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Writing Wednesday: Starting Again

It’s a new round of RoW80, a new month, and a new project to work on. That is the next story in my Gilbert, Co series. I wrote parts of this years ago. Back then it was actually book 3 in the series, now it’s book 8(not counting the novellas). If you read book 1, Duty to Protect, you’ll recognize the main character. Except he was sixteen in that one. This one takes place about five years later.

It hasn’t been a bad start to the month, though I haven’t made as much progress as I’d hope. Still, it’s only the first Wednesday. Last night we went and watched fireworks set off over Presque Isle Bay. Fireworks are not my favorite thing, but the kids enjoyed it. We got there 2 hours early, the display only lasted 20 minutes, then we waited another hour just to get out of the parking lot. More fireworks Friday for a local festival and then our community is doing their fourth of July fireworks on the 7th.

I don’t have a whole lot of Nowhere to Run written yet, so I am going to share a little more from Flames of Knowledge. This actually happens a little bit before last week’s.

He put his hand over theirs, and Ames jerked slightly. “Sorry,” they said and started to pull their hand away. “I shouldn’t have…”
They trailed off when he tightened his hand over theirs. “Don’t,” he said, his voice coming out hoarse. “Please don’t.”
Their eyes widened slightly, but their hand stayed there, relaxing in his grip. Even when he let go, Ames kept the hand right where it was. “Do you feel that?” he asked. “No one else has done that to me. Not in a long time.” Ever maybe. But, that felt like too much to admit. This soon at least.
“A rapidly beating heart is not a good thing, Connor. It means your heart’s trying to work too hard.”
His lips curled up. “This is what I get. I am often too literal, and when I try to expose myself, it gets thrown back in my face.”
Ames’ lips quirked. “You better not be exposing yourself outside this apartment, or your brother might have to arrest you.”
His mouth fell open then he’d realized exactly what he’d said and laughed. When he rested his forehead against theirs, he said, “You know that is not what I meant. I’m trying to tell you something, Ames.”
“I know,” they said, smiling up at him. “I’m trying to not let you get too serious.”
“Too late. Ask anyone in my family, I’ve always been too serious.”
Ames smiled and ran their thumb along his lips. “I don’t know about that. You lighten up occasionally.”
The more they touched him, the faster the blood seemed to rush through him. He wasn’t used to this. He got turned on occasionally, but never this quick. Then again, maybe it wasn’t quick. He and Ames had been dancing around each other for more than two months now. Still, he didn’t want to make the wrong move.


Color Code:

Goal Met

Progress Made

Set Aside

Not Done


  • Primary: Heart to Heart – finish Story Toolkit
    • This Week: Character Arcs – Marshall & Natalie
  • Secondary: Heart to Heart – Outline Act 1, List rest of scenes
  • Tertiary: Nowhere to Run – Outline Act 2
  • Stretch: Neil & Lin(Rileys #2) – Brainstorm


  • Primary: Nowhere to Run – Draft through Chapter 14/~25000 words – 2694/25000 words
    • This Week: Write 6 Scenes – Finished scene 3/6
  • Secondary: Side Projects – 5000 words – 693/5000 words
    • This Week:
      • Arresting Callum – 500 words – 513/500 words
      • Hawk – 500 words – 180/500 words
      • Jacob & Matthew – 500 words
  • Tertiary: Jonas & Isaac – 15 pages
    • This Week: 2.5 pages
  • Stretch: By the Gun – 4 Chapters
    • This Week: Chapter 1


  • Primary: Short Story Collection
    • This Week: Bree & Jenny – 1 scene
  • Secondary: Stained Blood – Beta Edits(as I get chapters back)
  • Tertiary: Flames of Renewal – Proofread(once I get it back from proofreader)
  • Stretch: Law of Choice – CP edits(if I get it back this month)


  • Flames of Renewal


  • Read: 20 books – 6/20 books
    • Prowl(Alexis Duran) – Started this Saturday night. Finished it Sunday afternoon.
    • Pounce(Alexis Duran) – Started this Sunday afternoon. Finished it Sunday evening.
    • Roam(Alexis Duran) – Started this Sunday evening. Finished it Sunday night.
    • The Last Single Girl(Bria Quinlan) – Read this Monday afternoon.
    • Glutton for Pleasure(Alisha Rai) – Started this Monday afternoon. Finished it Monday night.
    • Just Juliet(Charlotte Raegen) – Started this Monday night. Finished it Wednesday morning.
  • Listen: 5 books – 4/5
    • Restore Me(Tahereh Mafi) – Started this Friday morning. Finished this Sunday morning.
    • Level Up(Cathy Yardley) – Started this Monday morning. Finished it Monday afternoon.
    • One True Pairing(Cathy Yardley) – Started this Monday afternoon. Finished it Tuesday afternoon.
    • Hooked(Cathy Yardley) – Started this Tuesday afternoon. Finished it Tuesday night.
    • Burning Up(Jennifer Blackwood) – Started this Wednesday morning. On Chapter 5/27

