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Crafty Tuesday: Finishing Projects

I’ve managed to finish a few different projects in the last week, and am working on two more now.


The first thing I finished was the pair of slippers I was working on last week. They only took about half the time it took me to do the knitted slippers.

a pair of finished slippers

a pair of finished slippers








The next project I finished was a pair of fingerless mitts from Lion Brand Yarn’s website. I couldn’t find the right yarn for them when I went to Michael’s the last time, so I got one that was a similar weight. They turned out nice(and warm!) still. Of course, when I went to Joann’s after that trip to Michael’s, I did find the right yarn, but I used this one anyway.







And I also finished crocheting a dishcloth. that project only took about 2.5 hours. Could have been done even quicker, but I’m still figuring out crochet. But, it was a real easy pattern. half double crochet for about 24 rows.

dishcloth folded over

dishcloth folded over








In Progress:

I started one of the projects that came in the book with the crochet kit. I’d started it once before, but it requires holding two strands of yarn together as you work, and I thought I’d start with something simpler. It’s really not too difficult, but I wanted to have more practice before I worked on it. I’m about halfway finished with it so far. I have one side of the bag done. Have to do the other side and the gusset that will attach them.

one side finished

one side finished

the start of the other side

the start of the other side








I also started another bib. This is another by designer Elaine Fitzpatrick. I really do like her patterns. So far I have the main part of the bib done. I just need to do the neck/shoulder decreases and the ties.







Coming Up:

When I finish these two projects, I’m planning on starting another one that was in the crochet book, a scarf. I attempted it before as well, but didn’t quite understand the pattern stitch(mat stitch). I’m going to try to find some clearer directions on it before I start it again. I’m also planning on starting another cause hat, this one a flat top hat with brim base.

Crafty Corner: Learning New Skills

I took a bit of a hiatus from this blog over the holidays. And then last week, I was taken down by the flu. With all the craziness of life over the holidays and being sick, I didn’t get much done anyway, so there really wasn’t much to report on this front. But, I did get some gift cards for Christmas to two different craft stores. I love people who get me. 🙂 For a little while I have been wanting to learn to crochet as well as knit. So, I took one of the gift cards and bought a teach yourself to crochet kit. So, I have spent some of my time learning that.


Last night I finished the woven cable cup cozy I started at the beginning of the month. It only took about 3 hours and 45 minutes total time from start to finish.

Woven Cable Cup Cozy

Woven Cable Cup Cozy

cup cozy - around cup

cup cozy – around cup









In Progress:

I’m working on a pair of crochet slippers right now that I started last Friday. Actually, I started them before that, but I had to start over because I got one finished and realized it wasn’t going to be quite long enough to fit my foot. So, I started over again on Friday. I’m a little more than halfway through the second slipper and have only spent about 4.5 hours on it(not counting the time I spent before I restarted). I should be able to have it finished soon.

slipper in progress

slipper in progress

finished slipper - laying flat

finished slipper – laying flat

finished slipper

finished slipper












Coming Up:

The next project I have planned is a pair of fingerless mitts from Lion Brand Yarn. I was going to start them before, but i didn’t have the right weight of yarn. The yarn I got isn’t the exact same the pattern calls for, but I’m pretty sure it should work. I’m planning on starting on these today. And once I finish the slippers, I’m planning on starting one of the patterns that was in the book that came with the crochet kit.

Knitting Tuesday: Slippers Done


As I predicted last week, I was able to finish the second pair of slippers on Tuesday. Just in time to head down to my mom’s for a farewell dinner for my grandparents before they headed off to Florida. So, I was able to hand over the slippers to my sister there. Both of my nieces likes their new slippers, and they fit(something I worried about, since I hadn’t been able to measure their feet before I started, so was guessing on length).

my older niece’s finished slippers

the smaller pair

In Progress:

I have three different projects on needles right now. Two hats and I’m still working on the cowl/hood that I first started back in September. One of the hats is a cause hat that I had to set aside because I ran out of yarn for it. I finally got more yarn and then I was working on the slippers. I have now finished the straight section of the body and just have to shape the crown and then fold over the edge for the hemmed brim. Should have it finished sometime this week.

The other hat is one I’m knitting on straight needles. I found the pattern through Red Heart’s email newsletter. Turning out nice, but I hadn’t been paying attention when I first started and didn’t see you were supposed to hold the yarn double throughout. Not until I had finished the ten rows of ribbing. So, I had to rip those rows out and start over again. Otherwise it might be joining the slippers in the finished category today. And I had a little trouble following the chart for the stranding. Once I figured that out, it was all good though. Should be able to finish this today or tomorrow.

the front of the hat

what the back(will be the inside) looks like

The only thing I can really say about the cowl/hood is that I’m making progress. Hard to really tell how much. I’m hoping I’ll only need another 2 or 3 repeats to finish it. I’m ready to be finished with it.

it’s getting longer

Coming Up:

One of the projects I’ll cast on to my needles next is the Shimmer By Night Bag from Lion Brand Yarn’s website. I’ve had the yarn for it for a while, just haven’t started it.

