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Teaser Tuesday: Almost Here

Only about 2.5 weeks until Stained Snow comes out! You can add it to your Goodreads or pre-order it for Kindle. But, for now, here’s another little teaser:

William should have stepped away when Maggie came to him. He’d already told her the promise he’d made to her father. She hadn’t been happy about it. Her tears nearly ripped his heart out. It was the right decision. Even though he still couldn’t bring himself to ride out.
In the morning.
That’s why he hadn’t pushed her away. Why he said he’d wanted to take a walk with her. He wanted to tell her first. He couldn’t put it off any longer. After he tracked Thomas down and made sure he paid for his crimes, he could return. He’d marry Maggie if she wanted him. After that, he didn’t really know. He was almost afraid to even plan that far ahead.
When she pressed her lips to his, a walk was the last thing on his mind. If George hadn’t been standing on the porch watching them, he may have pulled her away to do more than kiss. He couldn’t risk it. He’d kept his hands to himself for more than two days. He wanted to touch her so bad, but he wouldn’t go back on his word. Still, a kiss was innocent enough.
He broke away after a moment but kept his hands on her shoulders. “We need to talk, Maggie.” He cast a glance over her shoulder at her father. “Will you walk with me?”
A nervous look fluttered through her eyes then she nodded, and he reached down to take her hand. They turned away and walked toward the corner of the barn. “What’s going on, Will?”
His stomach twisted into knots. He didn’t want to leave her, but it had to be done. The fact Thomas remained out there ate away at him. He couldn’t rest easy until this was over. He cleared his throat but didn’t look over at her.
“I’ll be riding out in the morning.”
She gasped and tore her hand away from his. He finally looked over at her and the hurt in her eyes. “Maggie.”
She shook her head. “You brought me out here to tell me that? Why didn’t you just leave then?”
He reached out for her again. “I don’t want to go. I have to finish this with my brother though. I can’t live with myself if he remains free. I can’t start a life with anyone else either.”
Something bloomed in her eyes. “You want to start a life with me?”
He took her hands. “I don’t have anything to return to back in Lander. My family’s gone, my ranch is gone. The land’s the only thing, and Patrick can take care of that. My heart’s here with you, Maggie.”

And watch for it March 11!

Teaser Tuesday: Coming Soon

On this Teaser Tuesday, I have another snippet from Stained Snow, which now has an official release date! It will be available for Kindle on March 11! For right now, I’m only releasing it on Amazon, so it will also be available for Kindle Unlimited. I should have a pre-order link soon, but you can add it on Goodreads now.

Also, I’ll be doing a cover reveal for it on Friday. If you want to help with that, there’s some more information here.

And for now, a little teaser from Chapter 16 of Stained Snow.

He stepped inside the house, and Maggie turned from the fireplace with a smile for him. “Will. I put some coffee on. I figured you and Pa would want some when you came inside.”
“Adam just rode up.”
Her smile wobbled slightly then came back. “Well, there’s enough for him too.”
William pulled off his gloves and shed his coat before walking over to the fire. He should have dealt with the cold instead of warming his hands over the flames. Being so close to Maggie ignited another blaze inside of him. He closed his eyes. He couldn’t do this. He’d told her he wouldn’t do it. Why couldn’t he stop thinking about it?
Her hand came down to his arm, and he opened his eyes again. She was right there, and he barely bit back a moan. “Maggie.” His voice sounded strained through his lips.
He’d told her to stop touching him, and she did it more. Like she taunted him, testing his power to resist her. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could do that.

Teaser Tuesday/JusJoJan: Day 12 – Skulls

It’s day 12 of Just Jot It January. Today’s prompt is “skulls”. And I have nothing for this, really. I do have another teaser for Stained Snow, though. I searched through to see if I used the word skull anywhere in the story. But, nope. Instead here’s a bit about hard-headedness.

“David, you’re not coming.” The sheriff had already started forming a posse. Even if William hadn’t been a deputy, the responsibility to join it would have pulled at him. He would have rather get his family home, but that wasn’t a possibility now.
“I can ride a horse too. Why can’t I go, Pa?”
“Because you’re too young. I said you’re not coming.” Had he ever been so hard-headed? Where else could David have gotten the trait from? “It’s too dangerous.”
“You’re going.”
This boy would be the death of him.

I’m still hoping to have this out in March or April, though it may end up being late April. We’ll have to see. Right now I’m working through Edits as I get chapters back from my beta reader. So, once I have them all back, I’ll have a better idea of a release date.


JusJoJan: Day 5 – 2016

We’re only 5 days into 2016, so I’m not sure how much I can really say for today’s Just Jot It post.

I was thinking about sharing a teaser for my upcoming release today. I still don’t have a solid release date for it. Shooting for March or April hopefully. I did get together a cover for it, at least. I have 2 more stories in the series, and I’m hoping to release them in pretty quick succession, probably 1 a month. They’re only going to be available on Amazon, so they’ll be up for Kindle Unlimited. My other series are on all vendors, but they’re on-going ones. These ones will likely just be the three books, so they’re more contained, so I’m going to try it with them.

And 2016 is also the year when we add to our family. No, we’re not having any more human children. Not sure my sanity could survive that. But, we did add a new furbaby to our household. We just brought him home today.

riding home

riding home

Still currently nameless, though I do have a list to choose from. Now, to just pick one.

And as for that snippet:

“Last time I saw him he tried to kill me. Why would you put something like this past him?”
The sheriff pushed his hat back on his head. “That was a misunderstanding, William. He was angry because he thought you tried to steal his girl.”
“It was no misunderstanding. That’s the lie Ma prefers to believe. Thomas is always angry. I don’t think he knows anything else.”
“Knowin’ that, you should have more sense than trying to go after him without more proof. I can’t haul him in because you say so. I’d have to find him first.”
William clenched his jaw, his fist tightening at his side. “He’s capable of this. He wants me to know he’s around. What if it’s Anna he comes after next? He’s tried to take her from me since I met her.”
“He wouldn’t dare do that. He has to know you’d never stop hunting him down if he hurt her.”

Teaser Tuesday: “You Did Nothing.”

So, this will be a new series here on the blog. Each Tuesday, I’ll share a small snippet from an upcoming release. For right now, that means First Choice, Second Chance. Here’s a bit from when Lila first returns to town.

The words slammed into her, like punches right to her soul. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”
“You are sorry?” The words came out as a roar, and thick with the accent that most of the times nearly disappeared from his voice. Then, he shook his head and stepped back. “I cannot do this.”
Lila watched him leave the room then turned back to her mother, tears gathering in her eyes. “I never meant to hurt him. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”
Her mother didn’t say anything. She stepped forward and slipped her arms around the young woman. “You did nothing. He blames himself.”
Lila shook her head then laid it on her mother’s shoulder. “He did nothing.”
“He feels he pushed you at Kyle and away from Mason. If he hadn’t, you wouldn’t be here now.”
“That doesn’t make any sense. He didn’t want me to stay here with Mason. If he wouldn’t have done it, I’d still be here, and maybe not quite so miserable. But, I made the choice. I went to Kyle. It’s all on me, Mom, not him.”
“No.” Her voice was softer than her husband’s, but just as fierce. “What’s happened is Kyle’s fault, not yours. He’s deceived you from the beginning. I wish one of us had seen it sooner.”

First Choice, Second Chance releases on 8/18. You can add it to Goodreads or pre-order for Kindle now!

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