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Stream of Consciousness Saturday: “-ic/-ical”

“How was traffic?”

Wyatt barely spared his father a glance. He was still smarting from the last argument they’d had. “I live two streets over, Dad. Are you counting the whole two cars I passed?”

His dad barked out a laugh. “Right. Everything okay?”



Wyatt just kept moving through the house. He couldn’t stand to even be close to his father right now. It was dramatic, he knew that. But, he needed to sort through his thoughts before he could handle it.

He walked into the kitchen and his mom turned from the sink. He leaned over and kissed her cheek. “Hey, Mama.”

She took one look at his face, then sighed and shook her head. “You are still fighting with your father. Why must you?”

“I’m not doing anything. He made his opinion very clear, and I made it equally as clear that I do not appreciate it. There’s not really anywhere to go from there.”

“I hate when you two fight. Even when neither of you are right.”


She shook her head. “I know love isn’t quite logical, but he’s just worried about you. He may not have handled it well, but it’s because he does care about you.”

“I don’t need him to protect me. Kaden isn’t going to do anything to hurt me. Dad would realize that if he even got to know him at all. He didn’t get protective with Andres.”

“You were sixteen when you were with him, and had already been friends for several years. And if you didn’t think he worried, especially when you both joined the Army, you’re wrong. He just doesn’t always show it the best way.”

Wyatt wasn’t quite sure he believed that, but he let it go for now. Nothing he could do about his father’s feelings, especially not when he was just barely managing his own.


This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was to use words ending with -ic or -ical. I have more with Wyatt and Kaden, well Wyatt. I have a feeling this isn’t the first time he and his father have butted heads.

Fiction Friday: “In the Car”

“Where are you going?” Wyatt asked, propping himself up in the bed.

Kaden glanced over his shoulder at the way the sheet draped over the man’s waist. It made him want to slid back into that bed, but he couldn’t. Still, he forced a grin. “I’m either going out for ice cream, or to commit a heinous crime. I’ll decide in the car.”

“Not funny,” Wyatt growled, but Kaden saw his lips twitch anyway. “You’re not supposed to tell a cop before you commit a crime. And you being out of my bed at this hour is a bad enough one.”

Kaden curled his lips in to hide his own smile. “Are you going to arrest me, officer?” He couldn’t believe he was joking about that. At one time it would have been a perfectly serious question.

“Not if you come back willingly.”

He couldn’t hold in his grin any longer. And he moved back toward the bed, but he didn’t drop his shoes. He leaned over and kissed Wyatt. When he drew back, he ran his thumb over Wyatt’s lips. “Sorry,” he said. “I promised Mom I’d meet her and the kids for breakfast. I didn’t want to wake you, but I see I failed there. Don’t worry, when I get back you can throw me back on the bed.”

“Just watch me,” Wyatt said. “I’m going to hold you to that.”

Kaden laughed and stepped back, slipping his shoes on. Then, he headed out of the apartment. But, as much as he was looking forward to seeing him mom and siblings, he still wished he was back there with Wyatt now.


This week’s Fiction Friday prompt was the line: “I’m either going out for ice cream, or to commit a heinous crime. I’ll decide in the car.” I’m not sure if this will take place during Wyatt & Kaden’s story or sometime after.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: “Call”

“It’s your call to make,” Tereza said. “Not anyone else’s. if you like him, that should be what matters.”

Wyatt shook his head. “‘Should be’s don’t rule this world. Otherwise the man I loved for nearly a decade would still be alive, and this wouldn’t be an issue. If he’d still been alive, I wouldn’t have ever even been drawn to a former criminal. Trust me, I’ve heard plenty of that ‘shouldn’t be’ from my father.”

“Well, like I said, Wyatt, it’s your call to make. Not your father’s or anyone else’s. As for the former criminal part, I’m married to one of them as well. And he’s one of the best men I know. Kaden was born into a hard life, and no one took the effort to show him the way out for a long time. He helped put a worse man behind bars and served his own time. And now he’s trying to live a better life. That’s not nothing, Wyatt, even if it wasn’t for him also saving my sister-in-law’s life.” She took a deep breath and smiled again. “But, it’s not my call to make for you, either.”

Wyatt rubbed his fingers over his eyes. He’d never been as black and white in his thinking as his father. And yet he’d let his opinion on this steer him. He opened his eyes and saw Kaden standing in the doorway to the kitchen, watching him back. His call. It was one he just might have to make.


More Wyatt and Kaden for you for this Stream of Consciousness Saturday, which had the prompt of “call”, either the word itself or a word that contains those letters in that order. Some context to this: Wyatt and his longtime boyfriend were both soldiers, his boyfriend was killed about two years before this, and this is the first time he’s really been attracted to someone else. His father is a cop, as is Wyatt at the moment. And yes, Kaden has committed crimes in the past(and not just petty ones). Carlos own the restaurant and often gives those with that kind of troubled past a second chance(like he was given at one time).

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: “Tea/Tee/T”

Wyatt stepped into the restaurant and looked around, cataloging everyone there, their positions, and where all the exits were. He’d been here before, so that last was a simple one. It was automatic for him, just a thing he did every time he entered a place. The sign was turned to ‘Please Seat Yourself.’ He’d only been here for dinner before, obviously they treated lunch differently. He found a table along the wall and had a seat.

And he grinned at the woman who headed over to him, a menu in hand and a glass of what he hoped was the iced tea he liked. “I hope you have the same drink for lunch as you always do for dinner, Wyatt.”

He laughed and grinned at her. “Yes, Tee. I love your tea.”

Her grin widened. “You’re a goof, Wyatt Hellerman. Since you seem to change up your food order more than your drink, I’ll leave this with you,” she said, handing him the menu.

