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Fitness Friday: Coming Back

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these posts. I’ll admit I haven’t been doing well with my fitness. There are a lot of excuses I could make, but that’s really all they are. So, I’m not going to even bother.

A couple weeks ago, I got a new fitness tracker, the Jawbone Up Move. It’s a basic model but it works for me. And I can clip it on my pocket instead of jut wearing it n my wrist, so it actually tracks steps instead of how many times I swing my arm. I also got a Zumba DVD at the same time. Regular workout DVDs tend to bore me, so I thought this one would be more fun. Of course, my knees crack and grind with every step of it, so I haven’t done too much with it, other than learning the different steps. We also got this mini stepper thing, which  have the same problem with my knees on it, but I’ve done that almost every day this week, between 500-1000 steps on it. Now, that the weather is getting nicer, I’ll probably be taking more walks, but I’ll use that on the rainy/cold days. ne upside of it is I can do other stuff, like reading blog posts or even some typing while I walk on it. I’d even set up a sort of “standing desk” one day. I find it easier just to hold my surface and use the on-screen keyboard when I’m on it, though.

Anyway, I didn’t track my weight for the first week I was making these changes. But, I have this week. So, that’s what I’ll use for my stats here.

Starting weight: 178.8 lbs

Goal Weight: 155 lbs

Today’s Weight: 177.4

Loss since last weigh-in: 1.4 lbs(in 5 days)

Total loss: 1.4 lbs

To goal: 22.4 lbs

I know numbers aren’t the most important thing when it comes to fitness & being healthy, but it is the easiest thing to track. And, personally, I need to see the numbers. I’m planning to post most weeks, and at least once a month. Some Fridays I’ll have something else to share, mostly a Fiction Friday post, but when I don’t have cover reveals or new releases(either my own or someone else’s) to share, I’m  planning to post my fitness progress.

Fitness Friday: Turning Around

Last time I’d posted, I’d been a bit frustrated because my weight was going the wrong way. I decided to start weighing myself every week. Every dad is a bit too much, seeing all the fluctuations. But, I hoped weekly would at least show a pattern. So far, I’ve steadily been turning in the right direction.

What I’m Doing:

  • Water: Doing a bit better about drinking more of it. Still not where it should be
  • Exercise: I’m on week 2 of a 30 day High Intensity Interval Training Challenge. I actually had to stop in the middle of a workout the other day because as I was doing a set of thrusters, my knee made a crunching sound. And it hurt to squat down. I’m going to pick back up with today’s workout, though.
  • Snacking: Getting better with this too. I’ve been getting fruit, mostly watermelon & cantaloupe. Also some grapefruit. Cutting this up so it’s ready when I want to eat some. So, I haven’t been eating as much crap.
  • Planning Meals: Granted, these aren’t always exactly healthy. But, it does mean I’m not usually cooking from a box, and I try to keep from eating seconds. And then, there’s leftovers for lunch.


  • May 29(my last check-in on here): I weighed 177.6
  • 6/5: 176(pretty big loss for 1 week)
  • 6/14(forgot to weigh on Friday, but did on Sunday): 175.4
  • 6/19(not quite a week, but back on track): 174.8

So, in 3 weeks, I’ve dropped almost 3 pounds. And I’m back to where I was at the beginning of the year(the last time I stopped tracking was in March when I was down another 2 pounds). Definitely not where I want to be, but I know I won’t get there right away. Just need to keep at it.

Fitness Friday: Not So Good

I almost didn’t even write today’s post. I really don’t want to. In the last four weeks, I’ve gained .4 pounds. No, it’s not a lot. But, I’m so not happy with it.

And I can really only blame myself. I haven’t gotten out for my walks/runs much in the last two weeks. Before that I was doing pretty good. But, there’ve been a lot of rainy days. And I’d been falling behind on my to-do lists, so I put off working out in favor of getting other things done. And just generally lacked the motivation to do it. Again, totally all on me.

I have been drinking water, but certainly not as much as I should be. I just have a hard time to remember to drink it, even if I keep a bottle filled.

My snacking is still so-so. I don’t snack constantly, so that’s something. I still need to come up with some healthier alternatives. And I have a sweet tooth, so there’s that.

Kids’ last day of school is next Wednesday, so I’m going to have to find an alternate workout as well. I’d thought I’d let them ride their bikes down to the beach(at the lake where we live. maybe about a mile from our house…possibly less) and I’d walk with them. But, they aren’t so good at staying on one side of a path/road. So, I’m not so sure about that. Then, there’s the hill they’d have to ride back up to get back to the house. I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

Fitness Friday: Back to It

Yes, I’ve been gone for a while. Well, not really gone, but while I was doing the A-Z challenge, I didn’t worry about any of my other Friday posts. And, unfortunately, this seems to correlate to me not watching my eating or exercising as well. Weighed myself for the first time in over a month yesterday: up 5 pounds since the middle of March. Definitely not the way I wanted to go.

For the last couple of weeks, since the weather has turned nicer, I’ve been getting out for walks when it hasn’t been raining. And over the last week, I’ve been getting back to the couch to 5k program. I used to love to run when I was in high school. The problem is that my knees and hips did not appreciate it. I’m only 30, but sometimes I feel like my knees are twice as old. But, I still enjoy the feeling of running. Every other time I’ve attempted this program, I haven’t gotten past week 2. Going to try my hardest to finish it this time. And I have about 4.5 weeks until the kids get out of school for the summer. Once that happens I don’t know what I’ll do for workouts.

