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WeWriWa: “Down on You”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I’m still sharing from Dance with the Devil and probably will next week as well. Then, I may start sharing from Staring at the Sun(the one I’ve written for the A-Z challenge) until I start working on Hawk’s story.

“I’d be doing you and your pansy club a favor by getting rid of these-“

“That’s enough,” Icarus practically roared.

I couldn’t take my gaze off Hawk, and I saw the surprise light in his eyes. Icarus wasn’t known for losing it like that. Bull was usually the one who roared. But, apparently, Icarus had been pushed close to the edge too many times over the last year.

“You will let both of them walk away from here,” Icarus said, “and our deal will still stand. You leave the club and all the Riders alone, and we will not bring the force of our vengeance down on you.”

Are they going to let Hawk and Devil just walk out of there?

Mentioning Staring at the Sun, I wrote the last of the posts during this past week. I only have the last three to edit and schedule still. And the final seven will be going up during the next week. I have them all linked up at this post if you want to start it from the beginning, though.

WeWriWa: “Read my Mind”

Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. Happy Easter to anyone who celebrates the holiday in any way. We’ll be bouncing between my step-mother-in-law’s, my mom’s, and my husband’s aunt’s houses for the day.  It’s going to be a long busy day and hopefully a not too stressful one. Which for me means getting a lot of reading done while trying to avoid people. Anyway, I bet you’re here to see what happens to Hawk and Devil after last week’s snippet. So, here we go. One of these other men just said an asshole-ish thing about Hawk and Devil dying together. And this picks up from there.

I wanted to lunge toward them, but even from his position, Hawk was able to send me a warning look. ‘Don’t do it,’ it said. Like Hawk could read my mind. He knew me well enough, it was probably close to mind reading.

“Nothing romantic about death,” I snapped back.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. The words kept running through my head even as I couldn’t stop all the others from pouring out of my mouth, and I was afraid that tendency now was going to get the man I loved killed.

Behind me, I finally heard the roar of bikes, but I still couldn’t relax. Two more of the guns turned toward Hawk’s head. I was sure I was going to have to watch them take him away from me, and I wasn’t sure I’d survive it even if they didn’t put any bullets in me.

Is this the other Riders coming? Will something happen to Hawk? Or will they get out of this mess? I’ll have at least one more snippet from this one for you.

Teaser Tuesday: First Rescue

Sharing another teaser from Stained Blood today. I finished rewriting this last week and am just polishing it up now. Hoping to have it sent out to betas sometime this month. This is from Chapter 2, and only the first time Barrett tries to rescue Deryn.

Barrett didn’t let the man finish that sentence, stepping forward instead. “Can I help, Clyde? I know the lady.”
The clerk snorted and glanced over at Barrett. “That doesn’t give me much more confidence in her character, Kline.”
“Do not be ridiculous, Clyde. She is an acquaintance of Leah’s. She is here for the wedding.” He glanced at her, hoping she would understand and follow his example.
“Is that true, ma’am,” the clerk asked her.
“Y-yes,” she stammered out. “That’s why I’m here.”
“Why didn’t you say so?” the clerk asked. “You still should have a male escort.”
“There is no one to act as one,” she said softly.
Barrett’s chest ached at the grief in her voice. Was she a widow, then? Or just an orphan? He waited as she signed her name to the register. She’d hesitated a moment on the name before writing it. He wondered why. She was probably just tired from the trip.
“Can I carry your bags up, Ms. Glas?” he asked.
“I can get it.” She reached for the one small bag at her feet. “I thought you were taking the Jensens out to the ranch.”
“Yes,” Barrett said, and he regretted he needed to. Something about this woman pulled at him. “I’ll see you then.”
“Of course, Mr. Kline.” Some wariness came into her eyes. “At the wedding.”
“Right. The wedding,” he said.
She picked up the bag and headed for the steps, taking her key with her. Barrett watched her go, feeling something in him stirring. He’d always had a healthy appetite when it came to a beautiful woman, but this felt different. When she disappeared at the top of the stairs, he turned away. “You don’t really know her, do you?” Clyde asked.
“Of course I do,” he lied. “Her name’s Deryn Glas, and she’s here for my sister’s wedding.”
He turned and left the hotel before he realized his hands were shaking. He didn’t know how long Ms. Glas would be here in town, but he certainly hoped he’d see her again. He had to figure out why he’d reacted like this to her.
“You ready?” Barrett asked when he reached the wagon.
William nodded. “Everything okay?”
“Fine,” he lied again. “Everything’s just fine.”

