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JusJoJan:Day 21 – Mittens

Welcome to Day 21 of Just Jot It January. Today’s prompt is mittens, brought to us by Candy.

Here’s some mittens I’ve made over the last several years.


Toddler mitts Leona Baby Mitts Baby mitts102_4235102_4265


some fingerless gloves

some fingerless gloves


more fingerless gloves

more fingerless gloves

100_6064 100_6059 100_6052

Haven’t made any more mittens for a while. Never could quite get the thumbs quite right.



Crafty Tuesday: Finishing the Month’s Projects

I didn’t post last week. We had to take my daughter into the doctor(she ended up having strep), but I still could have managed a post. Just didn’t feel I had much to write about. So, I saved it all for this week. 🙂


Easy Knit Mittens:

These were the ones I was making for my son. Fit him a lot better than the other ones I had made. And I got the hole at the base of the thumb sewn up, which I hadn’t done with the other ones.

Reading Mitts:

This was a pattern I found over at ravelry. I’ve made some other fingerless mitts before, but this was the first time I’ve done them on double point needles. The other pattern are just knit on two straight needles then sew up the sides, leaving a hole for the thumb.

100_6063 100_6064

In Progress:

Right now, I’m working on a beret with a 1×1 rib brim. I haven’t made too much progress on it so far, just have the ribbing for the brim done. Should be able to have it finished by the end of the month though.

Coming Up:

Nothing planned right now. Once I have this beret done, that will be everything I had planned for the month. I’ll figure out March’s projects Thursday night probably.

Crafty Tuesday: Mittens, Monkey Hat, & Pencil Case


Easy Knit Mittens:

I was working on these last week. But, I hadn’t gotten too far since I kept making mistakes. I finally finished them the other day. They fit my daughter almost perfect


Monkey Hat:

I was working on this one last week. had finished the body of the hat at that point. I did get the earflaps done and the ties. And then I had to do the ears ans sew them on. I don’t think I got those sewn on in quite the right place though. the head looks very asymmetrical.


Pencil Case:

I started this one toward the end of last week, Friday I think. And I just finished it last night. Had to adapt the pattern for the ties a bit. Doing it as instructed, they weren’t even close to long enough to reach around it and actually tie. So, instead of two, I made 4. and joined them at the center of the back.


In Progress:

Easy Crochet Bag:

I was finally able to get to the store and get the yarn I needed to finish this project. That was yesterday. So, I just picked it back up today. I don’t have a whole lot more to go on it, so it will be finished some time this week.

Easy Knit Mittens:

Yes, this is also under finished projects. Have it here too because I started another pair of these for my son. I finished seaming the sides of the first one this morning and started the cuff for it. I should be finished with it by tomorrow or Thursday.

Coming Up:

Plans may change(mostly if I get orders for something else), but right now I’m planning on working on some reading mitts when I finish my son’s mittens. And once I finish the crochet bag, I don’t have any other planned crochet projects for the month. So, I’ll be working on some more afghan blocks. Either until I have enough to sew together into a blanket or until the end of the month.

Crafty Tuesday: More new hats

I have finished working on two hat projects in the last week and started two new projects, one of these another hat. I don’t know why, but it seems most of the patterns I find that I like and think I can do, are hat patterns.


Soft Berry Hat:

This is the one from Lion Brand Yarn. That I used Lily sugar n cream yarn instead of the Lion Brand organic cotton it called for. It took me about 8.5 hours to finish an adult sized hat.

100_6043 100_6046

Best Baby Cloche:

This was a crochet pattern I found on ravelry. It was my first time attempting to crochet a hat. And I think it turned out looking nice. It was a pretty quick project. Only took about 3 hours to finish. Actually only a little over 2 hours for the hat. Then, I had a little trouble with getting the flower started.


In Progress:

Easy Knit Mittens:

This is another pattern from Lion Brand Yarn. It requires a bulky weight yarn. I figured I could make a pair for both of the kids. Starting on my daughter’s first since she’s outside more during the cold. Plus one of the mittens I made her last year is falling apart. I’ve been having a little bit of trouble with the start of it, but that has more to do with me not paying attention than anything else. First I forgot to cast on the right number of stitches for the pattern size. Did the smaller amount instead. Then, when I realized that(after I had the cuff done), I casted them back on…onto the wrong needles(you start it on the smaller needles and then switch to larger ones). I realized that after only about half a dozen rows. So, I had to rip them back out. I now have it started again and am back to the point where I realized I was using the wrong needles. Hopefully now I can stop making stupid mistakes.