“Thanks, Tereza. I’m sure whatever Carlos’ special is today will be perfect.”

“Well, he’s training a new cook, so we’ll see. But, he’s showing some promise.”

“I’ll take the risk.”

“All right. I was just visiting and saw you out here, but I have to get Luis home, so someone else will bring it out for you.”

He settled back in his chair, sipping at the tea while he waited. He hadn’t been sure about this place the first time he’d come here, but the food certainly made up for any of his doubts. He should know better than to judge by an outside appearance.

“Here’s your salad,” a deep voice said from beside him, bringing him out of his thoughts. he glanced over and his heart, his traitorous heart, gave a hard thump. Two years, he reminded himself. It had been nearly two years. He was allowed to move on, had been trying to do that the last six months. But no one he had gone out with had made him feel what one sight of this young man did to him.

“My name’s Kaden,” the guy said. “I’m supposed to be cooking your food, but Tereza said to bring this out to you. It’s what you wanted, right?”

He didn’t even glance at the salad but said, “It’s fine. Thanks.”

Kaden turned and headed back to the kitchen, and Wyatt couldn’t tear his gaze off him. He groaned when the kitchen door finally separated him. Damn, Tereza. What was she trying to do to him?


I’ve been missing for a couple weeks, I know. Saturdays were ‘early leaving the house and being gone all day’ days, so I decided to just skip the post those days. But, today, we’ll actually be home most of the day. And Wyatt likes to pop up, like he did when I started writing Nowhere to Run at the beginning of the month. This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt of tea, tee, or t apparently appealed to him because he wouldn’t shut up about it until I started writing. 😉

Writing Wednesday: Wet Times

Rain, rain, rain. It’s been doing that the last several days. Supposed to for the rest of the week, too. Better than the heat, I suppose. I’ve been bouncing between projects this week. Sometimes I just can’t settle on one thing. During those times, it works better for me to just work on one thing for a short time(10 minutes usually) then switch to something else. That works better for me than trying to force my way through something when my brain just isn’t working the way I want it to. And yesterday, I got through most of my goals. I just have Nowhere to Run, Jonas & Isaac, and By the Gun to finish with.

This morning I worked on those first two. Today I’m sharing from Nowhere to Run again for WiPPet Wednesday. This happens a couple weeks after what I shared last week.

James just glanced over his shoulder then went back to handcuffing the man’s hands.” Glad to see you could make it to the party, partner.”
Tracy relaxed as she realized he didn’t mean James harm. “You know me. I can always do with an exciting party. What do we have here?”
“This man,” James said, acid dripping from his voice with that word, “was attempting to assault Ms. Blackstone. She defended herself with her keys. I’m taking him in.”
The other officer’s gaze flicked to her keys, still sticking out between her fingers, then back up to her. He gave her a nod. “Good job. Ms. Blackstone, was it?”
She nodded. “Tracy. I work in the bar. I closed up and was just heading…home.”
James jerked his head toward her. “Alone?”
“Yes, I tend to go home alone.”
“I meant closing up,” he growled. “Why would Trish have you close up all on your own.”
“I guess because she trusts me.”
“You know that isn’t what I mean. It could be dangerous. Obviously.”
James’ partner hissed out a breath. “Damn, Rudler. I’m not even attracted to women, and I know better than to say something like that.”
Tracy glanced up at him and caught his wink before he moved over and took the cuffed man from James. “I’ll take him to the waiting carriage while you remove that foot from your mouth.”
“You’re weird, Hellerman,” James said.

So, will James pull his foot out of his mouth? Wyatt just kind of popped up in this story. I don’t think he plans to go away any time soon. He has got a scene that was lagging moving again. And what nearly happened before this is a very hot button issue for James.

Color Code:

Goal Met

Progress Made

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Not Done


  • Primary: Heart to Heart – finish Story Toolkit
    • This Week: Locations
  • Secondary: Heart to Heart – Outline Act 1, List rest of scenes
  • Tertiary: Nowhere to Run – Outline Act 2
  • Stretch: Neil & Lin(Rileys #2) – Brainstorm


  • Primary: Nowhere to Run – Draft through Chapter 14/~25000 words – 18696/25000 words
    • This Week: 6 scenes – Started 3/6 scenes
  • Secondary: Side Projects – 5000 words – 4569/5000 words
    • This Week:
      • Arresting Callum – Read through, edit, & proofread
      • Hawk – 225 words – 372/225 words
      • Jacob & Matthew – 225 words – 240/225 words
  • Tertiary: Jonas & Isaac – 15 pages – 13.25/15 pages
    • This Week: 3.5 pages – 2.42/3.5 pages
  • Stretch: By the Gun – 4 Chapters – 3/4 chapters
    • This Week: Chapter 4Started 1/3 scenes


  • Primary: Short Story Collection
    • This Week: Goin’ Down – rewrite final scene(which will no longer be the final scene in the story).
  • Secondary: Stained Blood – Beta Edits(as I get chapters back)
  • Tertiary: Flames of Renewal – Proofread(once I get it back from proofreader)
  • Stretch: Law of Choice – CP edits(if I get it back this month)


  • Flames of Renewal


  • Read: 20 books – 26/20 books
    • Playing with Fire(Avery Cockburn) – Started this Saturday afternoon. Finished it Monday afternoon.
    • All for You(Laura Florand) – Started this Monday night. At 63%
  • Listen: 5 books – 14/5
    • Still the One(Jill Shalvis) – Started this Friday morning. Finished it Monday evening.
    • All I Want(Jill Shalvis) – Started this Monday evening. Finished it Tuesday evening.
    • The Hate U Give(Angie Thomas) – Started this Wednesday morning. On Chapter 5/26

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