RoWnd 2 Goals

It’s that time again! Time to set up goals for Round 2 of RoW80.

Round 2


  • Heart of Christmas(BC Security #3.5) – finish outlining
  • Still Burning(Hunter Family #4/Flames #7(?)) – Outline
  • Jayla’s Story(Gilbert, Co #7) – Outline
  • High on Your Love(Kurztown #6) – Outline


  • Playing with Fire – finish 1st draft
  • Not Meant to Be – finish 1st draft
  • By the Gun – finish 1st draft(I set this one aside a while ago, but hoping I can pick it back up)
  • Side Projects – add 12000 words between all projects.


  • Stained Blood – Polish and send back to CP and to beta(if anyone else wants to read, let me know)
  • Snow White Twist – Polish and sent to readers. Hopefully submit before the end of the round
  • Dance with the Devil – Revise and start posting to Wattpad
  • Flames of Renewal – Apply CP edits
  • In the Moonlight – Revise
  • Demons Rising – Revise


  • A-Z posts: Draft 13 posts, edit & format 18 posts, post 25 posts
  • Story a Day: Write 31 stories


  • Listen: 12 books
  • Read: 90 books


  • Knit: 3 projects
  • Crochet: 3 projects
  • Loom: 3 projects

As for this next month(this will be the list I’ll use for check-ins from now until the end of the month):



  • Heart of Christmas – finish Story Toolkit, Outline in scrivener
  • Still Burning – Brainstorm, Character back stories, plot summary, through Story Toolkit: Romance Arc


  • Playing with Fire – Add 73000 words/66 scenes(some of these include bits from my Just Jot It posts in January, they may be fleshed out to scenes of their own or merged into other scenes, but I’m counting them all for right now).
  • Side Projects – add 4000 words between all projects.


  • Stained Blood – Adjust chapters(some are really long after adding new scenes in), double-check for missing details, 50 search & destroy items, send to readers
  • Snow White Twist – rename, polish 48 search & destroy items, send to readers
  • Flames of Renewal – CP Edits once I get it back
  • In the Moonlight – transfer from One Note to Scrivener(on two different computers)


  • A-Z posts: Draft 13 posts
  • A-Z posts: Edit 18 posts
  • A-Z posts: Post 25 posts


  • Listen: 5 books
  • Read: 30 books


  • Knit: Duo Cable Hat
  • Crochet: Crystal Drops Beanie
  • Loom: Newborn Loom Knit Baby Hat

Writing Wednesday: Getting Close

This has been a pretty decent week, other than my right knee giving me problems. I actually woke this morning with no pain in it…for about 10 minutes. This has been going on for at least 2.5 weeks(I’m used to it acting up here and there, so can’t pinpoint exactly when this started). My hands have been hurting, particularly when I write or crochet. Usually it’s my wrists, now my whole hand starts aching.

Okay, whining time’s over. Back to the good stuff. I’m almost finished writing the first draft of Stay a Little Longer. April is Camp NaNo. I’ll be working on Playing with Fire, which makes me really happy. Can’t wait to spend time with Jeremiah, Corrin, & Silas. And I have a small cabin set up. There’s currently only 3 other people in it(okay, only 1 other person as the other 2 haven’t accepted the invitation yet). If anyone wants to join in, let me know. I nearly have Stained Blood rewrites done. Then, I’ll do another pass through before sending it to my beta and possibly back to my CP since I made quite a few changes. If anyone else wants to read it, let me know(it’s the third book in the series, so you might be missing some things if you didn’t read the first two). I also have my f/f Snow White retelling just about ready to go. Need to polish it up, then I have one reader set to send it to. If anyone else is interested, I’d love feedback before I submit it. There’s more on it down in my writing section in this post.

Now, on to why most of you are probably here(especially as we’re still mid-break for RoW80). WiPpet Wednesday!! This will probably be the last snippet I share from Stay a Little Longer. At least for now. There might be more when I start editing, but that’s…sometime in the future. Anyway, for today I have 32 sentences(3+29). Terrall has told Jess about his past, and she’s a lot more understanding than he thought she’d be.

