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It’s been a busy weekend, and it’s only half over. Yesterday morning, my mother-in-law picked the girl up to take her shopping for her birthday(which is this coming Friday. *gulp*) They were gone all morning and most of the afternoon, and my husband picked her up on his way home from work. The only snag: she bought 3 books from the series she told my mom she wanted. And that’s the only thing she told my mom she wanted, so she bought her the whole set. We’ve had this discussion before about not buying stuff you’ve told someone you wanted right before birthdays/Christmas.

After that we headed up to the Lake Erie Speedway, where his company was having their company “picnic”. It was inside a set of VIP suites next to the racetrack. And had a buffet dinner. So a really nice picnic, I guess. In air conditioning. There were *a lot* of people there. He told me a bunch of their names, but I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you who was who again. I left my kindle in the truck and figured I’d be good and maybe actually, you know, talk to people. Ha. Ha. I lasted less than half an hour before I was downloading the book I’d been reading onto my phone. And then after I finished that one, I downloaded another. Oops.

The kids had fun watching the demolition derby, bus racing, and Megasaurus. I stayed inside. It was easier to handle when most of the people went out to watch.

Today we’re planning to take the kids either to the beach or to Waldameer(an amusement and water park, though we usually just go right to the water park). If we go to the beach, I can at least get some reading done.

Color Code:

Goal met


Nothing Yet

Set Aside


  • Heart to Heart – Finish story toolkit & outline Act 1
    • This week: Finished Act 3 Beat Sheet
  • Neil & Lin(The Rileys #2) – Brainstorm
    • This week: brainstormed general characters
  • Wyatt & Kaden(Gilbert, CO # 9) – Brainstorm
    • This week: Brainstormed general characters, started brainstorming Wyatt
  • GH & SF 3 – Brainstorm
    • This week: Brainstormed general characters
  • Build This Love(Kurztown #8) – Brainstorm
    • This week: brainstormed general characters


  • Nowhere to Run – Get through Chapter 18 – 2/16 scenes
    • This week: 1496 words
  • GH & SF 2 – Get through Part 1, Chapter 4 – 0/15 scenes
    • This week: 729 words(from two Stream of Consciousness Saturday posts I wrote in February then the start of Chapter 1)
  • Craving You – Get through Chapter 5 – 0/13 scenes
    • This Week: 7231 words(from Story a Day pieces, some of those go beyond Chapter 5, and the first scene)
  • By the Gun – Get through Part 3, Chapter 9 – 0/11 scenes
    • This Week: 259 words


  • Short Story Collection – Flesh Out
    • Goin’ Down
      • This Week: 699 words
    • Meeting Jonas
    • Changing History(though I may move this one to another collection)
  • Paint Me a Picture – transfer to Scrivener
    • This Week: typed up Chapter 3
  • Green Hills & Smoky Fields – Initial Read through/Fill in [xx]s
  • Stained Blood – Beta Edits
  • Flames of Renewal – Proofread
  • Law of Choice – CP edits

Side Projects:

  • Geoff – Write, edit & post to Patreon
    • This Week: 540 words
  • Hawk – 1500 words – 500/1500 words
    • This Week: 500 words
  • Jacob & Matthew – 1500 words – 561/1500 words
    • This Week: 561 words
  • Desmund – 1500 words – 535/1500 words
    • This Week: 535 words
  • Jonas & Isaac – 15 pages – 3.08/15 pages
    • This Week: 3.08 pages


  • Flames of Renewal


  • Read: 13 books – 4/13 books
    • The WAG and the Scoundrel(Debbie McGowan) – Started this Tuesday afternoon. Finished it Wednesday night.
    • Year of the Guilty Soul(A.M. Leibowitz) – Started this Thursday morning. Finished it Thursday afternoon.
    • Blue Flame(Jill Shalvis) – Started this Thursday afternoon. Finished it Friday night.
    • Cleaning House(Jeanne G’Fellers) Started this Saturday morning. Finished this Saturday evening
    • Those Jeffries Boys(Debbie McGowan) – Started this Saturday night. At 25%
  • Listen: 5 books – 4/5 books
    • Protecting What’s His(Tessa Bailey) – Started this Wednesday morning. Finished it Wednesday afternoon.
    • His Risk to Take(Tessa Bailey) – Started this Wednesday afternoon. Finished it Thursday morning.
    • Officer Off Limits(Tessa Bailey) – Started this Thursday morning. Finished it Thursday night.
    • Asking for Trouble(Tessa Bailey) – Listened to this Friday morning.
    • An Unseen Attraction(K.J. Charles) – Started this Saturday morning. On Chapter 5/12

Social Media:

  • Post 5 Regular Blog Posts – 5/22 posts
    • This Week:
      • Writing Wednesday
      • Fiction Friday
      • Stream of Consciousness Saturday
      • Weekend Writing Warriors
      • Sunday Summary
  • Post to Patreon 3 times – 0/3

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