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Sunday Summary: Snow

So, we’ve got our first snow of the year. Yesterday when we woke up it was almost 60 degrees out. And yet they were calling for snow. Oh, it probably won’t be much, I’m thinking, and it won’t stick. This is what I woke up to this morning:

It's definitely sticking

It’s definitely sticking

Looks like winter is here after all. And I’ve got the first of our Christmas presents ordered and one box received. I love online shopping. Still waiting on another box and our kids gifts will be taken care of(other than new pajamas and stocking stuffers). Still have to get the nieces’ and nephews’, but I’m planning on taking care of that this week.

The writing has felt kind of stop and go this week. Tuesday I ran out of steam partway through my main projects. So, I adjust my daily goals on them. Then, the same thing happened Friday. Instead of trying to push through I just set it aside and Saturday morning, I got those ones finished. Part of Saturday’s words came from my SOCS post. So, I still managed to meet my writing goal for the week.

  • Write 12500 words – 13836/12500 words. Definitely a win!
    • Defending the Heart – 2550 words – The other man was studying him close, though, and he was sure he could see it. He ignored that feeling, the way it seemed to crawl over his skin. Don’t see me, don’t see me, don’t see me. It had been his mantra throughout school, and even now, it could be hard to break away from that.
    • Crash and Burn – 3290 words – “So,” he said, “your dad’s a firefighter but you refuse to date one. What does he think of your discrimination?”
      She laughed at that, that loud laugh that brought the attention of tables around them. Most smiled but a few scowled at them. As if them having a good time would ruin their dinners. Jaya didn’t seem to even notice, though.
      “He’s well aware of that vow. He’s part of it. I remember his crazy shifts and how they affected us as a family. For Mom it probably wasn’t too bad, because she could have crazy shifts, too. And the worrying was constant. Plus, I work with the dirty bastards. I know what they’re like, and with few exceptions, I wouldn’t want to date them.” *part of this scene(which ended up very long), came from Closing Time, as the two stories overlap for a bit. I just rewrote it from Brann’s POV
    • Not Meant to Be – 2611 words – He saw the boy grab Jonas’ hand and squeeze, the wide bracelets around his wrists clank together. His nails were short but painted a soft blue. “It’s okay, Jo,” he said, smirking back across the table. “I think I can handle an interrogation. Especially on a full stomach. The enchiladas were delicious, Mrs. Pedera.”
      Toby just barely held back a laugh. The kid was pretty charming. His mother smiled at the boys. “Thank you. I’ll clean up while you two chat. Tobias, you can help me.”
      Ah, crap. That usually meant he was in trouble.
    • Stay a Little Longer – 2849 words – Maybe she just wasn’t cut out to be in a relationship with someone. She had her children, and she had to be content with that. *Oh, Jess. Just wait a few more scenes 😉
    • In the Moonlight – 2536 words – I felt the relief drain everything else away for the moment. She wasn’t just going to leave me there. I don’t know why I’d thought it, even for a second.
  • Healing the Heart – proofread & format – done & done & uploaded to Amazon, Kobo, and B&N where it’s now available for pre-order. It will release on 12/2.
  • Side Projects – Write 1500 words – 1908/1500 words. I got most of these on Wednesday.
    • Dance with the Devil – 552 words – We barely even made it through the doorway. Then, his mouth was on mine again, and he had me pressed to the wall right next to the door. Holy shit. My engine was revving so much I was about to overheat.
    • Snow White Twist – 523 words – No. The word kept bouncing around my head. That look, that touch, could only mean one thing. “No.”
    • Patrick & Sarah – 208 words – He blew out a long breath, which seemed to hold more than his share of frustration. She almost smiled. [xx] had often made that sound around her, too. *Sarah apparently has a talent for frustrating the men who care about her 🙂
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 158 words – She sensed her brother bristle at that. He might be called Great Eagle, but he sometimes acted more like a porcupine. But, she could sense his concern, and it warmed her.
    • Roman – 217 words – Carlos’ hands instantly turned into tight fists, and from the way he started to shake, Roman thought he might just break apart into little pieces. But, when he looked up into the boy’s eyes, they looked like they were what would shatter. His sister. For a moment, Roman had forgotten that Adriana was Carlos’ little half-sister. 
    • Dougal & Shae – 250 words – “Move,” she snapped at him, “or I’ll put you in handcuffs, too.”“Do ya promise?” the man asked, quirking a brow at her. *and now I see where their daughter(Caitie) ends up getting her lack of a filter from.
  • Listen: Kissing Under the Mistletoe(Marina Adair), The Perfect Game(J. Sterling), & It Had to Be Love(Tamra Baumann) – I finished Kissing Under the Mistletoe and really enjoyed it. Started The Perfect Game and was really annoyed with it, so set it aside within the first 15 minutes. Then, started It Had to Be Love. I really enjoyed this for the most part, except *of course* the antagonist/crazy abusive ex is mentally ill. I started Furious(T.R. Ragan), but just didn’t really care, so set it aside after an hour. Then, I listened to She Can Run(Melinda Leigh) and again really enjoyed the story, though I had issues with the antagonist’s motivation. Now, I have Now That It’s You(Tawna Fenske) queued up and ready to start listening.
  • Read: Controlled Burn(Shannon Stacey), Lover Awakened(J.R. Ward), Lucky Charm(Carly Phillips), Playing for Her Heart(Megan Erickson), Fall Fast(Zoe York), Risking It All(Tessa Bailey), Fame & Obsession(Cora Kenborn), & Lead Me On – Finished all of these but Lead Me On. I just started it last night. I really enjoyed Controlled Burn(hello, hot firefighters. What not to like. ;)). Had some issues with Lover Awakened, but it picked up about halfway through. Lucky Charm was *eh*. If I didn’t already have the other two books in the series, I may not have finished it. Loved Playing for Her Heart and enjoyed Fall Fast. Really enjoyed Risking It All(which I hadn’t realized was a spin-off from her Line of Duty series until I recognized a couple characters from that one). And really enjoyed Fame & Obsession.
  • Knit: Finish Wheatfields dishcloth & Polly Wolly Doodle hat – I finished the dishcloth on Tuesdaywp-1479302187760.jpg and got the hat started.wp-1479637445126.jpg

