40/40. These boys are just relentless, especially on my wrists. The problem with writing by hand. Guess I’m upping the goal to 50 now(considering at the beginning of the month it was 20). Waaaaay ahead of target

The way she often colors and reads



  • Primary: Edit Stained Blood as I get chapters back – 0/25 chapters. Still waiting
  • Secondary: Edit Flames of Renewal once I get it back – 0/25 chapters. Still waiting.
  • Stretch: Polish In the Moonlight & Staring at the Sun, post Staring at the Sun on Wattpad, Edit Midas’ Daughter – Reorganized Midas’ Daughter chapters & sent to my kindle to read through. Read through Midas’ Daughter. Right on target, maybe even a bit ahead.


  • Primary: Read 30 books – 15/30 Right on target
    • The Crepes of Wrath(Sarah Fox) – Started this Sunday morning. Finished it Sunday night. Liked it, but there were a lot of parts where I was feeling meh. Added the next book to list anyway. I’ll probably grab it if it goes on sale. If it’s another ‘meh’, I probably won’t read the next.
    • The Upside of Unrequited(Becky Albertalli) – Started this Monday afternoon. Finished it Monday evening. Just loved this so much.
    • Stranded with the Cyborg(Cara Bristol) – Started this Tuesday afternoon. At about 75%.
  • Secondary: Listen 4 books – 3/4 Ahead of target
    • Rock Solid(Riley Hart) – Started this Sunday afternoon. On Chapter 28/45
  • Stretch: Read 1 craft/research book – 0/1

Social Media:

  • Primary: Post Writing Wednesday, Fiction Friday(Cover for Staring at the Sun), SOCS(some of Jonas & Isaac’s story), WeWriWa(a bit of Hawk’s Story), & Sunday Summary(final check-in for last week) posts each week – 5/5 posts last week(all but WW linked above) Staying on target
  • Secondary: Post to Patreon at least 1x a week – Didn’t post anything this week. Trying to decide exactly what I want to post. If you were my patron(and you can be for only $1 a month), what would you want to see from me? I feel like I’m talking to a void there since I don’t have any patrons there, but I don’t want to just stop posting content.
  • Stretch: Stay current with blog comments – Current as of Tuesday afternoon



Writing Wednesday: Burnt

Ouch. I mentioned in Sunday’s post, that we were taking the kids to the local water park with some friends and their kids. And we did. They had a lot of fun. Especially with the new attraction: “The Battle of Lake Erie”. it even has the Brig Niagara up top that dumps out water and references to Erie’s role in the War of 1812. We were there for 5 hours and I managed to get rather burned. And that was even with putting sun screen on. The kids’ face got a little pink, but otherwise they didn’t seem to get anything. Me, on the other hand:

And I usually don’t burn too bad.

Other than dealing with the sunburn, this week has been pretty good. I spent Monday finishing up my July goals(and I posted my July Wrap-up on Tuesday). Tuesday I planned to focus on working on By the Gun for the day. But, the words just weren’t coming. So, I decided to switch things up again. At least for this month, I’ll be spending an hour on each of my main projects, an hour for editing, then an hour on side projects. That leaves me another hour at the end of the day to play around with another project(that I have mentioned below). We’ll see how this works for me.

And for now, it’s time for WiPPet Wednesday, the blog hop where we share a snippet of a current work in progress that somehow coincides with the date. Today I’m going to be sharing from that new project I mentioned up above. You may recognize characters here, though it’s been about five years since we see them in Whatever It Takes. Today I have 6 paragraphs(8-2) from the very beginning of this story.

“So, the hero returns.”

Jonas Pedera looked toward the voice. He’d always liked Carlos Armas. Right now, he just wanted to punch him in the face.

“Vete a la mierda.”

He saw Carlos flinch at the harsh words, but he didn’t care. Using his crutches, he swung his way to an empty table. At least in the couple months he’d been stateside, he’d gotten more adept at using them. He doubted that was the silver lining his therapist wanted him to look for.

“Someone’s been teaching him more Spanish, I see.”

Jonas tightened his hands around the grips of the crutches. Santiago. They’d spent many nights talking and he’d taught Jonas more of the language from the heritage they shared. Jonas’ own father had taught him some before he died, and so did his mother and brother, but they’d left out all the curses. Santiago had taught him even more than that. And now he was gone.

