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Monday Mentions: Worldbuilding & Psychology Myths

Only have a couple posts to share today, and more of my own words to write, so going to get right to it.

First, a post on How to Worldbuild from Ava Jae. And doing it without info-dumping.

I’ll admit I haven’t thought too much about worldbuilding with my own writing. I mostly write in the “real world”. Of course, I do make up my own cities/towns for my books so there is some building that goes on there. I ground those towns near real places, though. 2 of my series take place in Northwestern PA, grounded near Erie. This is an area I’m familiar with, which actually can have problems of its own. Sometimes I think something’s perfectly clear because I know what to expect in the area, but my CP or beta readers might now see it. While I don’t need to worry about everything on the list she has, some of it is certainly a good thing to keep in mind even if you’re not writing a whole new world.

And from Kassandra Lamb 9 Common Psychology Myths on Jami Gold’s blog. #1 is one I’ve heard a good bit of people get wrong. I actually wrote a group paper about this in college(during my 3 year psych major). Some good things to keep in mind here.

And that’s all I have for today. Have you read any good blog posts recently? Writing related or otherwise.

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