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Story a Day September: Day 21 – “Barely Crawling”

Today’s Story a Day prompt was to use a particular starting line. This one was fun. I used the characters for the story I’m currently plotting out. Jared and Melanie are from an earlier story in the series. This will either happen right before the story starts or at the very beginning of it.


“Huh!” He said. “I never would have thought that would fit in there.

Denise laughed as her brother tried to pry something out of the opening of the DVD player. Then, she glanced down at the squirming little girl in her arms. “You sure you don’t want me to put her down?” she asked.

Jared shot a look over his shoulder. “No,” he said firmly. “I don’t want to have to pull something else out of where it doesn’t belong before I’m even finished here.”

Denise looked down at the girl again. “Daddy’s being silly, isn’t he, sweet Hallie,” she cooed at the girl. “You’re barely crawling yet. You can’t get into that much trouble.”

Jared snorted. “You obviously don’t know your niece very well. Takes after her mother too much.”

“I heard that, Jared McDermott,” Melanie called from the other room.

He just grinned as he turned back to his task. Denise shook her head at them. They’d work side by side down at the medical clinic, then come home and tease and joke, and oftentimes argue, just as much. Sometimes she wasn’t sure how their relationship worked. But, it did.

She was just glad her brother was finally happy.

He’d given up so much for her. He deserved to have something for himself now. She focused on bouncing the baby on her leg so her thoughts wouldn’t go down the path they always seemed to want to these days.

Jared wasn’t the only one she knew who deserved some happiness. She didn’t know why Toby refused to grab it.

“Got it,” Jared finally said, holding something up. Then, he got to his feet and moved toward them. “Now, little girl,” he said, picking his daughter up, “the teething ring goes in your mouth, not anywhere else. Let’s go get you a clean one before we head out. Carlos is expecting us at the restaurant.”

Denise couldn’t help but wonder if Toby would be there as well. And how much effort he’d put into ignoring her this time if he was.

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