Why is Jonas so angry about being called a hero? What exactly happened to him? Both are explained a little later in this scene. I think I’ll be sharing from this for now, so you may get to see that soon. 🙂 As for what Jonas told Carlos, it basically translates to “fuck off/you.” There are some benefits to still having my Spanish dictionary from college. 😉


  • Primary: Write 50000 words on 5 main projects – 1743/50000 words
    • Heart of Christmas – 165 words
    • Still Burning – 367 words
    • Whatever It Takes – 190 words
    • High on Loving You – 630 words
    • By the Gun – 391 words
  • Secondary: Write 10000 words on 10 side projects – 431/10000 words
    • Patrick & Sarah
    • Tavin & Haiwee
    • Roman
    • Dougal & Shae – 150 words
    • Jacob & Matthew
    • Mike & Fadil – 381 words
    • Preggers
    • Hawk
    • Sean & Braeden
    • Jared’s Stepfather(for Patreon bonus content) 
  • Stretch: Write 20 pages in composition notebook on Jonas & Isaac’s story – 2/20 pages


  • Primary: Edit Stained Blood as I get chapters back – 0/25 chapters
  • Secondary: Edit Flames of Renewal once I get it back – 0/25 chapters
  • Stretch: Polish In the Moonlight & Staring at the Sun, post Staring at the Sun on Wattpad, Edit Midas’ Daughter – Polished 3/34 In the Moonlight


  • Primary: Read 30 books – 1/30
    • Falling for the Fake Fiance(Jennifer Blackwood) – Started this Monday night. Finished it Tuesday evening. Loved it.
    • Wrapped Together(Annabeth Albert) – Started this Tuesday evening. At 43%
  • Secondary: Listen to 4 audio books – 0/4
    • Timeless(Gail Carriger) – Started this Monday morning. On Chapter 7/20
  • Stretch: Read 1 craft/research book – 0/1

Social Media:

  • Primary: Post Writing Wednesday, Fiction Friday, SOCS, WeWriWa, & Sunday Summary posts each week
  • Secondary: Post to Patreon at least 1x a week – technically, I did post this week, though it was still in July. Still, you can read about Still Burning and the other stories in the Hunter Family series(all my content is currently being put at the $1 level until I build up some patrons).
  • Stretch: Stay current with blog comments – Caught up as of time of posting this.

Writing Wednesday: No Internet

It’s been an odd week for me. Mostly because since I woke up Monday morning, we’ve had no internet. Kept hoping it would come back on. Even reset the modem a couple times. Nothing. Tuesday, I ended up using my phone as a hotspot just so I could get on and do a few things. But, our cell signal out here isn’t that great and I really didn’t want to use up all our data in one day(we’ve got a good bit rolled over, so it shouldn’t be a problem, but still). *Turning it on again long enough to post this* And I broke down and called Verizon. Went through their troubleshooting list, nothing worked. So they’re sending someone out here this morning to hopefully fix the problem. *fingers crossed* I’ll have my internet back today.

For now, since it is Wednesday, it’s time for another WiPPet!! Today I’m working on Still Burning, so I’ll share more from that today. I have 8 paragraphs(2+6 for the day) from the last scene I wrote. Jess & Austin have had this off & on relationship(more friends with benefits situation than actually dating) for a while, and he wants it to be more on. They tried dating, but she just keeps pushing him away, and he really wants to know why.

Austin knew he probably shouldn’t have said that. Especially not that last part. He shouldn’t let her see how much this was tearing him apart. Give her an entry point to hurt him even more.
He shook himself at that thought. She was not a fire, spreading through his walls. Moving along any crack she could find in his defenses. She was a woman. One he liked very much.
It didn’t matter what else she did, he still wanted her.
It was probably toxic to live like this, letting her in only to have her push him out again. Over and over, until he was sure he was going to break apart. But, he couldn’t seem to give her up anyway.
“I’m not trying to hurt you,” she finally said, her voice low. “That’s why I told you this wasn’t going to work. Because it’s the last thing I want to do.”
“Then, why do you keep walking away?”
“Because I’m not right for you. How many ways do I have to show you before you actually believe it?”
“A million,” he said, knowing the words came out harsh, even though it wasn’t the way he’d meant them. But, it felt like his throat had closed around them. “Because it’s not true. Jess, it isn’t true. You are the only one I want. How can you not be right for me?”

