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Thanksgiving is tomorrow here in the US, so today is the last (half) day is school for the kids. Which actually means the boy will be gone about an hour longer. He’s usually home around 10:45 or so,  but on early dismissal days,  they don’t get out until 11:15.

We got our “new” refrigerator hooked up yesterday, only to find something had chewed the water line right at the bottom. Husband cut that off and was able to get it to work,  but the water line under the sink is leaking, so he still needs to fix that. So we can’t use the ice/water from there right now.

I got almost all the Christmas shopping done on Monday from my computer. Two(out of 4) of the orders have shipped and should be here Tuesday. I’ll start wrapping stuff up as it comes in. And I think this is the first year we haven’t been scrounging for money to buy Christmas presents. My husband got a short of promotion/new position at work and with it, he gets a monthly vehicle payment and a fuel card. That had saved us a good bit of money. He’ll still be laid off for the winter, but hopefully we won’t fall behind like we usually do.

Anyways, it’s Wednesday so that means is Wippet time!!! Something different from me this week. You may remember (though probably not) back at the end of August/beginning of September, I posted a couple snippets from a plotting exercise I did(Part 1 & Part 2). These characters showed up in Chasing the Ghost and suddenly wanted their own story. I plotted it out and started writing it last month then set it aside while I finished Guarding the Heart & Some Fools Never Learn. Well, I finished Some Fools on Friday, so Monday I picked back up with My Way to You. I’ve already added over 12,000 words to it this week and am hoping to get to more later today. I may finish the first draft this week. Or at least be really close.

For today, I have 7 paragraphs(2+5=7). Bryan and Leo have gone to dinner and they are back at Bryan’s apartment. He has apparently said the wrong thing…again.

Leo’s face heated. “No, I don’t,” he said when they made it to the first landing then turned to go up the second half of the steps to the second floor. “Brendan gave me a full-time job on the ranch when I turned eighteen. I’d been doing chores after school, on weekends, and during the summer up until then. I didn’t go to college.”
“I didn’t mean anything…I just thought…” He sighed and ran a hand over his face. “Can, we start over? Hey, I’m Bryan Coleman. I know numbers and can double or triple your investment fund in no time. But, I’m more than likely to put my foot in my mouth when I talk to you.”
Leo laughed and leaned into him. “Leo Rusak. I don’t know much more than horses and cattle, but I could probably help you extract that foot.”
Bryan chuckled as he slipped the key into the lock at his door. “I’m not kidding. Almost everything out of my mouth is the wrong thing. I can never find the right words. It’s why I work with numbers instead.”
“Well, let’s start with this,” Leo said and pulled Bryan toward the couch. “You have one couch.” They sat down on it. “We have two mouths.” Leo pressed his to Bryan’s.
“What’s three?” Bryan asked, the sound vibrating against Leo’s lips.
“I don’t have a clue. You’re the number genius.”

I’ll be back to revising Chasing the Ghost next month, which takes place about 10 years after this snippet. But, you may see more of these 2(or at least Leo) in that.

Been a pretty good week, goals-wise for me.

  • My Way to You – write 25000 words(will get me close to the end if not all the way there) – 12379/25000. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get all my words in tomorrow, but if not, I’ll try to catch up on them Friday.
  • Come Back Down – write 1000 words – weekend project
  • Read: Gotta Read It – finish – finish this morning. Going to apply this to next back cover summary I write
  • Read: Instant Temptation(Jill Shalvis) & Living Victim(Stacy Green) – finished both of these. Really enjoyed them. I also read Gone Too Far(Suzanne Brockman) but felt kind of meh about it. It jumped back and forth between timelines and several characters. Then, there were letters that didn’t seem to have a point to the actual story. Overall I enjoyed it, but… I just started Betting on You(Jessie Evans). This is the oldest free book I have on my kindle. Yeah, it’s been there a while.
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – Strip 22 – Worked on this a little Monday but not at all yesterday.
  • Loom: Hat – made some progress on Sunday after my blog post. Hopefully more this weekend.

Lots of green & even a little blue. Always nice to see.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Happy Thanksgiving" (16)

  1. It’s so great to see that no matter how full our lives are, progress is possible! Congrats on a great week, well balanced between many projects. I liked the friendship between Leo and Bryan. Nice touches of humor and compassion as their relationship deepens. Hooray for WIPpet Weds. May you have ice for Thanksgiving and some good down time.

  2. I love this. You have no idea the smile this put on my face. =D I so know what 3 is hahahaha

  3. Again, love reading everyone’s snippet. I feel like, I’m the only one not doing some kind of romance. I’m learning a lot. My son got out of school yesterday, ohh, I wished he went today. Driving me bonkers. Congrats on the progress. Need to take some pointers from you.

  4. “It’s why I work with numbers instead.” Ha! I know how Bryan feels.

  5. I have SO many free books, not just electronic, but physical! My TBR list overfloweth.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Hope you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving. All the best with your goals.

  7. […] sharing a snippet from Chasing the Ghost. 20 paragraphs(12+2+1+5) of mostly dialogue. If you read last week’s snippet, you may recognize one of the characters here. If you’ve read Duty to Protect, […]

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