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Knitting Monday: Knitting Toys

For the last couple days I have been on a toy knitting kick. It probably helps that I ran out of the yarn I needed for the hat ideas I have. So, I wanted to do some quick projects so I wouldn’t be in the middle of a long one when I did get more yarn. So, on Thursday I started to knit an elephant balloon animal. Yes, you read that right, I knit a balloon animal. It starts as a strip and when you have the full length, you seem the sides, stuffing it as you go. Once you have the tube stuffed, you can start tying off the sections to give it the right shape. It took me about 10.5 hours to finish this. The worst part was twisting it, because it didn’t want to stay the way I had twisted it before a could get the length of yarn tied around it.

Elephant Balloon Animal

I finished the elephant Saturday night, and Sunday morning I decided to start something else. I had some super bulky weight yarn that I had bought because I thought it was pretty. Didn’t realize at the time how difficult it would be to work with. I had tried to knit with it a month or so back, and the results were not pretty. So, I scrapped that project and put it away to try again some other time. Well, I had a pattern that I had tried to attempt once before that called for super bulky yarn. But, I had tried it with a regular worsted weight yarn. It wasn’t bad until I reached the part that needed to be stuffed and the knitting was so loose the stuffing was easy to pull out of it. I tried it again now, and found my knitting was still loose, but I decided to see it through and actually finish it this time. I’m not sure why I can’t get it tight enough to hold the stuffing in, so I guess that’s something else I’ll have to work on. May have to go down a needle size from what the pattern calls for.

Cuddly Bunny

Knitting Monday: Turtles, Turtles Everywhere

Earlier this month, I decided I wanted to make something for my nephew who was turning one. I looked through the patterns I all ready had, but nothing stood out to me. So, I did a new pattern search on Ravelry and found this one. Thought it was really cute, so decided to try it. This one knitted up pretty quick so I decided to make it a friend as well.

A pair of turtles

Then, just a few days after I opened for business, I got a request to make a ninja turtle hat. I couldn’t find a pattern for a knitted one(although I did find one for a crochet hat), so after looking at some pictures I came up with an idea of how to do it. After working out the details, I started on the hat. I had planned on getting the money before starting on a project, but since I had not done one like this before, I wanted to be sure I could do it before taking any money. It only took me about 2 days to finish it. I was pretty pleased with it since it actually turned out pretty much the way I had pictured.

First attempt

The customer wanted something a little different though(mask a little lower and wider with wider eyes). So, I started on another one and made some adjustments for what she wanted. And I think the second attempt turned out even better.

Second attempt

Making this hat did give me some confidence that I can make my own designs, instead of just following someone else’s pattern. I have some ideas now for other hats as well that I’m hoping to make.

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