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Story a Day September: Day 4 – Hawk

I wasn’t sure I’d get this story done this morning since we’re taking the kids to the water park. But, once I started, Hawk wouldn’t leave me alone. This takes place during Dance with the Devil, which is the third novella in my Riders of Justice series. It is from Devil’s POV, but right now he’s a little out of it, so he doesn’t know exactly what’s going on. And since today’s prompt was to write in 1st person, I decided to tell this part from Hawk’s POV. For reference: Yes, both Hawk & Devil are male. Yes, they have history together. No, those aren’t their real names(Devil=Damon, Hawk=Gavin). Also, there’s some rough language. You’ll have that with a bunch of bikers.


I pulled my bike up in front of the garage but didn’t make a move to get off. If I did, I was sure Damon would just slide right off. I didn’t want to risk him hitting the ground when I couldn’t catch him. I was already surprised he’d been able to hang on to me for the whole ride.

Two men hurried toward us, I could see the concern in Icarus’ eyes as they got closer. But, it was Bull who asked, “What the hell happened here?”

“Crows,” I told him. I didn’t bother elaborating; they’d know I didn’t mean the actual birds. “Four of them. I scared them off, but not soon enough. He’s hurt pretty bad.”

I wanted to plead with them to do whatever it took to make sure he made it. I didn’t know what all the Crows had broken in him. I’d never begged for a damn thing in my life, but Damon made me want to.

Bull moved around to the back of my bike, but Icarus eyed me. “Figured they would be scared of a Hawk.”

I let out a sound that could have been considered a laugh. If only my chest didn’t feel so tight. “Not so much. Not till I came close to clipping one of their bikes. Those were more important than their lives apparently.”

Icarus squeezed my arm then Bull started cursing behind me. “Better get Medusa ready,” Bull said. “And a couple of the other guys to help carry him inside.”

“I can walk,” Damon slurred behind me.

“No, you can’t, Devil,” Bull said sharply. “And even if you can, you don’t always need to be so stubborn. Let us help you.” I was pretty sure he added under his breath, “for fucking once.”

I couldn’t help but agree, though I was sure I couldn’t voice the words right now. But, Damon had never accepted help easily. He didn’t accept anything easily.

His hand started to slip away from my waist, and I grabbed for it before he could fall. I wasn’t going to let him fall no matter what.

“Gavin,” he groaned.

It always gave me a little shiver to hear my real name from his lips. “Just relax. No one cares. Particularly right now. Hold on to me a little longer.”

Since I knew it was the only time I’d be able to get him to do that. For the way he tended to jump right into a fight, he let his fears rule him a little too much. Then, Icarus was returning with a couple of the other guys. I didn’t even look to see who he’d brought with him. I didn’t want to take my gaze off that hand against my stomach. I really wished we had a better reason for it to be there.

“Medusa’s getting all her things together and will meet us in his room,” he said. Then, they were lifting Devil from the back of my bike.

I swung my leg over the side and went to follow them, but Bull stopped me. “He was already on probation for the last time,” he said. “You know what this means, right?”

I stared at him for a moment. That had been eating away at me, right alongside my fear for Damon. “You can’t,” I said. “You can’t kick him when he’s already down, Eric.”

Bull let out a huff at that. “You’re the only one who still calls me that. Even Chief calls me by my road name.”

Since Chief was his father, not just the president of our club, that surprised me a little. but, I wasn’t going to let that distract me. “You can’t kick him out. This wasn’t his fault.”

“How do you know that, Hawk?”

“He told me.”

Bull looked at me, and I thought that was probably pity in his eyes. “He would say that, wouldn’t he? I know you love the boy, but-”

“No,” I said sharply, not in response to the last part of his statement, I would never deny the truth of that. “I know Damon can be rash, he does jump in without thinking. But, he doesn’t lie, Bull. He never lies, especially not to me.” Except about his feelings, but I knew his reasons for that and even understood somewhat even if I didn’t agree with them. “He said they ambushed him, that he couldn’t get away from them. You can’t punish him for not letting them just kill him.”

Bull turned to look toward the clubhouse, but they’d already gotten Damon inside, so there wasn’t really anything to see. “This will have to be a board decision,” he finally said. “If they agree with you, he’ll stay. Otherwise…” he lifted one shoulder in a careless shrug.

“I’ll abjure my seat on this one,” I said. “Since I can’t be unbiased.”

“Abjure,” Bull muttered. “Where do you and Icarus get these words?”

“It means-”

“I know what it means,” Bull said with a rough laugh. “Just not one I’d expect to use in conversation. And no one will expect you to sit it out when you have something to add to the discussion.” He put his hand on my shoulder, and I had to force myself not to shrug it off. Sometimes he reminded me too much of my father, even though I knew they were nothing alike. “And no one expects you to remain unbiased when it comes to him.

I wondered how many of them knew just how biased I was when it came to him, though. He wasn’t just an old friend, someone I’d served with, and had helped get into the club when he got out of the Marines. But, he was the only one I’d really ever loved. And probably the only one I ever would.

I did finally shrug away from Bull’s touch. “I’m going to wait for Medusa to be done with him. Can the meeting wait that long at least?”

“Of course it will. He’ll be okay, Hawk.”

I wish I could be sure of that. But, Damon had been on a path of self-destruction from the moment I met him. I wasn’t sure if I was even enough to pull him off it for long enough to save him.

But, I would never stop trying.

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