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WeWriWa: “That’s Enough”

Welcome to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who loves to write. I’m still sharing from Into the Sun this week and at least one more week. I have 9 sentences that come directly after last week’s, and then there will be another 9 for next week.

There was steel in his voice now, and I felt torn. I understood he was angry, but this was my mom. I wasn’t going to let him hurt her. In any way. I stepped between them. “Dad, that’s enough.” Mom gasped behind me, probably at my use of that term. “She’s here, that’s enough. You don’t have to work everything out right now.”

Will that be enough? Will Icarus and Cassie move past this? Will Icarus be upset with Trace for stepping in? I’ll pick up right after this(especially since this one ended in the middle of dialogue) next week, so you might get some answers.

Into the Sun releases in 10 days with the World Unknown Review.

WeWriWa: “Not by Blood”

Welcome to the Post-Thanksgiving edition of Weekend Writing Warriors. Lots of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie. But, now we’re back to words. Still sharing from Into the Sun. This week’s snippet picks up right where last week’s left off. 8 sentences. We’ve got Birdie, Icarus, and Cassie speaking in this scene.

   ”Dad,” Birdie said, using the term for the first time in nearly a month. “I know. It just…feels weird now.”
“If she’s yours, then they…”
“Not by blood,” he said. “Birdie and I don’t share that. Someone trusted me with her anyway. You didn’t even do that, Cassie.”

Going to have at least 2 more snippets to share from this section. Then, I may move on to the sequel, which I’m making progress on. Just passed 3500 words on it this morning.

Teaser Tuesday: “You Did Nothing.”

So, this will be a new series here on the blog. Each Tuesday, I’ll share a small snippet from an upcoming release. For right now, that means First Choice, Second Chance. Here’s a bit from when Lila first returns to town.

The words slammed into her, like punches right to her soul. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”
“You are sorry?” The words came out as a roar, and thick with the accent that most of the times nearly disappeared from his voice. Then, he shook his head and stepped back. “I cannot do this.”
Lila watched him leave the room then turned back to her mother, tears gathering in her eyes. “I never meant to hurt him. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”
Her mother didn’t say anything. She stepped forward and slipped her arms around the young woman. “You did nothing. He blames himself.”
Lila shook her head then laid it on her mother’s shoulder. “He did nothing.”
“He feels he pushed you at Kyle and away from Mason. If he hadn’t, you wouldn’t be here now.”
“That doesn’t make any sense. He didn’t want me to stay here with Mason. If he wouldn’t have done it, I’d still be here, and maybe not quite so miserable. But, I made the choice. I went to Kyle. It’s all on me, Mom, not him.”
“No.” Her voice was softer than her husband’s, but just as fierce. “What’s happened is Kyle’s fault, not yours. He’s deceived you from the beginning. I wish one of us had seen it sooner.”

First Choice, Second Chance releases on 8/18. You can add it to Goodreads or pre-order for Kindle now!

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