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Story a Day September: Day 7 – “Past the Guilt”

Today’s prompt is to write a story in dialogue. I’m picking up with where I’m at in Shed Some Light. This is after the big battle/climax scene. Carlos and Roman, Tereza’s father talking(they’ve got some history together…basically, Roman kept Carlos from spending a lot of time in jail several years ago. And him and his wife have been involved in Carlos’ life since)


“It’s my fault she’s even in there in the first place.”

“I told you to stop with that bullshit, Carlos. It’s not on you. Not any of it.”

“You know that isn’t true, Roman. I brought her into this. If I’d never gone to her to help with Brent, she wouldn’t have even been involved. He wouldn’t have targeted her. So, how can’t it be my fault?”

“Because you don’t know he didn’t plan to go after her when he’d finished with Brent. He was using people to hurt you. Men like him have long memories. The rest of your family was out of the city, but he’d remember you and Tereza were together. You could have shut her out, and she may have still been hurt.”

“I can’t lose her. I just can’t. I won’t forgive myself if she doesn’t make it.”

“She’s going to. My Tereza is a fighter, but she doesn’t need to battle through your guilt to get to your heart. You’ve always had hers, even when I made her promise not to see that little punk boy you were anymore. She took that promise a little too far, but she never took her heart back. you have to see that.”

“She told me about that. She also called me an idiot and said she loved me anyway.”

“Ha. yeah, that sounds like our Tereza. You and that boy are both carrying guilt you don’t deserve. Maybe you should let go of some of it. She’d want you to.”

“That boy? You mean Toby?”

“The very one. He thinks there’s more he could have done sooner. That he could have stopped Maxton Kogan sooner if he’d been able to put the pieces together better.”

“That’s not his fault. he did everything he could. And he saved us. If he hadn’t come in…I’m not sure anything could have stopped Maxton. I couldn’t.”

“If you can see past the guilt he’s carrying, why can’t you see past your own?”

“Because I love her, and I let her down. I love her, Roman, and I couldn’t even tell her until she was laying there, bleeding out all over the floor. Why would she even want to be with a coward like that?”

“She’s right. You are an idiot. But, I’ll let her explain that to you when she wakes up. I need to get some air.”

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