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Writing Wednesday: Going Well

This week is going well so far. I slept later than usual(so after 5 in the morning) on Sunday. Thankfully, with me changing my schedule(only trying to get through the first half of the draft instead of the whole draft), I was actually ahead. So, it didn’t matter too much. And I was able to meet all my other goals as well as getting ahead on Tuesday’s goal.

And since then things have been going well. Making steady progress on the words. And on the other goals as well. I’ll get more into that later in this post. For now, it’s WiPPet Wednesday again!! Like last week, I’m going to share from two projects. It’s 4/11, so I’m taking each 1 times the 4, so I’ll have 4 paragraphs from Jonas & Isaac and Flames of Knowledge. First up, Jonas & Isaac:

“You can ask for anything, Jonas,” she said, an almost gentle tone to her voice. “From what I’ve seen, you have a very supportive family. They’d likely do anything to help you. But, you do have to ask or how do they know what you need?”

He felt a pang somewhere near his heart. How could he do that? How could he let them know just how weak he was feeling? After his mother had fought to get where she was now. His father never would have been this close to succumbing. Jonas was doing nothing but letting his father’s memory down.

“I don’t need anything,” he insisted. “I’m good.”

He would be. He promised himself he’d find a way to be just fine.

Oh, Jonas, you stubborn, stubborn man. And you may not have known your father quite so well if you believe all that crap in your head(which his brother tells him a bit later).

And now for Flames of Knowledge. We get our first glimpse of Ames, the other main character, here, but we’re still in Connor’s POV.

He stopped when he saw someone else heading up into the field. His heart beat a little faster, knowing instantly who it was. They didn’t even look his way, though. He could put himself in their path, of course. It would only take a couple steps to do that.
As if they had heard his thoughts, their head jerked up and they met his eyes. He lifted his hand to wave, but they were already turning the other way. Damn it.
Connor still hadn’t figured out what he’d done wrong, but every time Ames saw him, that was their reaction. He wished he knew what he could do to change it. Probably nothing.
He didn’t know why he kept trying.

This obviously isn’t their first meeting. Why does Ames turn away from him? Was it something he did? Or something else?

And now for how my goals are going:

Color Code:

Finished/Monthly Goal Met


Nothing Done

Set Aside


  • Primary: Nowhere to Run – Outline
    • This week: Beat sheets Act 1, 2, 3, & 4, & Timeline
  • Secondary: Craving You – Outline
  • Tertiary: Flames of Knowledge – Outline Acts 2, 3, & 4
  • Stretch: Heart to Heart – Brainstorm


  • Primary: Flames of Knowledge – Chapter 21/42 – 12824/~35000 words
    • This week: Through Chapter 10/21 – On Chapter 8/10
  • Secondary: Side Projects – 3350 words – 1346/3350 words
    • This week:
      • Kayla & Reese: 1000 words – 498/1000
  • Tertiary: Jonas & Isaac – 15 pages – 5.17/15 pages
    • This week: 3.5 pages – 1.5/3.5 pages
  • By the Gun – 2000 words


  • Primary: Stained Blood – Beta edits
  • Secondary: Flames of Renewal – Send to Betas(if anyone’s interested in giving feedback, let me know. You can find a summary here)
  • Tertiary: Short Story Collection
    • Mistaken Meeting
    • Hang On
      • This week: read through, edit
    • Bree & Jenny
  • Stretch: Law of Choice – send to CP


  • Read: 20 books – 9/20
    • Singe(Aly Martinez) – Started this Saturday night. Finished it Sunday afternoon.
    • Fatal Flaw(Marie Force) – Started this Sunday afternoon. On page 152/399
    • Fortitude Smashed(Taylor Brooke) – Started this Monday night. At 16%.
    • Revelations(Lindsay Buroker) – Started this Tuesday morning. Finished it Tuesday night.
  • Listen: 5 books – 5/5
    • Angels’ Blood(Nalini Singh) – Started this Monday morning. Finished it Monday evening.
    • Traitor to the Throne(Alwyn Hamilton) – Started this Tuesday morning. On Chapter 28/51

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  • Knit: Dunfallandy Baby Blanket
    • This week: finish side 1 of border – up to row 42/56
  • Crochet: Boxy Blanket
    • This week: get to 20 rows – 10 rows

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