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ListifyLife Challenge: Things I Collect

So, I’ve skipped the last few weeks of this. But, I’m back now. I’ve collected a lot of things over the years. Elephants(stuffed animals, banks, figurines, etc…not real ones obviously), toy horses, rocks. Probably some other things as well. Now, though:


  • Books – You could say I’ve collected books for a long time. And there are certain ones(Louis L’Amour, Nora Roberts, and now all my Roni Loren ones) that I will not get rid of. But, I’ve found the joy of the used book store now. So, periodically, I take a box of books in there and come out, usually with close to the same amount I took in(or at least half as many as I took in). I just got 10 more books over the weekend(3 were for the kids), and it only cost about $18. I still buy new as well(can’t find all the books I want there), but I get mostly older ones in a series there.


  • Bookmarks – I have a lot of these. And different kinds even. And still, sometimes, I end up using a piece of paper becauseĀ I can’t find one. I now have them in one spot, so that shouldn’t be too difficult anymore.


  • Pens – You can never have too many pens. Well, okay, maybe you can. But, I could use a different one every day for probably at least two weeks. It’s jut a matter of having room in my pen holder for them.


  • Yarn – I don’t really plan to collect this. But, I’m always buying new yarn for knitting and crochet projects. And then I have some leftover. Not always enough to make anything else. Just enough for it to get tangled up with the other bits of yarn. Still haven’t found a good way of storing it without it getting all tangled up.



Crafty Corner: Gauntlets & Hats

I haven’t done a crafting update in a couple weeks. 3 to be exact. I have been getting some things done in that time.

I finished the Phoenix Gauntlets I was knitting. They turned out okay, but a little tight on my arms. If I make these again, I may increase the number of stitches.


Then, I crocheted this little hat. The pattern was titled “Olivia’s Butterfly”.


It’s only supposed to fit up to 3 months, but it looks like it might fit a little bigger(depends on kids’ head circumference of course. Hats never fit my kids at the right age, because their heads were always in the 90+ percentile).

I’m just about finished knitting another baby hat. The pattern was in a little book I got from my mother-in-law, and I didn’t have the actual yarn it called for, but I used one the same weight. It was knitted on straight needles instead of in the round, so I still have to sew up the back seam.


I plan to finish this hat today and start working on a crochet puppy hat tomorrow. Hope to share that one next week.

Crafty Corner: Learning New Skills

I took a bit of a hiatus from this blog over the holidays. And then last week, I was taken down by the flu. With all the craziness of life over the holidays and being sick, I didn’t get much done anyway, so there really wasn’t much to report on this front. But, I did get some gift cards for Christmas to two different craft stores. I love people who get me. šŸ™‚ For a little while I have been wanting to learn to crochet as well as knit. So, I took one of the gift cards and bought a teach yourself to crochet kit. So, I have spent some of my time learning that.


Last night I finished the woven cable cup cozy I started at the beginning of the month. It only took about 3 hours and 45 minutes total time from start to finish.

Woven Cable Cup Cozy

Woven Cable Cup Cozy

cup cozy - around cup

cup cozy – around cup









In Progress:

I’m working on a pair of crochet slippers right now that I started last Friday. Actually, I started them before that, but I had to start over because I got one finished and realized it wasn’t going to be quite long enough to fit my foot. So, I started over again on Friday. I’m a little more than halfway through the second slipper and have only spent about 4.5 hours on it(not counting the time I spent before I restarted). I should be able to have it finished soon.

slipper in progress

slipper in progress

finished slipper - laying flat

finished slipper – laying flat

finished slipper

finished slipper












Coming Up:

The next project I have planned is a pair of fingerless mitts from Lion Brand Yarn. I was going to start them before, but i didn’t have the right weight of yarn. The yarn I got isn’t the exact same the pattern calls for, but I’m pretty sure it should work. I’m planning on starting on these today. And once I finish the slippers, I’m planning on starting one of the patterns that was in the book that came with the crochet kit.

Knitting Monday: Busting My Stash

First up: I finished the first of my hats I want to sell and donate some of the proceeds towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I am still tossing around how I want to go about this. I had thought about making hats in all different styles and sizes and doing an auction on my Facebook page. But, I’m not sure if that’s what I want to do. I also thought about just listing the hats as I make them(with the ability to order whatever size wanted) and put 50% of sales towards the donation. Then, another idea I had was to still do the regular listings, but have a special sale on ready to ship ones once a month. And any proceeds from those sales would be donated 100%. Right now, I’m leaning more toward that last one. I may change my mind again though. And, I need to get my hands on some more red yarn(using Simply Soft or cotton yarn depending on the type of hat) before I can make any more.

My little hat model

Not being very cooperative

a side view

a view of the top

So, I realized I have way too much worsted weight yarn. I have all of the lighter weight yarns(super fine, fine, light) in a small bag and the bulky and super bulky weight ones in another bag(like the reusable shopping bags). Then, I have a tote box filled with the worsted weight yarn. And unless I have it all set in there perfectly, I cannot put the lid on it. So, I decided I need to work my way through this stash before I buy more yarn(unless it is for a particular project). So, I organized all the patterns I have by the weight of yarn needed for them. And I’m now working my way through them.

