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Okay, so I actually started this last month.  But it hadn’t been my focus for the month. I’m more than a month ahead of when I originally planned to start revising Scars and All.  I’ve adjusted my calendar to reflect this.

Before we get to more on that, I’ve got my WiPPet snippet to share.  Last week I said I might share more from the scene with Bryan.  So,  here it is.  19(9+2+2+0+1+5=19) sentences where Bryan finds out who this guy he’s been talking to actually is. I actually need to give the other guy in this scene a name ( for now it’s [xx])

   Bryan’s gaze shot to the man standing beside the table. This was more what he’d been expecting. An older gentleman, fitted with a suit and tie, his hair cut neat and short with silver shot through it. His gaze fell back to the hand that still rated over his then up to the eyes that went with it. They looked a little sad now.
“Sorry, ” the man said. “I tried to tell you, but you kept rolling on. And I admit it was a little hot.” He squeezed Bryan’s hand then released it. “I was just finishing my lunch when you showed up. I work out at the Rocking A Ranch but have the day off. Maybe we could meet up later and talk. ”
He reached out and slid a pen from [xx]’s, the real [xx xx]’s pocket and scribbled something on a napkin before sliding it across to Bryan. “Call me when you’re done. ”
Then, he stood from the chair in a simple, lithe move. He handed the pen back to [xx], who took it gingerly as if it had been contaminated. Bryan glanced down at the number on the napkin. And the name scribbled above it. Leo Rusak.

I am equal parts excited & nervous about writing this story.  I didn’t think I would at all,  but they are in my head now,  saying they have a story to tell.  And they deserve that as much as any of my other characters. So I just hope I can do it well. You may be seeing more of them(or at least Leo) when I start revising Chasing the Ghost,  possibly next month and certainly when I start drafting their story in November.

As for this week’s progress:

  • Scars and All: Finish revisions, Possibly: read through, if still time: 2nd revisions – about halfway through revisions.  Have cut several scenes and added in a few more.
  • Into the Sun: revisions – did manage to read through this on Sunday.  Going to be busy this weekend,  but still hoping to get these done.
  • Read: Take Off Your Pants(Libbie Hawker) – outlining book before anyone asks. 😉 – started this yesterday
  • Read: Turning Pointe, Against the Law(Kat Martin), The Demon in the Wood(Leigh Bardugo), & Winning Streak(Katie Kenyhercz) – read Turning Pointe and instantly got and started the next book, Second Position.  I loved both of these. I started Against the Law last night. Only through the first chapter so far.
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – I got this started yesterday. This one might take a little while.
  • I’ve also started plotting(or at least brainstorming) Bryan & Leo’s story.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: New Month, New Project" (10)

  1. Oh, the fun clamouring kind… I’m glad businessmen really aren’t getting younger by the day, but that must have been embarrassing for Bryan!

    Congratulations on being ahead of schedule though!

    • oh, yes, definitely a bit embarrassing. And, of course, now he’s worried this could cost his job.
      Thank you! It’s a very good feeling.

  2. Whoops. Not the best start ever. :-/ I hope Bryan gets the contract anyway. The way the real business guy took the pen back, though, I wonder about that.

  3. Maybe it’ll be a story they can laugh at when they’re old?

    I had similar feelings when I wrote Transitions, with its Barry/Terrance/ Corinne triangle. But they, too, clamored to tell their stories, and they surprised me all the way through to the end. They didn’t pull any punches, either!

    I know it’s a rough draft, and I’ll learn a lot while revising it – but I think that when the characters are speaking so loudly, so long as we listen and don’t try to force them to suit us, we can do them justice.

    I hope that’s true for you – but, more, that you have fun stretching with them!

  4. Congratulations on being ahead of yourself! I dream of the day when I can say that. *g*

    Great snippet. Looking forward to more!

    • Thanks. Part of being ahead is that I was giving myself the same amount of time for a 20k novella add I do for 80k novels. Obviously didn’t need that much time
      Thank you. Leo surprised me when he popped into Chasing the Ghost, but I ended up really enjoying writing him.

  5. […] of September, I posted a couple snippets from a plotting exercise I did(Part 1 & Part 2). These characters showed up in Chasing the Ghost and suddenly wanted their own story. I plotted it […]

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