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Wyatt stepped into the restaurant and looked around, cataloging everyone there, their positions, and where all the exits were. He’d been here before, so that last was a simple one. It was automatic for him, just a thing he did every time he entered a place. The sign was turned to ‘Please Seat Yourself.’ He’d only been here for dinner before, obviously they treated lunch differently. He found a table along the wall and had a seat.

And he grinned at the woman who headed over to him, a menu in hand and a glass of what he hoped was the iced tea he liked. “I hope you have the same drink for lunch as you always do for dinner, Wyatt.”

He laughed and grinned at her. “Yes, Tee. I love your tea.”

Her grin widened. “You’re a goof, Wyatt Hellerman. Since you seem to change up your food order more than your drink, I’ll leave this with you,” she said, handing him the menu.

“Thanks, Tereza. I’m sure whatever Carlos’ special is today will be perfect.”

“Well, he’s training a new cook, so we’ll see. But, he’s showing some promise.”

“I’ll take the risk.”

“All right. I was just visiting and saw you out here, but I have to get Luis home, so someone else will bring it out for you.”

He settled back in his chair, sipping at the tea while he waited. He hadn’t been sure about this place the first time he’d come here, but the food certainly made up for any of his doubts. He should know better than to judge by an outside appearance.

“Here’s your salad,” a deep voice said from beside him, bringing him out of his thoughts. he glanced over and his heart, his traitorous heart, gave a hard thump. Two years, he reminded himself. It had been nearly two years. He was allowed to move on, had been trying to do that the last six months. But no one he had gone out with had made him feel what one sight of this young man did to him.

“My name’s Kaden,” the guy said. “I’m supposed to be cooking your food, but Tereza said to bring this out to you. It’s what you wanted, right?”

He didn’t even glance at the salad but said, “It’s fine. Thanks.”

Kaden turned and headed back to the kitchen, and Wyatt couldn’t tear his gaze off him. He groaned when the kitchen door finally separated him. Damn, Tereza. What was she trying to do to him?


I’ve been missing for a couple weeks, I know. Saturdays were ‘early leaving the house and being gone all day’ days, so I decided to just skip the post those days. But, today, we’ll actually be home most of the day. And Wyatt likes to pop up, like he did when I started writing Nowhere to Run at the beginning of the month. This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt of tea, tee, or t apparently appealed to him because he wouldn’t shut up about it until I started writing. 😉

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