I’ll also start another cause hat once I finish the current one. The next one will be a toque with a 1×1 ribbed brim.

I’ll also be casting on stitches for a woven cable coffee cup sleeve. I found the pattern for this when I was looking at the other coffee cozy patterns. I have one other one I want to try as well.

Knitting Tuesday: Slipper Progress

Finished:I was able to finish my younger niece’s slippers last Tuesday night. I had been about 95% finished with it when I posted last week, so it didn’t take much longer. In total, it took me about 10.5 hours to finish the pair.


In Progress: I started my older niece’s pair of slippers on Thursday, taking a break from all knitting on Wednesday. I finished the first one on Sunday. I got most of the second knitted yesterday. All I have left to do is seam the top and toe  and the heel, then knit the sole and sew it around the bottom of the slipper. And make the pom poms for it. So, I should be able to finish all of that today hopefully. And then both pairs will be finished.

Almost finished

Coming Up: As long as I do finish the slipper tonight, tomorrow I will pick up the cowl/hood and one of the cause hats I was knitting. And I plan to start the Fair Isle baby hat as well. Since, me being me, I can’t just work on one project at a time(unless it’s for someone).


Knitting Tuesday: Slippers

I don’t really have anything to report here. I’ve been working steadily on the slipper project, but haven’t finished them quite yet. I am just about finished with the first pair, just have a few things to finish. I should be done with it sometime today though. Then, I will start on the other pair, most likely tomorrow. It has taken me a little over a week, and a total of about 8.5 hours to do this first pair. It shouldn’t take me more than another hour to finish it. I would have finished it last night, but I kept falling asleep with needles in hand. Figured it would be a good idea to put them down and come back to it today. But, like I said, unless some disaster strikes, this pair will be finished today.

almost finished


Knitting Tuesday: Fingerless Gloves and Slippers

Finished Projects:

I have only finished one of my “in progress” projects in the last week. That one would be the fingerless gloves for my daughter. These ended up taking me just a little over 8 hours to finish, so a fairly quick project.

finished gloves

modeling his sister’s gloves. He even gives them a thumbs-up.

In Progress:

I finished the gloves on Friday, and on Saturday got the yarn to make my nieces’ slippers. I started the first one on Sunday. Spent about an hour on it. And another 2 hours yesterday. I have a little more ribbing to do then a few decrease rows for the toes, then I’ll do the rest of the bottom and the first slipper will be done. I’m focusing most of my knitting time on the slippers until they’re done. So, I will hopefully have this first pair done in a couple days and can start on the second pair(for my older niece).

what I have so far. Will look more like a slipper once I do the seaming.

I worked for about another 3 hours last week on the cowl/hood project, but haven’t made a lot of progress there. I think it is almost to the length it needs to be, but will probably take me at least a few more hours to complete. But, it is pretty much on hold until I get the slippers finished.

Coming Up:

I still have the Fair Isle Baby hat from the Red Heart site lined up to work on next. Once I finish the slippers, I’ll be back to giving each of my projects an hour a day, since I can usually get 2-3 hours of knitting time in. Unless I get an order for something, then that gets all my focus. But, I got the yarn for this project over the weekend, so I’m looking forward to starting it.

I’m also going to be finishing one of my cause hats. I had gotten about halfway through it and ran out of the yarn I needed. And had the hardest time finding the right color anywhere I looked. Probably would have helped if I’d remembered where I bought it. But, I finally found it this weekend. So, this will be another one I will start(or pick back up) once the slippers are finished.

As always, if you see anything you like, or have an idea you want me to try, feel free to email me at brownsnovelknits@gmail.com or visit my Facebook Page.

Knitting Tuesday: Cabled Hat, Coffee Cozy, & Other Projects

I read a blog post this morning with an interesting layout. It was actually a post about reading, but I thought it would work nice for my knitting posts as well. It had a section for what she had finished reading, what she was currently reading, and what she would be reading next. Like I said, I figured this would be something I could adapt for here. So, with that in mind:

Finished Projects:

Cabled Hat:

I’ve been meaning to attempt this one for a while but just recently got around to it. I used Loops & Threads Impeccable yarn(from Micheal’s) in Kelly Green. It’s a worsted weight 100% acrylic yarn. It took me about 10.5 hours total to finish it. A little longer than it usually takes me to make a hat, but with the cabling, it was a little more work. The pattern itself wasn’t all that difficult, just making sure I went the right way with the cables. I think it turned out really nice though. I made it in the smallest size and it still fit my 2 year old’s 90th percentile head. 🙂

Close up of the cable design

Coffee Cozy:

I was inspired to do this one by a friend on Twitter, Lauren. Took me a little while to find a pattern I really liked, then I found this one which has a mug and sleeve version. I started with the mug version.

