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Story a Day September: Day 5- A Few Rational Words

Today’s prompt is to write about a character who is like you. I’ve been sorting through my characters, but not sure which really fits. So, I thought about ignoring the prompt and writing a scene of Shed Some Light(which is the first project I’m working on this week) from Toby’s POV(whose story I’m plotting now). So, we have Carlos'(MC of SSL) youngest sister(like me). Not sure exactly where this is going to go.


Carisa Blackmore stood at the edge of the crowd, rubbing her hands up and down her arms. She didn’t really want to be here. She didn’t even know him. not really. She’d been almost seven when they’d moved away. He’d been ten years older than her and not really living at home. It was hard to even think of him as her brother.

Except she could say the same about Carlos, and she’d always considered him her brother. No matter what her father liked to say about him. She’d never told Dad she’d been to Carlos’ restaurant. She’d never let her brother know she was there either.

She’d never been good at openly rebelling, not like Adriane and Analise. But, look where that had gotten Adriane. Dead before her teenage years. She closed her eyes at the thought. Nearly twenty years later, and she still missed her big sister so much some days.

The crowd was starting to thin out now. She’d seen her parents and Analise on the other side of the plot. She’d had to deal with Dad’s attitude on the drive over here, though, and had no desire to hear more of it during the brief graveside service. Brent may not have been a good person, but he still had been her brother. Just as Carlos was. Dad had never made a secret of his feelings for either of the men, though. Even when they’d still been boys.

Now, she could hear his voice rising and turned to see what was going on. She couldn’t make out any of the words, but he was standing right in front of Carlos now, and his face was getting redder. Her mom was standing right between them, looking more agitated as Dad spoke. Carlos just stood there, his eyes on Dad’s face.

A hard lump lodged right at the base of Carisa’s throat, and she tried to swallow it back down. Now wasn’t the time to let anxiety stop her from acting. Her mom deserved to be able to mourn her younger son, not have to stop a fight between her husband and only remaining son. And Analise didn’t look like she had any intention on stepping in. She was too busy staring at her phone screen, probably trying to tune it out.

So, Carisa started making her  way over to them. “You took one daughter from me,” she heard her dad say. “Don’t even think I’m going to let you have a relationship with the others. I don’t care how much you claim you’ve changed. You’re still the punk kid you’ve always been.”

“I’m almost forty years old,” Carlos growled. “I’m far from a kid. I’ve been on the right side of the law for two decades now. I have a successful business, respectable friends. I don’t know how else I can prove it to you.”

“You can’t,” her father snapped at him.

Carlos closed his eyes at that, but Carisa had already seen the pain flash there. Her chest ached at it. They were all the family he had left, and her father was still denying him that. It wasn’t fair.

“Dad, just stop this,” she said, stepping forward even as her throat threatened to close on the words. Her words brought Carlos’ gaze to her. She hadn’t approached him yet, not knowing what she’d say. But, recognition came into his eyes now.

“You,” he said softly. “I know you.”

So he had seen her when she’d been in. She ignored that, though, looking to her father instead. “It’s been twenty years, Dad. he’s changed. Even I can see that. And he’s not the one who killed Adriane.”

“This isn’t one of your stories, Carisa,” Analise said, still without taking her gaze from her phone. “A few rational words aren’t going to solve the conflict.”

I resisted rolling my eyes. Analise had never understood my need to write. And had always made fun of me for it. but, Dad turned to me.

“You should stay out of this, Carisa. You don’t know anything about it.”

“I know I haven’t been allowed to speak to my oldest brother for twenty years. You forbade it. I’ve tried to respect your wishes, but the truth is, I’m an adult now. Even older than Carlos was when you decided we needed to abandon him. And I want to know him. You can’t stop me from doing that, Dad.”

She’d  never spoken to her dad like that before, and from the hard set of his jaw, he wasn’t happy about it now. “We’re going home,” he said.

“No,” her mother said, stepping up and putting her arm around Carisa’s shoulders. She hadn’t heard her parents fight very often because her mom usually went along with what her father said, so she was a little surprised now. “Carlos is having a dinner for Brent at his restaurant. We’re going there. You don’t have to, Andrew. I’ll just call you when we’re ready to go.”

his jaw was still tight, but he turned and walked away without another word. Analise sighed and put her phone away then turned to follow their father. “I’ll calm him down,” she tossed back over her shoulder. “I usually do. Bye, Carlos.”

Carisa was surprised to see a slight smile on his lips. “Bye, Ana. It’s good to see you. I hope you’ll come by sometime.”

“We’ll see,” she said then disappeared after their father.

Carisa turned back to Carlos, and he was smiling softly at her. “I guess I don’t have to give you directions since you already know the way.”

Her face warmed at that. “I just wanted to see. It’s a good place.”

The simple compliment seemed to please him immensely. “I’m glad you think so. Tereza should be there already. I can’t wait for you to meet her. Especially you, Mama. And her parents. I wouldn’t have the life I do if it weren’t for them.”

Carisa didn’t know about her mother, who still seemed agitated over the way Dad and Analise had left, but she for one couldn’t wait to meet these people who were so important to her brother.

“Let’s go,” she said, smiling up at him.

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