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And now, for my progress so far this week:


  • Heart of Christmas – 10000 words – 9915/10000 words, 2257 this week
    • No, it was definitely better to pull away now. He’d have to make her see this was for the best. Somehow.
  • Still Burning – 10000 words – 7727/10000 words,
  • Whatever It Takes – 10000 words – 7427/10000 words,
  • High on Loving You – 10000 words – 9053/10000 words,
  • By the Gun – 10000 words – 10092/10000 words, 1640 this week
    • Rosalyn sighed and shook her head then started up toward the house. “What?” Carlos yelled after her. “What does that mean?” *Ahh, siblings. 😉
  • Side Projects – 10000 words – 9526/10000 words, 1725 this week
    • Jacob & Matthew – 175 words – The boy frowned at that. As if he was thinking it over. Then, he asked, “Are you going to go away again?” *Matthew didn’t expect to be sentimental over the little brother he barely knows. And my goal on this one is met for the month.
    • Mike & Fadil – 271 words – Mike couldn’t help it, he laughed too. Then, he ran a hand over his hair. “I am sorry. I did not mean to be a bear.” *that’s not quite how Fadil would describe you, Mike. 😉


  • Stained Blood – Beta edits – Chapter 1/26, 0 this month
  • Flames of Renewal – CP edits
  • In the Moonlight – Read Through & Revise – Read through Chapter 32/32.
  • Hang On – Polish & Submit – 50/50 polished. Submitted.
  • Staring at the Sun – Read Through, Revise, Polish, & Post to Wattpad – Read through Chapter 10/10.


  • Listen: 5 books – 6/5, 1  this week
    • The Delphi Effect(Rysa Walker) – Started this Tuesday afternoon. Finished this Sunday morning. Really enjoyed it, but the next book doesn’t come out until October! Patience is not one of my virtues when it comes to books. 😉
    • A Merciful Death(Kendra Elliot) – Started this Sunday morning. On Chapter 24/42
  • Read: 30 books – 25/30, 3 this week
    • The Three Brooches(Katherine Lowry Logan) – Started this Saturday morning. At 42%
    • The Shadow Hour(Melissa Grey) – Started this Saturday morning. Finished it Sunday night. Really enjoyed this. And the final book in the trilogy came out like 2 weeks ago! Good timing(even though I won’t get it yet, b/c the kindle version is $10.99!)
    • The Magpie Lord(K.J. Charles) – Read this Monday. Really enjoyed it.
    • The Viper(Monica McCarty) – Started this Monday evening. Finished this Tuesday night. Really enjoyed it.

Writing Wednesday: Sentimental Value

I mentioned in Sunday’s post that we just bought my father-in-law’s old motorcycle. My husband’s stepmom sold it after his dad died. Both she and my husband have connections through their work(in road construction, though stepmom got out of that now) with the guy who bought it. And when he decided to sell after his wife got in a bad accident with her bike, he got in touch and offered it to us. We managed to work something out and instead of having our bike paid off in 2 more months, we’ve got a few years of payments left. We took it out twice this weekend, put about 150 miles on it.

My father-in-law on the bike when he first got it.

This is the bike my father-in-law had when I first met him. An ’03 Harley Davidson Road King. It’s what he rode to the family reunion in Ohio in August of 2006. And offered to give me a ride on around the campground where we had the reunion. And it was what I refused to get on then, still afraid of pretty much everything at that point in my life(really only a slight exaggeration, this was my first time meeting his dad’s extended family, so I was nervous anyway). About a month later, he was dead(he’d been sick, but we didn’t know how  bad it was). I never did take that ride with him, and that’s something I’ve regretted since. Sunday when we were out for Wendy’s ride(an informal support ride for a member of our fire department’s Explorer post who faced a lot of bullying this past school year. We’re planning to turn it into an annual event), that’s all that I could think of. And that I was now finally getting that ride. I don’t know why that didn’t hit me when we were out on Saturday. But, it didn’t until Sunday.

On a friend’s trailer so we could bring it home.

Anyway that’s it for my emotionalness(shut up, wordpress, it’s a word. I said so) about a motorcycle. 😉 It’s WiPPet Wednesday time! Today I’m working on Whatever It Takes, so you get another snippet from that. You haven’t met Jayla yet(unless you read Healing the Heart which released last December, and she was only in 1 scene of that. Konner was in that same scene). You have met the boy Konner’s talking about here, though. 😉 I have 10 paragraphs(1+9 for the day) from a scene I wrote last night(so very unedited).