A lot of blue for this week and almost no red. I like seeing that. Now, for next week:

  • Write – 10000 words(cutting it back because of the holiday)
  • Guarding the Heart – Polish
  • Side Projects – Write 1500 words
  • Listen: Now That It’s You(Tawna Fenske), I may pick Furious back up if I finish before I get my next credit on Friday.
  • Read: Finish Lead Me On(Victoria Dahl), If I Didn’t Care(Kait Nolan), Fly With Me(Chanel Cleeton), Rise of the Storm(Christina Ochs), To One Hundred(Melissa Blue), Fatal Secrets(Allison Brennan), Right Wrong Guy(Lia Riley), Anxious Love(Sydney Aaliyah Michelle), His to Protect(Elena Aitken), Bladelore(Krista Walsh), Raptor(Lindsay Buroker), & Perfect Fit *I know it’s a lot, but I need to read 1.5 books a day to get back on track for this month’s goal. It may not happen, but Thursday should be a big reading day. Hopefully at least.
  • Knit: Finish Polly Wolly Doodle Hat

JusJoJan: Day 14 – Motivation

Welcome back for day 14 of Just Jot It January. I kind of skipped yesterday. I still wrote a post. About snow dumping on us, a snippet from one of my work in progresses, and my RoW80 update. You can check it out if you want. Or not.

Today’s theme is motivation. This is something I was definitely struggling with yesterday morning. I could barely drag myself out of bed. When I did get up, my five-year-old son was already awake. I try to get up early so I can get some writing in before either kid is up. Did I mention it was only 5 a.m.?

I just couldn’t quite find the motivation to write. But, I sat down anyway after I got my coffee. Still I only managed a little over 100 words in almost half an hour. Usually I can get close to 500 words in that time, sometimes over that. I decided to go out and try to blow the snow out of the driveway and in front of the garage. After all, my husband said the snowblower should start right up. He was up in the city plowing snow, and I wanted to get it done before the kids left for school(which ended up being delayed 2 hours anyway).

Needless to say, I couldn’t get it started. Finally gave up, grabbed the shovel, and cleared out in front of the garage door and a path along the sidewalk up to our front door.

