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Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write, where we share 8-10 sentences from a project and sometimes get creative with punctuation. 😉 This week I’m actually posting during the weekend instead of Friday. This may be the only not having to run around weekend we have until after Labor Day, so I’m savoring it. Anyway, here’s the next bit of Hawk’s story. I did skip over a bit of them going back and forth of whether or not the Riders could protect him. This is the end of the scene, and I got very creative with punctuation to make it fit.

But, all other words broke off as the bricks beside us splintered. The report of the shot came barely a moment later; I tugged on Noah’s arm. “Come on,” I hissed, “he already knows, please don’t go back there.”

Noah didn’t fight me; he couldn’t go back now.

“Where am I going to go now?”

“With us,” I told him.

“Not on your bike.”

“No, I can’t even ride that right now; I brought Barbie here in a car. We’ll take it back to the clubhouse.”

And I certainly couldn’t just take off on my own now, not when it could mean leaving Noah vulnerable once again.

Are they going to get away? Will the Riders even have a chance to try to protect Noah? I’ll have more next week.


Comments on: "Weekend Writing Warriors: “With Us”" (20)

  1. I found it striking, the thought of one of these guys driving a car rather than a bike.

    • Well, it would be kind of difficult for him to handle the bike with a dislocated shoulder and his busted ribs. Plus he does have the VP’s old lady with him. 😉

  2. That sniper is relentless. At least it helped Noah make up his mind!

  3. nancygideon said:

    Well, that answers that, doesn’t it? Nice scene and resolution to their impasse, Fallon.

  4. Trying to picture the biker drive a car. I have biker friends, its weird when you see them drive a car…especially a minivan or station wagon, lol. Great snippet!

  5. What a nifty snippet. Lots of energy and excitement.

  6. Well good, I’m glad Noah has to go with him now because any other outcome seemed very worrisome. Not that the situation is great right now either! An intense snippet!!!

  7. I’m not glad that the threat is still present, but I AM glad Noah is going with him!

  8. ~sigh~ I really wish it would turn out that it wasn’t his dad trying to kill him. A good opportunity to redeem a villain?? 😉

  9. Karen Michelle Nutt said:

    Intense snippet!

  10. Diane Burton said:

    I enjoyed the snippet. Always more questions.

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