A body flopped against the counter, and she jerked her head up. “Konner. You ass. Why did you have to scare me like that?”
Her youngest brother laughed. “That’s no way to talk to a patient, is it?” His hair was probably the straightest out of all of theirs. And he wore it a little long, so now he had to push it out of his face.
She worried for a moment, her gaze skating over him, looking for what could be wrong. “What did you do to yourself?” She didn’t see anything.
He sighed dramatically and put a hand over his heart. “I think I have love sickness. I met a boy today.”
She arched an eyebrow at him. And he launched right in, never needing much encouragement. “I guess that’s not true. I’ve seen him. He’s in my Writing 101 class, so I’ve seen him a couple times already. But, I spoke to him today. And he left his sketchbook behind, so you know, I had to go and return it to him.”
“Of course you did,” Jayla said, not able to hide her smile. “Did he thank you?”
His face dimmed slightly, though she thought that might be more concern than upset. “He acted like he thought I was going to hit him. Can you believe that? Like I’ve ever hit anyone in my life.”
“What did you do?”
“I asked him to lunch,” he said, grinning again. There was very little that kept Konner down for long. At one time that had been a coping method for him. Now, it was just a part of who he was. “And he came. And, God, Jayla, I think I’m in love.” He sighed and leaned against the counter as if it was the only thing holding him up.
“You dork,” she said, shoving against his shoulder. “I think you should have gone for a drama major instead of psychology.”

If you want to know who Konner met, I wrote this from the other guy’s perspective. 😉


  • Heart of Christmas – 10000 words – 7658/10000 words, 2118 this week
    • Now, he finally got why Declan was telling him all this. “I don’t plan to leave her,” he told the other man. If anything, she’d figure out he wasn’t good enough, and leave him. And she’d probably be smart to do it.
  • Still Burning – 10000 words – 7727/10000 words, 2506 this week
    • It was probably toxic to live like this, letting her in only to have her push him out again. Over and over, until he was sure he was going to break apart. But, he couldn’t seem to give her up anyway.
  • Whatever It Takes – 10000 words – 6381/10000 words, 1148 this week
  • High on Loving You – 10000 words – 5245/10000 words,
  • By the Gun – 10000 words – 5146/10000 words,
  • Side Projects – 10000 words – 6676/10000 words, 1436 this week
    • Midas’ Daughter – “Sweet dreams, princess,” he murmured. “We’ll figure everything out when you wake.” *This is finished! At least this draft. I’ll revise and find some readers for it then decide what to do.


  • Stained Blood – Beta edits – Chapter 1/26, 0 this month
  • Flames of Renewal – CP edits
  • In the Moonlight – Read Through & Revise – Read through Chapter 19/32.
  • Hang OnPolish & Submit – 10/50 polished


  • Listen: 5 books – 5/5, 1 this week
    • Honestly Ben(Bill Konigsberg) – Started this Saturday morning. Finished this Tuesday morning. Really enjoyed it.
    • The Delphi Effect(Rysa Walker) – Started this Tuesday afternoon. On Chapter 4/22.
  • Read: 30 books – 19/30, 1 this week
    • The Three Brooches(Katherine Lowry Logan) – Started this Saturday morning. At 28%
    • No Good Duke Goes Unpunished(Sarah MacLean) – Started this Monday morning. Finished this Tuesday evening. Really enjoyed it.
    • Wayfarer(Alexandra Bracken) – Started this Tuesday evening. On page 83/532

Writing Wednesday: “Every Second”

Yeah, I’m listening to the Hamilton soundtrack. Again. Hey, when I obsess about something, I go all in. 😉 And these lines get me every time:

How do you write like tomorrow won’t arrive

How do you write like you need it to survive

How do you write every second you’re alive, every second you’re alive, every second you’re alive.

I know that answer!! I’ve been feeling that way, especially this week. The words are coming and coming almost faster than I can manage to write them down. Even ones I haven’t started yet(yes, I’m looking at you Jonas & Isaac). I had to jot down notes just to get the characters to leave me alone until I can get to them. I’d actually got through all of Wednesday’s writing goals by Tuesday night. So, that’s how my week is going. 😀

And that leads in to WiPPet Wednesday!! Wooooo! Whatever It Takes was supposed to be Thursday’s project. But, I’ll be getting to that one in just a bit. It takes place about two years after Not Meant to Be. And speaking of Jonas and Isaac, you’ll get a peek at the directions they’re heading in this snippet. Their story will take place probably about 4-5 years after this. And last weekend, I wrote a bit that happened about 4 months earlier. For now I have 15 sentences(7+12+2+0+1-7) from the first scene of Whatever It Takes. Carisa is Carlos’ little sister, and they’re at his restaurant.