Came back inside, got the kids breakfast, and started to lose it a bit. Between being frustrated, the pup whining because I wasn’t holding him, and the sounds of the kids chewing/slurping milk(I can usually handle these things apart, but together it was too much), I could feel my anxiety levels ratcheting up. Definitely not a motivation-builder.

I tried again to go out and start the snowblower. Got it to barely start only for it to shut off again. And I lost it even more. I know it was a stupid thing, but my brain often turns those into major catastrophes. Quickly slipped from “I can’t start the snowblower” to “I can’t do anything. Why bother.” It’s been quite a while since those thoughts have gotten so bad. After about half an hour of crying/cuddling the pup(which did make me feel better…until he kept trying to gnaw on my thumb).

Finally went out to try again. Mostly because I was really going to feel like an idiot if my husband got home and started it right up. I always have trouble with pull-start motors because I don’t have a lot of upper body strength. For some reason, it did start right up that time. It took probably 45 minutes or so to clear out the driveway and area in front of the garage.

And it seemed to have loosen up the words. By the time the bus did come, I was almost to my goal for the day. Taking so long to get there, did put me a bit behind for the rest of the day, but eventually I made it there.

I have people ask me all the time how I can find the motivation to get up so early, but that’s why really. When I write first thing in the morning, I feel better. When I don’t, things seem to get to me a lot more. So, it’s a coping mechanism, really.

Monday Mentions: New Cookbook & PI Intimidation

We got about another foot of snow last night(I think. I’m terrible at judging that). The girl’s school is on a 2 hour delay and no transportation for the boy’s preschool. So, today should be interesting.

Anyway, I have two posts to share today.

First, Kait Nolan(founder of the ROW80 writing challenge/community) just released a new cookbook. As far as I know, no one in my life has a dairy or gluten allergy. So, while this is something I likely won’t need, I’m sure there are people out there who could use it.

And from Guns, Gams, and Gumshoes, a post on when a PI’s activity becomes intimidation. There’s always interesting information from them.

That’s really all I have for today. Has anyone else read anything interesting the last week?

Photo Friday: Snow Times

Last week, we finally got some snow. And it was the wet heavy kind that makes for good packing. Last year we had a lot of snow, but it was never good for making snowmen and mostly too cold to even go outside. Well, it was in the high 20s on Monday, so when the kids got home from school, I figured we could go out and play.


not going to lose him in any snow piles.

not going to lose him in any snow piles.

trying to make a snowball

trying to make a snowball

building a snowman

building a snowman

building snowmen together

building snowmen together

We were outside for about half an hour, and that was certainly long enough for me. We went out again yesterday for about the same amount of time, but they did more snow angels than snowmen. And I didn’t get any pictures of those.

Family Friday: Holiday Recovery

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Ours was pretty good over here. On Christmas Eve, we went over to my mother-in-law’s and had pizza and wings for dinner(what? that’s not a traditional Christmas Eve dinner?). Then, we exchanged our gifts with her and the kids got to play at Grandma’s for a while.

Standing in front of Grandma's Christmas tree

When we got home, there were two pairs of pajamas waiting under the tree for the kids. They got those on and we hung up their stockings before sitting on the couch to read The Night Before Christmas. I don’t think Hayleigh has ever been so excited to go to bed. And she was probably asleep less than 10 minutes after I tucked her in.

Both kids were up by about six the next morning. And had their gifts unwrapped in no time. then they got their cookie for breakfast while we got ready to go down to my mom’s.

Santa left a gift beside her bed

Opening their stockings

More interested in the animal crackers than anything else

a new dumptruck

At my mom’s we ate the sticky buns my mom has made for as long as I can remember. Then after family pictures, the kids got to open their gifts.

two new puzzles

her Cinderella doll

wearing his new owl hat around

We had a green Christmas this year but a week later, we finally got hit with the white stuff. We got probably at least two feet of snow over the course of a day when we’d only had a total of maybe a foot the rest of the winter. So, on Monday we took the kids out to play in it. Nathaniel did not seem to know what to make of it. He has been out in the snow one other time, but there had only been an inch or two then. It may not have helped that it is difficult for him to walk in his snow pants and boots. Hayleigh had a blast though and did not want to go back inside.

Ready to go outside

Not sure what to make of all this white stuff

riding together on the sled

Sitting together in the snow

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