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Story a Day September: Day 1 – “Dessert”


Today’s prompt was to write a story in 30 minutes. This technically starts mid-scene, but it works on it’s own as well. It gets a little steamy, but nothing too explicit. This is from Closing Time, my Flames novella.


Cam slid his hand down Gio’s arm and clasped their fingers together. With a gentle tug, he pulled the other man away from the door. “Don’t forget the brownie,” he said.

A smile curled Gio’s lips, and he grabbed the to-go box from the table next to the door.

Cam wasn’t sure what he was doing here. What he was doing with Gio here. Things were going a lot faster than he’d planned. And that’s usually when everything blew up in his face. But, he couldn’t put on the brakes now. Hell, he couldn’t even find the brakes to put on if he’d wanted to.

Cam backed up to his small kitchen table and pulled Gio in for another kiss. The to-go box dropped onto the table, and Gio’s hands slid up Cam’s back. Cam shivered even though heat seeped through his shirt from the other man’s touch.

His teeth grazed Gio’s lower lip then he forced himself to pull back. Gio’s eyes were glazed over, and he looked a little stunned. Cam hoped it was a good kind of stunned. Maybe they’d both gotten caught up in this runaway cart. Did Gio want to find a way to slow it down?

“I wasn’t going to do this,” Gio said, as if reading his mind. “Not tonight. Maybe not at all.”

Cam swallowed hard, but he took a step back. “I understand. It was just a date. It doesn’t mean I expect-”

He broke off when Gio reached out and grabbed his tie, pulling him back in. “You’re usually a lot better about listening, Cam. I’m trying to tell you I planned to take this slow. But, I can’t seem to hold myself back. Just like I planned to keep my distance from you, but when I try I feel so bloody bereft, I have to be near you.”

Cam felt his lips curving up despite how hard his heart was pounding. “Bloody? really?”

Gio laughed and rested his forehead against Cam’s. “You spend much time around my father or Grandpa Riley, and you’ll probably start saying it, too.”

Cam went stiff at that. Did Gio want him to meet his family? That was a little ridiculous. He knew most of them already from the pub. But, it would be different to actually take him to meet them. Then, he forced himself to relax. Not tonight. They weren’t doing any of that tonight. This was just about them.

“How about we start on that dessert,” Cam said.

Gio grinned at him. The grin that always seemed to slam right through Cam. “That sounds perfect.”

Comments on: "Story a Day September: Day 1 – “Dessert”" (2)

  1. Love it! There is a definite current between these two that seems to hold them to each other…. even though they seem to want to not be so together in general.

    • Thanks! Yeah, there’s a bit of a trust issue there due to something Cam did in an earlier story(not to Gio himself but someone he knows), but also a lot of attraction.

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