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WeWriWa: Not Gavin

Welcome to another gathering of the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. This week I’m coming to you from my tablet since our home Internet is out (hopefully will have it fixed this afternoon), but I wanted to write this up while I was thinking about it, so using the data on my tablet is the only way. We don’t have great 4G signal out here,  but it’s better than nothing.

Anyway, I’m still sharing from Dance with the Devil. Added a lot of words to this during the week, though most of those were from pieces I’d written during the Story a Day challenge in May. It was just a matter of firing them in to the rest of the story. But for now, here’s 10 sentences from the next scene (skipped the first few of the scene):

Hadn’t he thought I might need that information during our patrols? Was this supposed to be some sort of punishment? Because I wouldn’t let us go back to one night that never should have happened anyway.

No matter how upset I was with him, I knew he would never do that. He wouldn’t put the club at risk because of a grudge against me. That wasn’t Gavin’s way.

I winced then took another pull from the bottle. I had to keep thinking of him like Hawk. The lieutenant who could keep information from me.

Not Gavin, the boy who had at one time saved me.

A little more of their history there. But how did Hawk save him? What happened between them?

Comments on: "WeWriWa: Not Gavin" (7)

  1. Intriguing bit of backstory. And I want to know what Hawk did!

  2. Her inner conflict gives this snippet lots of tension.

  3. I love how loaded that last line is, Fallon. Excellent hook.

  4. I love the depth internal dialogue can bring to a character! Nice snippet.

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