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Knitting Monday: Busting My Stash

First up: I finished the first of my hats I want to sell and donate some of the proceeds towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I am still tossing around how I want to go about this. I had thought about making hats in all different styles and sizes and doing an auction on my Facebook page. But, I’m not sure if that’s what I want to do. I also thought about just listing the hats as I make them(with the ability to order whatever size wanted) and put 50% of sales towards the donation. Then, another idea I had was to still do the regular listings, but have a special sale on ready to ship ones once a month. And any proceeds from those sales would be donated 100%. Right now, I’m leaning more toward that last one. I may change my mind again though. And, I need to get my hands on some more red yarn(using Simply Soft or cotton yarn depending on the type of hat) before I can make any more.

My little hat model

Not being very cooperative

a side view

a view of the top

So, I realized I have way too much worsted weight yarn. I have all of the lighter weight yarns(super fine, fine, light) in a small bag and the bulky and super bulky weight ones in another bag(like the reusable shopping bags). Then, I have a tote box filled with the worsted weight yarn. And unless I have it all set in there perfectly, I cannot put the lid on it. So, I decided I need to work my way through this stash before I buy more yarn(unless it is for a particular project). So, I organized all the patterns I have by the weight of yarn needed for them. And I’m now working my way through them.

The first of these stash-busting projects I did was a pair of baby booties from Bernat’s website. As I have a lot of smaller balls of yarn(mostly given to me by my Grandma when she wanted to get rid of her yarn), this is a really good project. Doesn’t take a lot of yarn, so it would work when you just have a bit left. It took me less than six hours to finish these. So, a fairly quick project. And they turned out pretty cute. The yarn I ended up using for them in one I bought simply because I thought it was pretty(so no project in mind for it).

side view of the booties

front view

The next project I worked on was from the book that came with my learn to knit kit, a knit dishcloth with eyelets. I attempted it when I was first learning, but even though it’s labeled as easy, I could not get the hang of the eyelets. Of course, I think I tried it with acrylic yarn back then instead of the cotton it calls for. So, I decided to try it again now and with the right yarn this time. It turned out pretty nice, and was another quick project(just a little over 4 hours to finish).

Then, I decided to do a bigger project. I have a large skein of yarn(like 850 yards) which is taking up most of the room in the tote. So, I started a blanket using that yarn. I have pretty much avoided knitting blankets so far, except for the two small square ones I made(about 12×12). They just take too long to make, and I don’t have quite the attention span for that. But, this one is smaller, about 24×24, so I decided to try it. I’m just a little over halfway finished with it now and I have all ready spent about thirteen hours on it. Hoping it does not take quite as long to do the second half of it. I think when I’m done though, I’ll do a quicker project next.

half finished blanket

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