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Shortly after I figured out this knitting thing, I went and bought some more yarn(my mom had given me some with the learn to knit kit that I used while figuring things out). One of these was a multicolor yarn. I really liked the colors in it, but didn’t have a certain project in mind for it. I ended up using it to make Hayleigh a scarf(about half the size of what the instructions for the pattern were). I also made a pair of baby mitts for Nathaniel with it. This year I decided to make Hayleigh a hat that would match her scarf. I still had some of this yarn left after that, so I figured I could make her a pair of matching mittens when the gloves I attempted didn’t work out. I was able to finish the first mitten without a problem. But, looking at what yarn I had left, I figured if there was enough to finish the second mitten, it would be really close. Well, I got about halfway through the second mitten and realized there was no way I had enough yarn left to finish it.

We went shopping this weekend, so I figured I would see if I could find this yarn so I could finish the mitten. Of course, I didn’t think about it while we were at the mall and near two different craft stores. Instead I waited until we were at walmart. They didn’t have it though(just about every other color, just not the one I needed). Checked out JoAnn fabrics too, but it wasn’t there either. We never made it down to Hobby Lobby. Knowing my luck, I probably would have found it there just because we didn’t stop. After we got home, I checked out the yarn’s site, thinking maybe I would just order it from there. So, I found the right type and found the color. It was about the same price as in the store so I put it in my “cart” and went to check out. And then I see the shipping price. Almost twice what the yarn costs! I just could not see spending so much for one thing of yarn. So, her mittens are sitting in my project bag still unfinished. And they’ll probably remain there until I can find the yarn I need in the store.

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