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Tidbit Thursday: Stained Snow Blurb

I figured since I am just about done with this round of edits on my novella and will be on a search for Beta Readers for it, today I would post the page summary I wrote up during plotting.


When rancher, and sometimes deputy sheriff, William Jensen, returns home from taking a bank robber to trial, he cannot believe what he finds. His wife and son are dead and his home had been burnt to the ground. He does not have to wonder who is responsible for this. After burying his family, he starts searching for the man, his own brother.

He quickly catches up to his brother and is wounded in the resulting confrontation. He is taken in by a fellow rancher and his daughter, Alice, who tries to offer more than just a warm place to stay. Until she learns he is Thomas’s brother and plans to kill him if he can’t take him in. William learns his brother has all ready been there and had told his own tale of what happened.

As William heals, his resolve to bring the man who killed his family to justice only strengthens. He’s sure by now, his brother will think he’s gotten away with it, and knowing his usual haunts, it won’t be difficult to find him. He starts out one morning, leaving Alice in tears, but is turned back when a blizzard strikes.

William has to wait out the blizzard at the ranch and steer clear of Alice’s advances while trying not to hurt her. He cannot even imagine having someone in his life after losing the wife he loved. But, by the time he is able to leave a second time, he feels as if he is leaving a part of himself behind.

As he closes in on his brother, he begins to wonder if either of them will survive this search for justice. And even if he does, will life be worth living with his family gone and his mission complete? Or can he let someone else in and give meaning to it again?

Tuesday Short: Stained Snow Synopsis

You may have noticed that I changed the name of Tuesday’s posts. I did that because I may not always have a flash fiction piece to share(like today), and I’m not going to rush to write one just so I will. And I don’t just want to skip a day because then that may become a habit. so, instead I decided that Tuesdays will be either for flash fiction, or a short excerpt or synopsis of what I’m working on. So, I decided today to share the synopsis of the novella I’m working on now, Stained Snow. This idea was inspired by a piece of flash fiction I wrote last year.

William Jensen is a rancher and sometimes deputy sheriff who is eager to get home to his family after taking a bank robber to his trial. He gets held up on the trail by weather and other circumstances. Before heading back to the ranch, he stops in town to visit the grave of his stepfather, who was recently killed.

But when he does return home, he finds his family dead and his house burnt to the ground. He does not have to wonder about who is responsible for this, he knows. After burying his family, he goes in search of the man, his own brother. He soon catches up to him, wounded is taken in by a fellow rancher and his daughter. As he spends time with them, he starts to have feelings for this young woman, which weigh him down with guilt for the wife he has just buried. And when he learns his brother has all ready been there and told his own story, he sees his chances of a new life shattered before it could start. When William regains his strength, he starts on the trail again, only to be turned back by a blizzard.

Now, as he closes in on his brother, he wonders if either of them will survive his search for justice. And even if he does, will life be worth living without his family to return to? Can he face that lonely existence once his mission is complete? Or will he be able to let someone else in and give meaning to life again?

Writing Wednesday: Check-In & a Synopsis

So, far this week has been going pretty well on the writing front. I still haven’t quite adjusted to the time change, so I’ve been waking up even before my alarm goes off in the morning. Of course, this affects me on the other end as well. Sunday, I was falling asleep on the couch before 9 p.m. But, the earlier hours do make it easier for me to get up and write before the kids wake up. Anyway, here’s my progress so far this week:

WIP:  I wrote another 913 words after my check-in on Sunday for a total of 2243 which brought my WIP up to 10,105 and put me about 100 words over where I needed to be to stay on track. So, I was able to catch back up at least. On Monday, I wrote 1591 words which kept me on track but didn’t put me ahead. I decided I wanted to have some padding in case there’s a day when I don’t get to write much(or at all with the holidays coming up). So, I decided I’m going to shoot for at least 2000 words a day. Yesterday I managed that with 2311 words, all written before lunchtime. That put me about 700 words above the minimum I needed. I’m still going to try to write the 2000 today but so far I’ve only managed just under 700. I’m only about 300 away from what I need to stay on track, but I’m hoping to at least get close to 2000 for the day.

Exercise: This has been a big fat fail so far this week. The motivation is just gone. No excuses for it really. I need to kick my butt in gear and get back to it.

Blogging: Checked in on Sunday, got my knitting post up on Monday, so after I post this check-in, I’ll be right on track. Just need to do the family post on Friday.

And I just thought I’d share the synopsis I put up my novel page over on nanowrimo. I’ve never really written one before(the one I had on my novel page last year was really bad), and I basically took it from the 1 page summary I did during outlining with some adjustments. It’s rather rough(and might completely suck), but feedback is welcomed.

*Just a note: I suck! lol. As soon as I hit publish, I realized I forgot to actually put the synopsis here. So, here it is:

Personal bodyguard, and former Marine, Casey Brannigan, is approached with a job offer he does not want but cannot turn down. He does not have patience for crooked politicians or weak-willed women but that’s exactly what he thinks he’s facing when Senator Blaine approaches him with a job. His daughter, Emelyn, has been receiving threats against her life. He wants someone to protect her while the police look for the person behind the threats. He doesn’t agree with the politician’s policies or respect the woman he thinks is nothing more than a pretty face, but he needs the work after a failed job.

Casey thinks this will be an easy job and goes by himself to her house to watch her. But, there are problems from the start. He finds his feelings for her deepening as he realizes there’s more to her than what you can see on the surface. But, he’s afraid to get too close and lose her as he did his fiancee several years earlier.

When Emelyn is taken under his watch, he throws everything he has into finding her, even calling on people he has not spoken to in years. But, as time starts to run out, he fears he will never see her again, let alone confess his true feelings for her. As he closes in on the man who took her, he is forced to face the past he’s tried to leave behind. Will he find her in time or will he have to bury another woman he loves?

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