I’ve also tried to get back into tracking my meals. Not always easy when I make things from scratch. Or for me to remember to do it at all. But, I’m working on it.I do not want the weight to keep creeping up. So, I really need to get serious about it.

Last weigh-in: 172.8

Today’s weigh-in: 177.2

Total loss/gain: +4.4 pounds(boo!)

I still probably won’t be checking in weekly, but I need to hold myself to at least monthly.


Fitness Friday: Wrong Way

I was going to post an update last week, and I…didn’t. That’s it. No excuses really. I just didn’t do it. So, I’m here to do that this week.

What I’ve been doing:


I’ve been shoveling snow pretty much every day this week for at least an hour. Tuesday I didn’t because it was raining out. The snow is slowly melting, but so much of it has been pushed aside and piled up on the sides of our sidewalk and porch, so I’ve been trying to move it and widen the walkway to our front door. Also, I downloaded the Move app. I have it set to alert me every 30 minutes between 9 a.m.-3 p.m. with a random exercise. I can usually burn at least 100 calories if I do at least most of these.


I’ve been doing pretty good with this. Usually finish off 1.5-2 bottles a day. Instead of wasting a lot of bottles of water, I keep refilling the same one. If I don’t have the bottle right with me, I don’t drink very much though. So, I need to get better at making sure I have it there.


This is what I need to get better with. I haven’t been snacking too much, although more than I should when I’m editing. I really need to go and get something healthy to crunch on for those times. And not a bowl of sugary cereal. I also really need to get back into tracking what I’m eating. I used to do this and then I stopped.

Beginning weight: 174

Last check-in weight: 171.8

Today’s weight: 172.8

Weekly loss/gain: +1(for 3 weeks)

Total loss/gain -1.2

Not the way I want it to go, but hopefully I can start heading in the right direction again.

Fitness Friday: Two in a Row

I actually posted for Fitness Friday two weeks in a row. First time for that. Not a whole lot to report. Last weekend there was a good bit of eating out. I worked at one of the gates for a local track on Saturday ripping tickets. Since I had to be there early afternoon, we stopped and got lunch from Burger King on the way up. I grabbed a hot dog and drink from the concession stand after my shift, although I didn’t eat all of the bun because the bottom half was moldy. May just skip that the next time I work there. Then, we stopped at McDonald’s on the way home(at like midnight). I don’t remember what we did for lunch Sunday, but we went and got ice cream for dinner. Not exactly healthy meals. I’ve been sticking with mostly sandwiches for lunch(would do salads if we weren’t out of lettuce) and something small for dinner. And I’ve done something exercise-wise each day(except for today). Tomorrow we have a family reunion to go to. It’s at a private campground and there’s a little water park there too. I’m going to try to control how much I eat, but my will power tends to be weak when all that food is sitting out there. And there will be a lot of running around after the kids. And we have another family reunion to go to on Sunday.


Starting weight: 165.2

Last week’s weight: 166.8

Today’s weight: 166.4

Weekly Loss: .4 lbs

Total Loss: still up just over 1 pound. But, it’s coming down at least.

Fitness Friday: Joining In

When I first heard about other people posting for Fitness Friday, I wasn’t going to bother joining in. I figured I was still doing good, wasn’t too far over where I wanted to be. I’m really not sure what happened, but I’m certainly not there any more.

When I had my son, a little more than 2.5 years ago, I told myself I wasn’t going to get back to where I was when I got pregnant with him. I wasn’t overly heavy, really just about at the high end of normal according to BMI. But, I wasn’t happy with myself when I was there. During that pregnancy, I had gestational diabetes so I had to watch what I ate during that last trimester. And I didn’t even gain a total of 10 pounds by the time he was born(and apparently I’m not much of a gainer during pregnancy. I didn’t even gain 20 with my daughter and didn’t have to restrict what I ate). So, right after he was born, I was actually a little more than 10 pounds under what I’d been at the start. Like, I said I was determined not to get back to that. And wanted to lose even another 10 pounds. Well, I did managed that. Got down to about 25 pounds less than what I weighed when I got pregnant with him(both of them actually, because I weighed the same at the beginning of both pregnancies then lost after daughter was born, but gained it back).

At the end of last summer, when my son turned 2, I was down to 142 pounds. And I was happy there. Was just trying to maintain that. But, I got lazy. That’s really the only way to put it. I stopped tracking what I was eating. Stopped working out regularly. Just stopped doing pretty much anything. And slowly the weight has crept back up. And I’m not happy about it. And I only have myself to not be happy with. I’ve gone from 142 pounds at the end of last August to 166 last week. It’s unacceptable. So, I’m getting back on track now.

I’ve been doing good the last week. Have been keeping track of what I eat on My Fitness Pal, and for the most part have stayed within my calories. My biggest problem seems to be snacking. So, I’ve been trying to get control over that again. And for the most part, I have. Try to stick with 1 snack between each bigger meal. And I’ve worked out every day this week. I did something to my foot on Monday, I think. Not exactly sure what, but it felt like I pulled something on the inside/bottom of my left foot. I worked out to my Gold’s Gym Sculpt & Burn DVD on Wednesday when it was feeling better and it started to hurt again. So, I’ve stuck with walking on the treadmill the last couple of days.


Starting weight: 165.2

Goal: 145


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