She knelt down to catch Pia then lifted her in her arms. She smiled at Jonas, who her niece had just abandoned. “I didn’t know you were home already,” she said. And she couldn’t help glancing past him. His shadow from the last two years was nowhere to be seen. “Is Isaac going to meet you here?”
His face went from warm to cold almost instantly. “No,” he said.
Shit. Well, she’d known they’d had a falling out before Jonas had left for boot camp, but she was sure they would have made things up by now. They had always seemed to work so well together. “He already left for college anyway,” Tereza said softly. But, Carisa could tell that wasn’t all.
“He’s going to a local one and still living with Roman and Cristine,” Jonas said, his eyes riveted to the floor. “Not like he’s all the way on the other side of the country or something.”

Yeah, Jonas isn’t taking the break up too well. I’m already figuring out how I’ll get them back together(those notes I mentioned above).

As for my progress this week:


  • Heart of Christmas – 10000 words – 5292/10000 words, 2339 words this week. Posted a bit about this story on my Patreon(at the moment, I’m making all my content available for $1 monthly patrons, at least until I build up a following).
    • She let out a soft sigh as his lips pressed to hers. “Oh, aye,” she mimicked his accent. “Matches what I was thinking.”
  • Still Burning – 10000 words – 5102/10000 words, 2323 words this week
    • There was a flash of heat in his eyes then his lips quirked up. “Because I know us, Jess. I let you talk me into your bed, and we won’t have dinner. Or probably breakfast tomorrow. Except for the fact I got to work. And I really want to take you to dinner.”
  • Whatever It Takes – 10000 words – 2737/10000 words,
  • High on Loving You – 10000 words – 2824/10000 words,
  • By the Gun – 10000 words – 4997/10000 words, 2384 words this week
    • But, it was too late to change any of that. All they could do was move forward. And he finally felt like he was doing that.
  • Side Projects – 10000 words – 5240/10000 words, 2778 words this week. I’ve already met my goal on this for the week.
    • Midas’ Daughter – Flip glared over at him for a moment then returned his attention to Mr. Midas. James didn’t matter here, not if Mr. Midas decided he didn’t. “You might think I don’t have any power, but I also don’t have a lot to lose. You already destroyed what I could have had with her. All I have left here is a job.”
    • Patrick & Sarah – 283 words – The boy’s lip curled up into a sneer, a look that should not have fit on the face of a boy so young. “You and every other man in this town,” he said.
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 191 words – No,” she said, shaking her head. His mind must really have traveled far away. “Haiwee.”
    • Roman – 207 words – He sat beside her and followed her gaze to the television screen. Where the newscaster was wrapping up a story. And there was video of Carlos being led back to his cell. Well, that explained the tears. 
    • Dougal & Shae – 187 words – She let out a soft laugh but didn’t bother turning around. “Sure you didn’t. Don’t try to tell me Donnie didn’t send you out here to try to push us together once more.”
    • Jacob & Matthew – 250 words – “Oh, I responded to all of Pa’s letters,” Matthew told her. “I just didn’t send any of them here, as I figured you would throw them in the fire before letting him read them.” He glanced at the boy again and saw the confusion in his furrowed brow. Exchanging verbal blows with his stepmother would get him nowhere and only upset his little brother, so he took a step back. “I take it Pa is not at home today.”
    • Mike & Fadil – 327 words – “You aren’t an all-powerful being, Jess. Do you want me to keep Alexa a little longer until things settle down more?”
    • Preggers – 317 words – Missy gave them increasingly dirty looks every time she passed the table, but Lyndi didn’t seem to notice. So, Marika decided to ignore it as well. What she couldn’t ignore was how nervous the other woman seemed to grow as the minutes ticked away. 
    • Hawk – 220 words – I nodded, but I wasn’t sure what else to say about it. I thought it had been the worst thing to feel my father’s fists and feet slamming into me then having him pushing me out of his truck into a ditch and leaving me there. Until he’d shot at me.
    • Sean & Braeden – 227 words – He saw his parents exchange a glance and wish he’d decided to do that before they’d even sat down to eat. Like maybe as soon as he’d realized Braeden was here. He should have known that would only lead to disaster. 
    • Jared’s Stepfather – 196 words – But, he made the vow anyway. He didn’t care if it cost him his life. He would never let that man hurt Denise or hand her off to another man to do it. Not as long as he breathed.