Crochet Monkey Hat:

This is another pattern from Ravelry. I have the main part of the hat finished after only an hour and a half. One thing about crochet, it does seem to be quicker than knitting. I still have to do the earflaps and the monkey ears.


Coming Up:

After I finish this pair of mittens, I’ll be starting on another pair. I don’t expect that to be finished before next Tuesday. I’ll probably be finished with the monkey hat either today or tomorrow though. And after that, since I probably still won’t have the yarn to finish the crochet bag I started last month, I’ll be working on a Roll-up Pencil Case(which I’ll actually probably use for my hooks).

Knitting Monday: Finished Mittens

Two weeks ago, I posted about running out of yarn and not being able to finish a project. Later that week, we were back up at the mall so I ran into the yarn stores. A.C. Moore did not have the color I needed but I was thinking I had originally bought it at Michael’s anyway, so I went over there and was finally bale to find it. I figured I’d be able to finish the mittens I had started over the weekend now that I had the yarn. That didn’t happen though. I think my body was still adjusting to the recent time change and I felt so tired by the time I got the kids to bed that I did not feel like doing any knitting.

I finally got to them by Wednesday. It only took me about another hour to finish the mitten off since I was all ready about halfway done with it. I seamed up the sides of the two mittens differently. On the second one, I did an invisible seam which I like a lot better since it make it look neater. I had just forgotten how to do it.


Knitting Monday: Running Out

Shortly after I figured out this knitting thing, I went and bought some more yarn(my mom had given me some with the learn to knit kit that I used while figuring things out). One of these was a multicolor yarn. I really liked the colors in it, but didn’t have a certain project in mind for it. I ended up using it to make Hayleigh a scarf(about half the size of what the instructions for the pattern were). I also made a pair of baby mitts for Nathaniel with it. This year I decided to make Hayleigh a hat that would match her scarf. I still had some of this yarn left after that, so I figured I could make her a pair of matching mittens when the gloves I attempted didn’t work out. I was able to finish the first mitten without a problem. But, looking at what yarn I had left, I figured if there was enough to finish the second mitten, it would be really close. Well, I got about halfway through the second mitten and realized there was no way I had enough yarn left to finish it.

We went shopping this weekend, so I figured I would see if I could find this yarn so I could finish the mitten. Of course, I didn’t think about it while we were at the mall and near two different craft stores. Instead I waited until we were at walmart. They didn’t have it though(just about every other color, just not the one I needed). Checked out JoAnn fabrics too, but it wasn’t there either. We never made it down to Hobby Lobby. Knowing my luck, I probably would have found it there just because we didn’t stop. After we got home, I checked out the yarn’s site, thinking maybe I would just order it from there. So, I found the right type and found the color. It was about the same price as in the store so I put it in my “cart” and went to check out. And then I see the shipping price. Almost twice what the yarn costs! I just could not see spending so much for one thing of yarn. So, her mittens are sitting in my project bag still unfinished. And they’ll probably remain there until I can find the yarn I need in the store.

Knitting Monday: Winter is Coming

Not sure what it is like where everyone else is from, but here it is certainly starting to cool off. We’ve gone from temperatures in the 70s down to 50s the next week. So, it’s definitely time to start some winter knitting. I started that last week by making Nathaniel his first pair of thumbed mittens. Knowing my son, I knitted a cord so they can hang through his jacket, or sweatshirt for right now. This first pair match his Halloween costume, and I’m planning on making another pair to match the hat I made him last month.

I also started a pair of gloves for Hayleigh, but I think they are going to be too big for her. But, it will be some practice with double pointed needles on something other than decreasing hats. I guess I should have measured her hand circumference before I started. I thought about just adjusting the pattern, but I’m afraid I would not adjust it right and really screw it up, particularly the fingers. So, I’m just going to see how they turn out. Maybe she’ll be able to wear them sometime down the road. If they don’t fit her now and I have enough of the yarn left from the hat and scarf I made her before, I’ll make her a matching pair of mittens instead.

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