 “You can’t ever change what happened. Just like I can’t go back and decide not to sleep with Frank, or get drunk with Mike. Or let Colby into our lives. That last did a number on Paul, and he’s just finally coming out of it.”
“But you’ve brought life into this world. I’ve taken a beautiful one out of it.” He was surprised to feel wetness on his cheeks, and it took him a moment to realize it was coming from his own eyes.
“Nothing I say will change that. But, what you’re doing now, Terrall, it makes a difference. Mike’s father-”
“He told me,” Terrall said. “I figured when he seemed so welcoming, he didn’t know. But, he did.”
“He’s a forgiving person. His dad still lives outside town. He comes in the bar, gets drunk, and gets behind his wheel. I’ve tried to stop him, but it doesn’t do any good. He hasn’t tried to change or make anything better. He hasn’t even forgiven his son for not being the one to come and get him that night.”
That had him opening his eyes. “How could he blame Mike for that?”
“Because that’s what people who won’t take responsibility for their own actions do. You’re different. You admit you were wrong, you’re making an effort to change. Have you done it again?”
“Mike asked me that same thing. And no. I only have an occasional beer, and I don’t drive until it’s had time to get out of my system.”
“That’s why you stayed at the bar so long last night.”
Despite everything else, including the heaviness still sitting in his chest, he felt his lips tug up. “One reason. I also liked watching you.”

Seems like a good reason to stick around. 😉 Anyway, this is why I’ve struggled with writing Terrall. Redeeming his character without condoning what he did. And drunk driving is a sensitive issue for me. So, I’m trying to be careful with it, and hope it comes out the way I mean for it to.

And now on to my progress for this week. I’ll have my final update for the month on Sunday and may also update my yearly goals then and see how they’re going so far. And the new RoW80 round starts on Monday, so I’ll probably post my goals for the second quarter of the year and April then.


  • Primary: Heart of Christmas(BC Security 3.5) – write back stories, plot summary, and complete Story Toolkit – 11/21 sections(I cut out subplot section for this one) of Story Toolkit(some of these sections I’ll have to do at least 2 sheets for because of multiple characters, but I’ll put them all in one section). 5112 words so far this month. 87 words this week.
  • Secondary: Still Burning(Hunter Family #4) – Brainstorm


  • Primary: Stay a Little Longer – add 45000 words/finish 38 scenes – 38560 words/45000, 39/38 scenes for the month. 3123 words/3 scenes written this week.
  • Secondary: Side Projects 5000 words, edit Chapter 1 of Patrick & Sarah & Chapter 1 of Tavin & Haiwee, read through 9 chapters of Snow White Twist(there’s actually 10, but I read through chapter 1 in February) – 5222/5000 words so far this month. 503 words this week. have read through 9/9 in Snow White Twist. and I already have one reader lined up for this. If any else would be interested in reading a f/f retelling of Snow White(about 21000 words), let me know. I should have it revised and ready by the end of the month. I’ve started working on these side projects in random order instead of the same order every week. I’ll add them in to this list as I finish the week’s words on each.
    • Snow White Twist – I compiled notes on 10/10 chapters. I have made 98/98 changes. I cut out 4 words total. Going to do my search & destroy mission next weekend, then it will be ready to send out to anyone who’d like to give some feedback.
    • Mason & Lila – 100 words – Music career? She didn’t have a career. She could sing, she would never deny that. But, that didn’t mean she was good enough to even get a recording contract. And anyway, she was only fifteen. Way too young to make anything of it. 
    • Patrick & Sarah – 167 words – She worried, though, what Patrick would think of her for how she handled her sons. She was doing the best she could, but was it really enough?
    • Preggers – 106 words – The other woman reached out and touched her arm gently. “You’re not hurt, are you? I wasn’t watching where I was going. I seem to have that problem these days.”
    • Roman – 130 words – He let out a breath then said, “Morning, Tereza. How are you?” His heart was still scrambling, but he thought he sounded calm and in control at least. He wasn’t sure he’d ever known a teenager, or anyone really, who moved so quietly. 


