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Story a Day: Day 6 -“Going In”

Today’s prompt is the opposite of yesterday’s. Write someone not like you. So, I guess that means writing about a person who can function normally around other people. Or we can go back to what I’d thought about doing when I was going to skip yesterday’s prompt, and write an upcoming scene in Shed Some Light from Toby’s POV. He’s unlike me in several ways: Male, life experience, doesn’t run or hide from confrontation.


Toby wasn’t sure how he held back after he announced their presence. He wasn’t going to wait very long. Tereza was in there. His sister. He had to make sure she got out safe. He didn’t want anything to happen to Carlos, either, but he’d put himself in this situation. Toby had warned him to stay away, that they’d take care of this. But, of course, he hadn’t listened.

Now, he was going to have to save both of them.

“They’re not coming out, Pedera,” one of the officers with him said.

Yeah, he could see that for himself. “Kogan, this is your last warning,” he called out. “come out or we’re coming in.”

There was still no response from the house, but he could see people through the window. They were in there. Someone held Carlos against a wall, and he could just make out Tereza further in the house. They were both in danger.

“I’m going in,” he said, moving to the street and starting across. They’d already blocked off the road to keep bystanders away. he could feel the other officers fall in around him. But, he didn’t care about that. He’d get his sister and the man she loved out of there, no matter what it cost him.


A short one today, but I didn’t want to completely rewrite the climax scene or give away everything that happens in it. 🙂



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