  • Stained Blood – Beta edits – Chapter 1/26, 0 this month
  • Flames of Renewal – CP edits
  • In the Moonlight – Read Through & Revise – Read through Chapter 13/32. And posted a teaser of this yesterday.
  • Hang OnPolish & Submit


  • Listen: 5 books – 2/5, 1 this week
    • The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue(Mackenzi Lee) – Started listening Thursday morning. Finished Monday afternoon. Loved this one so much.
    • When the Moon was Ours(Anna-Marie McLemore) – Started this Tuesday morning. On Chapter 20/47
  • Read: 30 books – 13/30, 3 this week
    • Winter of the Wolf(Christina Ochs) – Started this Saturday night. Finished it Sunday afternoon. Really enjoyed it, though I still can’t believe one of the characters she killed. 😥 Seriously, no one in this series is safe.
    • Dating Sarah Cooper(Siera Maley) – Started this Sunday evening. Finished it Sunday night. Really, really enjoyed this one.
    • Hard Justice(Lori Foster) – Started this Monday afternoon(after starting 2 other books and setting them aside). Finished it Tuesday night. Enjoyed it.

Writing Wednesday: Holiday Beginning

Sunday we mostly sat around, had a pretty laidback day. I did get some writing done on a project I started in a notebook last July. Not something I plan to publish, just playing around. And I also wrote a short story of Jonas and Isaac’s(you may remember them from a snippet or two of Not Meant to Be) first kiss. But, that was all the writing I did.

Monday we had the pest control guy back out. He was here about a week and a half earlier because we’ve been having problems with mice(they chewed through half a loaf of bread, several hot dog buns and some other things). Monday was a scheduled “check-up” and he had to refill most of the bait stations. We haven’t heard as much activity(usually we can hear them scurrying around in the walls and cupboards but don’t usually see them), so it seems to be doing the trick. After he left, we went up to Erie and took the kids to see Despicable Me 3. It was good, and the kids really seemed to enjoy it. And then we had friends over for a fire Monday night.

Tuesday we had a pretty laidback day. We cooked on the grill and did some things around the house, and ended up going for ice cream after dinner. Now, time to get back to the regular routine.

And since today is Wednesday, it’s time for WiPPet Wednesday!! This week I have 13 paragraphs(5+7+1 bonus for the holiday) from Still Burning. Last week, Austin & Jess mentioned her dad. So, I figured this week, I’d share a snippet that actually featured him. He’ll probably feature a good bit in this since she does work for him. And they do have a pretty close family. This is pretty much right after Austin has left.

“Jess,” her father bellowed just as she reached the ladder.
She hunched her shoulders. Great. Not like it was her fault Austin had stopped by. She hadn’t even talked to him for more than five minutes probably. They took longer water breaks than that every couple hours.
She tried to push aside her worries as she strode over to him. “What’s up, Pops?” she asked when she reached the steps to the job trailer.
He scowled down at her from the top of the steps. But, she saw a twinkle in his eyes. “Was that Austin who stopped by?”
“Sure was. He just got out of work. Is it a problem? I sent him on his way quick enough.”
That extinguished the twinkle. “I’m not worried about that, Jess. People stop by, it’s not something you can control. And he’s a nice boy.”
A nice boy. Right. Opposite of her in every way. “Then, what’s the problem?”
“I didn’t say there was one.”
“Except you bellowed for me.”
He threw his head back and laughed. “I do not bellow, that’s Tate you’re thinking of.”
“And where do you think he gets it from?”
“Smart ass,” he muttered, but he was still chuckling.
“It’s why you love me.”

Pretty sure that’s not the only reason, Jess, even if you don’t see it.