  • Primary: Stained Blood – 10 new scenes & apply CP edits to 40 scenes – 8/10 new scenes finished this month. 31/40 scenes edited. 6183 words added this month. 1299 words this week. And I posted another teaser for it on Tuesday.
  • Secondary: Flames of Renewal(if I get back from CP) – complete CP edits
    • In the Moonlight – start revisions


  • A-Z posts – draft 24 posts – 9/24 for the month. J & K are finished. 2078 words so far.
  • A-Z posts – edit & format 27 posts – Edited 8/27(almost forgot about the theme reveal post) posts.


  • Listen: 8 books – 4/8 for the month, 0 this week
    • Fire(Kristin Cashore) – On Chapter 5(audible has these chapters split up weird. There are more than one in what it says is a chapter. So I’m just doing what’s on top of the screen on my phone). It’s interesting, but I’m almost 3 hours in and it doesn’t feel like a lot’s really happened. I’ll give it at least a little longer. I’m almost 6 hours in now and still doesn’t feel like a lot is happening. Taking a break from it to listen to something else.
    • Crocodile on the Sandbank(Elizabeth Peters) – I’m on Chapter 3(at least according to audible. This is another one they have split up weird).
  • Read: 31 books – 27/31 for the month, 2 this week.
    • Hammer of the Gods(Christina Ochs) – this is book 3 in her Desolate Empire series. I got the boxed set, but I’ve already read the first 2 separately, so I jumped right to this one on my phone. I’ll read it in the between moments. I’m on Chapter 38/166(If I counted right. The chapters are labeled with POV characters’ names instead of numbers).
    • Hallowed Ground(Rebecca Yarros) – started this Sunday morning. At 60%.
    • And I Darken(Kiersten White) – Started this Monday morning. Finished it Tuesday night. Really enjoyed it, though it was a bit…twisted. Very toxic relationships. Looking forward to the next book.
    • This is True Love(Jamie Wesley) – Started this Tuesday morning. Finished it Tuesday evening. It was a fairly quick read. Really enjoyed it.
    • Secrets of a Summer Night(Lisa Kleypas) – Starting this one today.


  • Knit: Georgian Lace Cap
  • Crochet: Cross-over Long DC Hat – Finished this Sunday after publishing my post.
  • Loom: Ambrosia Love Scarf & Last Minute Slouchy Hat – realized the slouchy hat uses a loom I don’t have, so I’m cutting it off the list.

WeWriWa: “Usually Spot-On”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I’m continuing to share from Dance with the Devil this month(next month I’ll probably share from what I’m writing for the A-Z challenge which is the next story in this series). For now, we have 10 sentences from the next chapter. The Riders are going to face down their rivals, try to get the problems between them ended. Devil’s feeling a little uneasy, though(since these are the guys who have beat him up twice, he has good reason).

I looked back at Hawk once as we headed to our positions. Once we were in place, Bull and Icarus would finally approach the house. There was a wariness in Hawk’s eyes. It wasn’t exactly unusual to see it there. He always seemed to be watching for what could go wrong, but there was something more here, I was sure of it.

I wanted to ask him what was wrong, but it was too late for that now. I’m sure he’d tell me it was nothing. Just a bad feeling, or something like that. But, I knew to trust his bad feelings. They were usually spot-on.

Is something wrong? Should Devil have asked about what Hawk’s worried about? You might find out next week.

WeWriWa: Next Move

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I’m back with more from Dance with the Devil. Hawk and Devil got interrupted during a moment that was heading toward steamy last week. Right now, they’re still waiting to get their moment alone. I have 10 sentences(and I got *a bit* creative with punctuation here) of the next scene.

Hawk sat right beside me, and his hand slid over my thigh. “Relax,” he murmured from the corner of his mouth, “everyone’s just excited about making the next move.”

I was more excited about making our next move. I’d spent about an hour on the heavy bag earlier today, but it still hadn’t worked this sizzle out of my nerves; nothing seemed to have done that when all I wanted was Hawk’s mouth and hands on me. Not much longer and maybe we could finally get there; his hand on my thigh wasn’t helping matters much.

“They need to all go away,” I muttered back to him. “I want you alone.”

Hawk just laughed and squeezed my thigh, causing me to moan. A few eyes turned our way, but Hawk only laughed. “Patience, Damon,” he whispered, “we’ll get there soon enough.”

Will they get there and finally have their moment together? Or will something else come up? You just may find out next week. 😀

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