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Fiction Friday: Dance with the Devil – Chapter 1

I’ve finally got Chapter 1 of Dance with the Devil up on Wattpad. I plan to add a new chapter each week. Here’s the beginning of that chapter:

I rested both feet on the ground on each side of my bike while I waited for the light to change. I just wanted to go. Of course, we still had to follow all the rules of the road. I didn’t want to be flattened, or have my bike that way, so I held back the urge to twist the throttle and let go.

It wasn’t easy.

There was so much going on lately, and my head was full of chaotic thoughts. I usually didn’t stop long enough to let any of them take root, but they were now. God, I needed to go. Just go, as fast and as far as I could. Icarus and Bull were expecting us back within the hour, so I couldn’t even do that.

After what happened to Trace on his last patrol, I couldn’t blame them for keeping a tight rein on our patrol times. It still sucked donkey ass.

Hawk’s bike idled behind me, and that had the back of my neck prickling. I shouldn’t feel that way, shouldn’t let him get to me. I’d known him a long time, and I’d always been able to feel when his eyes were on me.

Like they were now.

I shifted on my seat, keeping my gaze focused on the light, waiting for it to turn green. I ignored the buzzing phone in my pocket and everything but that light. If only the electricity I felt from Hawk could be as easily tuned out.


I twisted the throttle and shot through the intersection the moment the light changed. I heard the roar of Hawk’s bike behind me and something moved through me, knowing he was back there.

Stop it.

I couldn’t feel those things for Hawk. It couldn’t be. That’s all there was to it. We’d get back to the clubhouse, and we’d make our reports, then we could go our separate ways. It was the best way to keep peace in the club. None of them had to know the truth. We were only a couple guys who knew each other from the military. That was why Hawk helped me get into the club.

If they knew the truth, probably neither of us would be allowed to stay.

If you want to read the rest of the chapter, you can head over here and find it in its entirety.

Fiction Friday: Dance with the Devil – Cover Reveal

I know it’s been a while since I finished posting Come Back Down to Wattpad. Well, I finally have the next book, ready to start posting to Wattpad…next week. This week, though, I do have the cover to show you. If I ever do more with these than posting to Wattpad, I’ll be getting professional covers done. For now, these ones I make up on Canva work pretty well. Anyway, here’s Devil:

Next week, I’ll have Chapter 1 ready to share with you.

WeWriWa: “Yell at Me”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I’m sharing the final snippet from Dance with the Devil today. The two groups have come to somewhat of a truce, and the Crows have agreed to let Hawk go. So, Devil’s going to free him.

I moved until I was kneeling in front of Hawk. I wanted to kiss him, but I needed to free his hands first. His face was bruised, they probably hadn’t taken him down easily. I sliced the knife through the ties around his wrists, then pulled at the tape around his mouth.

“You damn fool,” Hawk said then he was in my arms.

I heard snorts of disgust from the Crows, but I ignored them as I helped him get to his feet. “Let’s go,” I said. “You can yell at me later.”

There is one more scene after this, basically wrapping everything up. And by the time some of you read this, the final scene for Staring at the Sun may be posted. I’m starting to get Dance with the Devil ready to post on Wattpad then I’ll start putting Staring at the Sun up there too. And I’ll probably start to share from it next week. I’ve started writing Hawk’s story, but don’t have much of it yet.

WeWriWa: “So Predictable”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I’m still sharing from Dance with the Devil, for at least another week or two. Last week, we left Devil taking off to try to see if he could save Hawk. This week we’ll see what his efforts get him.

As soon as I got back to the clearing where the clubhouse stood, I realized I’d made a mistake; they’d counted on my reaction. I hated that I was so predictable, even to these assholes. Hawk was on his knees, a gun to his head. His arms were wrenched behind his back, likely bound together. His eyes were on me, sorrow filling them. Silvery tape covered his mouth, at least half a dozen Crows staged behind him.

I was never going to be able get Hawk away from them, and I was pretty sure Hawk had come to the same conclusion. I was waiting for the roar of motorcycles, even though I knew it was possible they wouldn’t come after us. Wouldn’t risk the whole club for just two of us.

I should have known better.

Will the rest of the club come after them? What’s going to happen to them now?

I’ve also been posting the next story for the A-Z challenge. You can find all the current posts linked here if you want to read that.

WeWriWa: “Annihilate Them”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I’ve started posting the next story in my Riders of Justice series, for the A-Z challenge(and I’ll link to the first post below). I’m still sharing from Dance with the Devil today, though. Last week, we left Devil a bit desperate to get to Hawk. Today we get the decision Devil makes. 9 sentences.

“And if they don’t hold up their end, they know nothing will stop us before we completely annihilate them. I know this isn’t easy for you, Devil, but it’s what we have to do.”

I couldn’t, though. I couldn’t just ride away and leave Hawk there. He’d never do it to me.

Bull had eased away from me, and I took advantage of that. I moved quickly around him, climbed onto my bike, and started it up, kicking up the stand just before I twisted the throttle. I could hear them shouting at me, but I didn’t give a damn. I needed to get to Hawk.

Is Devil going to be able to get to Hawk? Will the other Riders come after him? To stop him or help? What’s going to happen next? I’ll have more next weekend, so you might just find out.

And if you want to read the first scene for Staring at the Sun, the next story in the series, you can find it here.


WeWriWa: “Destroy Him”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I’m still sharing from Dance with the Devil, and probably will at least the next couple weeks, maybe even through April. Though I might share a couple from Staring at the Sun, which is what I’m working on for this year’s A-Z challenge(and is Icarus & Cassie’s story). For this week, I’ve skipped a few paragraphs down from what I shared last week. Devil wants to go back for Hawk. Bull’s trying to stop him. Needless to say, it doesn’t go over well.

“Get out of my way,” I told him.

“No, Devil, you have to listen to the rest. We have to do things the right way.”

“And that’s just leaving him there?” I shouted at him, even though he was right in front of me. “You know what they’ll do to him. He’s not going to walk back out of there; they’ll destroy him.” My voice cut on the last words. I didn’t even want to think about what they’d do, what they might have already done. “We have to go back for him.”

Are they going to leave Hawk? What are they doing to him? Will they get him back?

WeWriWa: “They Have Him”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who loves to write. I’m still sharing from Dance with the Devil, though I’m busy writing the next one as part of next month’s A-Z challenge(I like having the posts done ahead of time if I can). I have through Week 2 drafted right now and working on editing them and getting them ready to schedule. But, for now, here’s a little more with Devil. Last week, he was sure Hawk was sensing some trouble. This week, we’ve got the trouble. 10 sentences(and I got creative to make it all fit).

“Gather up,” he said and waited until we did just that, and I looked around, but Hawk still hadn’t joined us. As Icarus opened his mouth to say something else, I pushed through the crowd.

“Not everyone is here yet,” I told him. His gaze turned to me, and I could see the sympathy in his eyes. “No,” I said, taking a step back, knowing exactly what that meant; this couldn’t be happening.

”Devil, just relax.”

“No,” I shot back, knowing I was walking a fine line, but I just couldn’t care about that right now. “Hawk’s not here, if he’s not here…” I couldn’t finish that thought through the boulder suddenly lodged in my throat.

“They have him.”

Who has Hawk? What are they going to do to him? What will Devil do to get him back? I should have more on that next week.

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