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Word a Day: Hope

Today’s word for the Word a Day challenge is Hope. This is another theme that tends to run through my stories. Sometimes characters may not have a lot of hope at the beginning. But, by the end they always find it. They may not always end on a “Happy Ever After” but I always have at least a “Happy for Now”. And since I tend to write connected series, you can usually see that “For Now” turn into “Ever After”. It’s actually one of my favorite parts of writing this type of series. Being able to bring other characters back in and see what’s happening with them.

Just this morning I actually wrote a bit about hope in one of my WiPs. Ready When You Are is part of my Hunter Family series, which is a spin-off of my Flames series. I’m not too far into this story, but these two actually first met in the previous book(another thing I like about writing connected series…being able to set up future books/relationships). If two men kissing bothers you, you may not want to read on.

Something heavy felt lodged in Oliver’s chest. Was it hope or something darker? He knew the weight of hope and how sometimes it could bury you. He hoped Kelan would help lift him out if that started to happen this time. “Yes, to both of those.”
At the sound of shouted numbers from down the hallway, they both turned their heads toward the door. Nine. Eight.
“It’s almost midnight,” Oliver said.
“Sounds that way.” Kelan pushed up from the bed and took a step closer to Oliver.
Five. Four. Three.
Oliver met Kelan with another step, and one hand reached automatically for his hip. He’d promised to take things at Kelan’s pace, but the other man had come to him. “It’s tradition to kiss someone at midnight,” he said.
Kelan faltered a little, then he smiled. “So, it is. And my family’s pretty big on traditions.”
One. Happy New Year.
Oliver leaned forward, and Kelan met him halfway, their lips pressing together. He wasn’t sure how long it lasted, as he felt himself spiral away, falling deeper and deeper. Then, Kelan was stepping back. Oliver had to shake himself out of his stupor. Everyone was still cheering out in the living room, so the kiss couldn’t have lasted the years it felt like. It must have been less than a minute.
“Friday,” Kelan said.
Oliver gave a little shake of his head. “Huh?” he asked, still a little dazed from how Kelan’s lips had felt on his.
“Dinner,” Kelan said. “If you still want to do that anyway.”
Oliver winced a little. Kelan had apparently gotten the wrong impression from his stunned reaction. He lifted his gaze to meet the other man’s now. And saw some of that wariness in those [xx] eyes. “Of course I do. Especially if it means we can find a way to kiss like that again.”
Kelan’s shoulders lowered slightly. Maybe Oliver wasn’t the only one feeling the weight of hope. Friday was only two days away. It shouldn’t bury him too deep by then.

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