And my progress during this first full week of July:


  • Heart of Christmas – 10000 words – 2129/10000 words, 1860 this week
  • Still Burning – 10000 words – 2373/10000 words, 1973 this week
  • Whatever It Takes – 10000 words – 1606/10000 words, 1340 this week
  • High on Loving You – 10000 words – 1572/10000 words, 1353 this week
  • By the Gun – 10000 words – 1502/10000 words, 1232 this week
  • Side Projects – 10000 words – 873/10000 words, 873 this week


  • Stained Blood – Beta edits – Chapter 1/26, 0 this month
  • Flames of Renewal – CP edits
  • In the MoonlightRead Through & Revise – Read through Chapter 2/32
  • Hang OnPolish & Submit


  • Listen: 5 books – 1/5
    • Bitterblue(Kristin Cashore) – Started this last Monday morning. Finished it Wednesday morning. Loved it.
    • The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue(Mackenzi Lee) – downloaded this Wednesday morning. Didn’t actually start it yet, though.
  • Read: 30 books – 4/30, 2 this week
    • How to Date Dead Guys(Ann M. Noser) – Started this Saturday night. Got to 34% but really didn’t care about any of it. So decided to set it aside.
    • Speak No Evil(Allison Brennan) – Started this Sunday afternoon. Finished this Monday night. Really enjoyed it.
    • Knit Tight(Annabeth Albert) – Started this Monday night. Finished it Tuesday afternoon. Really enjoyed it.
    • Taking him On(Debbie McGowan) – Started this Tuesday evening. At 26%

Writing Wednesday: Social Exhaustion

I had a busy weekend; motorcycle ride on Saturday, a fire with friends Saturday night, church Sunday morning(visiting pastor was my husband’s uncle. Didn’t know that until we got there, though), then a meeting for the motorcycle club we ride with in the afternoon. It was at one of the member’s houses so it felt rather informal. Still, it was a lot of social interaction for me in two days. I was pretty exhausted by Sunday night. This weekend probably won’t be much better. I know we have at least one picnic to go to and fireworks Saturday night. And my routine will be thrown off next week with the holiday on Tuesday. Oh well, even if I fall off track, I’ll get back on.

Monday we had quite a storm. I thought it was just raining really hard. Then, I looked outside and saw hail coming down. Oh goody. It wasn’t anything too bad, though. It was small and didn’t seem to do damage to anything. It looked like it would rain most of Tuesday but never actually did, other than a little sprinkle.

But, now it’s Wednesday, which means it’s WiPPet Time. *dances in chair* *drinks more coffee to wake up some* Ok, I’m done with that. I’m back to working on Still Burning today. We’ve met Austin and Jess. So, now, I guess it’s time to share a snippet of them together. No, not like that. I don’t share those scenes on my blog. At least nothing explicit. 😀 *blushes* hehe. (Note: I really do blush easily even if I’m not embarrassed by something). Anyway, I have 10(2+8 for the day) paragraphs here. Austin left work at the fire station and stopped by the site where Jess is working. Someone said something about Jess that bothered Austin, so of course he wanted to jump to her defense, but she wouldn’t appreciate that.

“It doesn’t matter,” she said. “Everyone knows I’m a cold bitch anyway. What are you doing here, Austin?”
His fists didn’t loosen. “How can you say it doesn’t matter? He shouldn’t talk to you like that. You aren’t cold, Jess, and you aren’t a bitch. Doesn’t your dad care they treat you like that? And what’s up with that ‘Huntress’ shit?”
She narrowed her eyes, and he finally ran down. “First,” she said, “it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t. Don’t tell me that any females at the station don’t take some ribbing. I know they do. And, yes, I am a bitch. Don’t take that from me.”
He couldn’t help the way his lips twitched up at that. “Maybe on the surface,” he admitted. “But, I’ve seen underneath that.” He almost thought he caught a slight pinking of her skin, but that was probably wishful thinking. Jess didn’t blush. He’d never been able to make her.
“And continuing on with your points,” she said, nearly making him laugh. “Dad does care. He just fired someone for catcalling a woman walking past a site. What do you think he’d do if he thought one of the guys was harassing me?”
“Murder them,” Austin murmured, and this time it was Jess who laughed.
“I don’t know that it would go quite that far, but you see my point. “They already think I’m only working here because I’m the boss’s daughter. Don’t need any more fuel to their assumptions I get special treatment. Which is exactly what they’d think, and that I can’t handle myself, if I ran to Daddy every time someone said something even slightly offensive.”
Austin wanted to punch every guy here who thought that. Hell, she was probably more capable than all of them combined. “That guy called you Huntress. What’s that about?”
She rolled her eyes at that one. “It’s stupid. They’ve made a play on our last name for each of us. I get to be Huntress since I’m the only female.” The last word came out a little harder than the rest, or at least that’s how it seemed to him. But then she was asking, “What are you doing here anyway? I’m pretty sure it’s not to get played with.”
“No,” he said, cutting the word off a little sharper than he’d meant to. “You seem to have put this toy back in the toy box.” She winced and took a step back. Damn it. He hadn’t meant his anger to come out like that. He hadn’t even realized he was so angry about it. Maybe it had been that guy’s boy toy comment that had done it, though. Maybe that really was all he was to her.

