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Writing Wednesday: A Brother’s Fear

This round of ROW80 technically isn’t over until tomorrow. Usually I post my last check-in and overview of the round’s progress on Wednesday anyway. Right now I’m really behind on my goals so just taking the time to post a quick WiPPet. Sticking with Slow Revenge(which is undergoing a possible title change. more on that another day maybe). I’m scouring through this with a fine tooth comb(well, red pen) which is part of why I’m behind on my goals. Underestimated how much time it would take to read through so carefully.

Anyway, here are 8 paragraphs on 3/26/14(3+2+6+1+4 = 16/2=8). I think I posted the very beginning of this during a previous draft, so it might seem a little familiar.

    He set three plates at the places his mother had already set then stood, confused for a moment when he realized he still had one plate in his hand.
“Damn it.” He returned the extra plate to the cupboard and had to take a moment to regain his composure before turning back to his parents. He hoped this table would see more than these three seats again.
Dinner that night was silent. It just wasn’t the same without Connie. There had been times she wasn’t there. But, this was different, knowing there was a possibility she wouldn’t ever join them again. Garren’s hand paused with a bite of food almost to his mouth when he heard tires crunch over the gravel in the driveway.
So many feelings flew through him at the sound, he couldn’t even process them all. The biggest of these was hope though. Could it be her?
His gaze swept to his parents and was sure the shock and hope in their eyes reflected in his own. He jumped from his seat and his legs ate up the distance in a few steps on the way to the door.
His father was right behind him. At the sight of his best friend’s truck, Garren’s heart lifted in instant relief. Maybe his father had been right. They had stayed longer than planned. They were here now.
He grabbed onto the door frame when he realized only one person was in the truck, and his knees threatened to give out on him. Geoff jumped out of the truck and started toward the house, and Garren knew. Something had happened. Something bad.
He shook his head as Geoff approached him. “Don’t say it. Please don’t say it, Geoff.”

That’s it for me today. Like I said, I’ll post my final RoW80 check-in and evaluation of my goals tomorrow. Right now, it’s back to writing. Of course, you can always check out the other WiPPeteers here or even post your own snippet and share it with us. All are welcome. 🙂

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