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I just posted the final chapter of Into the Sun to Wattpad, so if you’ve been waiting to read the whole thing at once, you can. I’m planning to start revising book 2, Come Back Down, this weekend. Hopefully I can start posting it next week or possibly the week after that. For now, here’s the beginning of Chapter 12 from Into the Sun:

When we pulled into the yard, Mom stood on the porch beside Barbie and Chief. A woman I hadn’t seen before stood beside him, but by the way he had his arm around her, I figured she was with him. Mom was already heading down the steps when I shut off the bike and let Birdie off. We had taken the most direct route and were the first ones back. The others shouldn’t have been far behind.

Mom stood next to the bike by the time I took my helmet off. My arms were shaking, and my breath came a little too fast. But, she took me in her arms. “I’ve been so worried,” she whispered. “I thought he would-”

“He’s not going to bother us,” I told her.

That had her pulling back. “What did you do? Did you-”

“He’s still alive,” I said, putting a hand lightly on her cheek. “I let him know I have information that could destroy him. If he comes after us again, I won’t hesitate to use it.” Even the little I had could hurt him. “The bullet Dad put in his knee is going to keep him out of action for a bit.”

She gasped and spun toward Icarus. “You shot him? What did you do that for?”

“If I hadn’t, he likely would have killed our son. Is that what you’d like? You going to keep choosing him over the ones who actually love you?”

“Grady.” His name came out sounding rough, at barely more than a whisper.

His face only softened slightly. “It’s an honest question, Cassie. You chose him over me. You chose him over our son. If you’re going to keep doing that, I can take you back to him right now.”

“I’m sorry, Grady,” she said, tears filling her eyes. Then, she turned and fled back into the house.

I stared at her then turned to Dad. “What did you do that for? Why did you have to upset her?”

“What do you think he would have done if I had taken her back and handed her over? Just accepted her back? Accepted you back?” He made a jerking motion with his hand in front of his chest. “He likely would have come near to killing you both if he didn’t actually accomplish it. I’ve known men like him, and they don’t stand what they consider disloyalty.” His face was as hard as his words, but I saw more than anger in his eyes. Still, I couldn’t let his fear get to me.

“So, you had to make her cry? How will that make it better?”

Icarus’ shoulders slumped a little. “That hadn’t been my intent, Trace. And I’m sorry for it. Seeing Birdie…” His gaze dropped away, and he swallowed then brought his eyes back to mine. “It snapped something in me. I…I’ll apologize.”

My mouth dried, and I felt torn. Nothing he’d said hadn’t been the truth. But, I hated to see Mom hurting, especially now that we were both away from Henry. “Give her a little time first,” I suggested. “She’s upset. Not that you shot him, I think. She needs to process it and figure out how she feels.” I understood. I’d had the ride back to do that, and I still wasn’t sure.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this story. I’ve really liked writing this series, and I have at least one more story to write once I finish Dance with the Devil.

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  1. Wow. This scene was intense. Good, but intense!

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