Oh, Austin, that’s not all you are. Jess just has a tough time explaining exactly how she feels.


  • High on Your Love Back stories, Plot summaries, Story Toolkit, Outline Act 1 – Through Timeline. Section 18/18. Outlined through Chapter 6(end of Act 1). Once I get through writing those scenes, I’ll outline the next Act. Maybe that will keep me from getting too far off the outline if I can adjust it more easily as I finish each Act.
  • Jayla & CarisaPlot summaries, Story Toolkit, Outline – Through Romance Arc worksheet. Section 9/18


  • Heart of Christmas(BC Security #3.5) Add 8000 words – 9996/8000 words, 1930 words this week
    • She’d briefly considered dumping all the pictures in the trash bin and wrecking the board she’d already started attaching some of them to. He’d actually thought she only liked him out of pity. After that kiss the other day, how could he think that? Or did he put that off to pity, too? Could he seriously be that dense?
  • Still Burning(Hunter Family #4)Add 10000 words – 10430/10000 words, 207 words this week
  • Not Meant to Be(Gilbert, Co #6) – finish 1st draft 
  • By the Gun – Add 8000 words – 6217/8000 words,
  • Side ProjectsAdd 9000 words between them – 14187/9000 words, 943 words this week
    • Jared’s Stepfather – 218 words – The door creaked open, and Jared turned his head. Carlos stood in the doorway, the worry fading from his eyes as he met Jared’s gaze. “You’re awake then, brother. Your hermanita will be glad to hear that.”
    • Roman – 240 words – Roman let out a long breath, but caught Cristine’s eye and the shake of her head. Right. He couldn’t push on this. She wouldn’t believe just him showing her. He’d have to prove it another way.
    • Hawk – 282 words – I shook my head. “I haven’t seen him since just before I turned seventeen. I lived with Mr. Bentley from then to the time I left for Basic Training.” I could feel the curiosity coming from most of the people at the table. All except Wraith and Damon. They already knew the story. I hoped now wouldn’t be the time I’d have to repeat it.
    • Jacob & Matthew – “And if they do?” Jacob asked.  “I am only grooming the stage’s horses and talking to my old friend who just showed up back in town. I see nothing wrong with it.” He wanted to do a lot more than that, but Matthew was right. Neither of them could afford to get caught.


  • Stained Blood – beta edits – edited Chapter 1/26(counting the epilogue as a chapter of its own).
  • Flames of Renewal – CP edits – still waiting, but I should have this soon.
  • In the Moonlight – Pre-revisions & 1st Revisions – This is done until I start the read through in July.
  • One Touch(formerly Snow White Twist)Beta edits, Polish, & Submit – 10/10 chapters revised. 50/50 polished.
  • Dance with the Devil – Polish 6 chapters  – Polished 6/6 chapters
  • Mason & Lila Polish & Post to Patreon – 50/50 polished. Posted it on Tuesday.


  • Listen: 5 books – 4/5, 1 this week
    • The Mummy Case(Elizabeth Peters) – Finished this Monday morning. Really enjoyed it.
    • Bitterblue(Kristin Cashore) – Started this Monday morning. Chapter 15/46
  • Read: 30 books – 28/30, 2 this week
    • Hiding Behind the Couch – Box Set One(Debbie McGowan) – Read through Beginnings, Ruminations, Hiding Behind the Couch, & No Time Like the Present.  Finished The Harder They Fall Sunday morning. Started Crying in the Rain Sunday morning. About 3/5 through it. Finished 5/7
    • Kiss Me, Kill Me(Allison Brennan) – Started this Monday morning. Finished it Monday night. Really enjoyed it.
    • Once Upon a Rose(Laura Florand) – Started this Tuesday morning. finished it Tuesday night. Really enjoyed it.
    • Out of Control(Suzanne Brockmann) – Started this Tuesday night. On page 28/458

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