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Teaser Tuesday: Stained Snow

Jumping to a new story to tease you all with today.  No release date on this one yet. In fact, it’s still in the hands of a beta reader. However,  I am hoping to have it out there sometime later this year. Of course, that also means some of this is likely to change.
It will be available on Kindle Unlimited,  so if you have that, you’ll be able to read it, and the next two books (once they’re up there) for free.

But,  before that,  here is the first page (or so) of Stained Snow:

William Jensen pushed his horse farther down the trail, the heat of his rage in sharp contrast to the brisk Spring breeze. It certainly wasn’t enough to cool him. His hands gripped the reins so tight his knuckles turned white and his legs tightened around the horse’s sides. The confused animal took a faltering step. He forced himself to relax his grip and urged the horse on again.
“Will, slow down.” The sheriff followed behind him, pushing his horse to keep up. He almost sounded like he’d been the one to do the running, with pauses between words, as if he had to catch his breath. “If what you said is true, those people won’t be going anywhere.”
William clenched his jaw but pulled back slightly on the reins, letting his horse slow into a gentler pace. “They’re on my land, Carl. I don’t know who they are, but they were put there.”
The sheriff came up beside him. “So you’ve already said. They’ll still be there even if it takes a few more minutes.”
“I don’t like it. David could have been with me when I found them.” He closed his eyes for a minute, remembering the look of disappointment on the boy’s face when he said he couldn’t ride into town with him. He had planned to bring the sheriff straight out here, and no way did he want his son to see this. “Whatever’s going on, we need to stop it.”
“We will. I will. I am the sheriff here. You need to deal with your ranch, Will, and leave this to me.”
“Not if he’s bringing it out to my ranch, Carl. There’s only one person who would do that.”
“You don’t even know if that’s what’s happening. No one from town has disappeared. You said you didn’t recognize them. The killer could have been a stranger too.”
“He could be.” He’d give him that much. It wasn’t a stranger though. He was as sure of that as anything. He knew who stood behind this.
“How long’s it been since you seen him anyways?”
“Years.” He could remember the moment he’d last seen his brother. It wasn’t one of his favorite memories either. “Doesn’t mean he’s not around just because I haven’t seen him.”


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