Folded and buttoned.

around a mug

Laid out, and you can see the design a little better.

I am planning on starting the sleeve version sometime soon.

In Progress:

Luxury Cowl/Hood:

I found this pattern on Lion Brand Yarn. Once finished, it can either be worn around the neck or pulled up over the head as a hood. It is taking me longer to finish than I had figured though. Started it back on September 14. And have worked on it for almost a total of 14 hours. I think I am at least halfway finished with it, but it will still take me a little while to finish.

From the top

From the side

Fingerless Gloves:

And the other project I’m currently working on. I put on the pair of fingerless gloves I’d made myself last year the other day, and my daughter decided she needed to have a pair as well. So, I found a pattern that had you measure the circumference of your wrist and use that for how long to knit this rectangle. Then, just seam the side, leaving a space for the thumb. I’m almost finished with this one, jsut have about an inch or less left to knit and seam the side then I have to make the other one. But, I should be done with it sometime this week.

doesn’t look like much yet

Coming Up:


I had a message from my sister on Facebook last night wanting to know if I could make slippers for her daughters like the ones our great-grandma used to make. I knew I had made a pair that were similar before, so I went in search of the pattern again. I found a few that were similar, but I compared them to the slippers I have that my grandma made like them. And they weren’t quite the same. But, I’m pretty sure I can adapt these patterns to what I want. I think this is the one I’m going to use: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/my-grandmothers-slippers

I found this pattern in an email from Red Heart and thought it would be cute. I don’t have the yarn it calls for right now, so will have to wait until after I go shopping and can get my hands on some of it.

So, that is what I have been up to lately. As always, if you see something you like, or want to see if there’s something I can make for you, feel free to email me at brownsnovelknits@gmail.com or visit my Facebook Page

Knitting Monday: Socks & Slippers

This is the usual situation in our house: the thermometer reads around 65 degrees even with the pellet stove running. And there is my son, running around with no socks on. Usually within five minutes of putting them on him, he has ripped them off again. Of course, I rarely wear socks so he’s not the only one sockless around this house. And the cold feet do not seem to bother him.

I started looking for sock patterns last weekend, hoping to find one that would be more difficult for him to get off. I had a skein of sock yarn that I had bought without a specific project in mind for it. So, Saturday I started knitting him a sock. I didn’t think it would take too long, but by the time I usually go to bed, I had only managed to do the leg part. I decided I would do the heel before going to bed. I never got there until about 1:30 in the morning. Then, I spent the next day finishing the rest of the foot. By the time I had the whole sock done, I had spent about 15 hours total on it, and he was in bed for the night. Fifteen hours is longer than it takes me to knit a hat or a bib, and that was just for one sock. There was still another to make.

On Monday, I tried the sock on him. I wanted to make sure it fit before I attempted the second one. The heel did not look quite right, but it did fit him. And he left it on for about half an hour. The second time I put it on him though, it did not last even five minutes. So, I decided I’d try something else instead of making the other sock. I had a pattern for some “baby” booties that came in several different sizes, so decided to try to make a pair of them. Just had a little trouble with the first when it came to joining it at the toes. Once I figured that out, the rest of it was a breeze. I made a pair of them in less time than it took me to knit one sock. Of course, he doesn’t keep them on either. So, I guess he’ll remain sockless until the weather warms up. And then it won’t matter anyway. And now I have some new techniques under my belt.

One sock made

New Slippers

Knitting Wednesday: Previous Projects pt 1

Basket Weave Coaster

Last year I decided I wanted to learn to knit. I found a teach yourself to knit kit, and my mom ended up getting it for me for Christmas. After going through the lessons in the book, I decided to start on some projects. The first one I found was a simple basket weave coaster. I finished that one in about a day. And within 24 hours had spilled coffee on it(if anyone’s wondering, I’m a total klutz so this is not surprising).

Simple Ridge Dishcloth

My second project was a pattern I found in the book that came with the knitting kit. There were two patterns for dishcloths. I attempted the dishcloth with eyeless, but kept messing it up. So, I tried the simple ridge dishcloth pattern instead and had much better luck with that.

One Row Handspun Scarf

After finishing the dishcloth, I decided to make something for my daughter. I found a pattern for a scarf and cut the width of it just about in half to make a smaller one. It was a simple pattern, just repeating the same row over and over until it was the desired length.

My Grandmother’s Slippers

I found a picture of these slippers, and they looked just like the ones my great-grandma used to make. The slippers I had were falling apart, so I knitted a pair of these. I didn’t sew the toe together tight enough on the one and did not make the poms for the top of them, but I do not think they turned out too bad. I might try to make a new pair for next winter.

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