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“I am not above slashing my own tires to avoid going to this family brunch.”

Tereza laughed and set her hand over Carlos’ as he pulled into his mother’s parking lot. “You should have thought of that before we left our house, I guess.”

“Damn. Why didn’t I?”

“Just stop,” his wife said. “It’s going to be fine.”

“You say that every time. It’s never fine.”

“It’s better than Andrew completely ignoring your existence as well as our children’s, isn’t it?”

“Sometimes I wonder,” Carlos muttered.

“It will be fine. Carisa and Jayla are in there. I’m sure your sister is about as nervous as you. Your stepfather doesn’t keep his mouth shut about the two of them, either.”

That was about the only thing that could get Carlos out of the car without any more complaints. His baby sister deserved better than to have her own father run her down because he didn’t agree with her relationship. He picked Luis out of his carseat while Tereza got Pia from the other side then they headed up to the house together.


Today’s Fiction Friday prompt from Pinterest was the first line of this. And it instantly brought to mind Carlos. This happens somewhere between Nowhere to Run(which I’m working on now) and Jonas & Isaac’s story(which I’ve been working on in a notebook because they just won’t leave me alone).

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