The first of these stash-busting projects I did was a pair of baby booties from Bernat’s website. As I have a lot of smaller balls of yarn(mostly given to me by my Grandma when she wanted to get rid of her yarn), this is a really good project. Doesn’t take a lot of yarn, so it would work when you just have a bit left. It took me less than six hours to finish these. So, a fairly quick project. And they turned out pretty cute. The yarn I ended up using for them in one I bought simply because I thought it was pretty(so no project in mind for it).

side view of the booties

front view

The next project I worked on was from the book that came with my learn to knit kit, a knit dishcloth with eyelets. I attempted it when I was first learning, but even though it’s labeled as easy, I could not get the hang of the eyelets. Of course, I think I tried it with acrylic yarn back then instead of the cotton it calls for. So, I decided to try it again now and with the right yarn this time. It turned out pretty nice, and was another quick project(just a little over 4 hours to finish).

Then, I decided to do a bigger project. I have a large skein of yarn(like 850 yards) which is taking up most of the room in the tote. So, I started a blanket using that yarn. I have pretty much avoided knitting blankets so far, except for the two small square ones I made(about 12×12). They just take too long to make, and I don’t have quite the attention span for that. But, this one is smaller, about 24×24, so I decided to try it. I’m just a little over halfway finished with it now and I have all ready spent about thirteen hours on it. Hoping it does not take quite as long to do the second half of it. I think when I’m done though, I’ll do a quicker project next.

half finished blanket

Knitting Monday: St. Patrick’s Day Hats

I decided I wanted to make some St. Patrick’s Day hats at the end of January. I had a few ideas and sketched them out in an old sketchbook of mine I found in the closet. Now, I’m no artist, but at least they looked like hats and I could get the general idea of what I wanted to do.

The first hat I did was a shamrock hat. I knit it in all green, Limelight in the Caron Simply Soft yarn I had. I thought if I knit it in stockinette stitch, I could just purl some of the stitches and get the design I wanted. I even took a sheet of graph paper and figured out which stitches I would need to purl for this design. Unfortunately, my charting skills are not very good I guess. Because when I finished the hat, it looked more like a blob than a shamrock. So, I tried another idea. This time, I knit all the rows, except for the brim which I did in moss stitch, and when i was finished took some yellow yarn and in duplicate stitch, stitched on a shamrock. This one looked more like a shamrock, or at least you can tell what it is. And it was my first time doing duplicate stitch, so I was pretty happy with it.

shamrock hat with purled design

duplicate stitch shamrock

The next hat I decided to do was an Irish flag hat. This one I started with a ribbed brim in orange(Mango according to the label of the Simply Soft yarn I used) for about an inch then continued in stockinette stitch with the orange until I had about two inches. Then, I switched to white for another two inches before switching again to green(Limelight) which I finished the hat in. Then, I went back to the brim and picked up some stitches on the side with all 3 colors and started knitting some ear flaps and I-Cord ties. This took a little bit of figuring to make it work, but I think it turned out pretty nice for pretty much making it up as I went.

Irish Flag Hat

The next hat I did, I refer to as the “Bit O’ Green” hat. I did this one with a rolled brim, which I think gives it more of a girlish look. I knit in white for about 2 inches, then switched to green for one round and on the next two rounds did some stranding with both colors, then another round of just green before switching back to white until the hat was 4 inches. Then, I repeated the stranded band and finished the hat in white.

Bit O' Green Hat

After I finished that hat, I decided to make another shamrock hat. This one I knitted with white and attempted to do the duplicate stitch shamrock again. This time I drew out a shamrock on graph paper, but the petals(is that what they’re called) of the shamrock still weren’t quite proportional. I added ear flaps and ties to this one too.

Third attempt at a Shamrock hat

I enjoyed making these hats and since I did them all in a size for a newborn, they were pretty quick to knit up. Working on another hat now, but this is more of a spring hat, would maybe even be good for Easter.



Knitting Monday: Running Out

Shortly after I figured out this knitting thing, I went and bought some more yarn(my mom had given me some with the learn to knit kit that I used while figuring things out). One of these was a multicolor yarn. I really liked the colors in it, but didn’t have a certain project in mind for it. I ended up using it to make Hayleigh a scarf(about half the size of what the instructions for the pattern were). I also made a pair of baby mitts for Nathaniel with it. This year I decided to make Hayleigh a hat that would match her scarf. I still had some of this yarn left after that, so I figured I could make her a pair of matching mittens when the gloves I attempted didn’t work out. I was able to finish the first mitten without a problem. But, looking at what yarn I had left, I figured if there was enough to finish the second mitten, it would be really close. Well, I got about halfway through the second mitten and realized there was no way I had enough yarn left to finish it.

We went shopping this weekend, so I figured I would see if I could find this yarn so I could finish the mitten. Of course, I didn’t think about it while we were at the mall and near two different craft stores. Instead I waited until we were at walmart. They didn’t have it though(just about every other color, just not the one I needed). Checked out JoAnn fabrics too, but it wasn’t there either. We never made it down to Hobby Lobby. Knowing my luck, I probably would have found it there just because we didn’t stop. After we got home, I checked out the yarn’s site, thinking maybe I would just order it from there. So, I found the right type and found the color. It was about the same price as in the store so I put it in my “cart” and went to check out. And then I see the shipping price. Almost twice what the yarn costs! I just could not see spending so much for one thing of yarn. So, her mittens are sitting in my project bag still unfinished. And they’ll probably remain there until I can find the yarn I need in the store.

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