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SOCS/Story a Day: Day 14 – Not Again

“Do you see that?”

Piers felt Xavier move right up behind him to look over his shoulder. Sometimes he was sure the other man did that on purpose. But that wasn’t likely. He’d had his chance. Piers had even been willing to give him another.

He hadn’t taken it, either.

“Yeah, I do. Just what are they up to? You ever call your boss that much?”

Piers hadn’t had a boss since he’d left the Marine Corps over three years earlier. “Do you?” he asked, raising an eyebrow as he glanced over his shoulder at Xavier. He almost laughed at the flush that rose up into the other man’s cheeks.

“Jealous?” Xavier asked.

Something hard settled in Piers’ stomach. That was certainly one word for it.  But, he wasn’t just going to hand that information over. Certainly not to the man who had once been one of his best friends. And a whole lot more. He turned back to the computer instead of responding to that.

Xavier shifted slightly away from him. Piers wished they could get past this. They’d be working together a lot if he ended up taking Alex’s offer to join the company. “It would help to know what they talked about on all these phone calls,” he said instead of thinking more about that.

“Your hacking skills can’t get us that?”

Piers rolled his eyes toward the ceiling. “We don’t talk about that, remember? And, no, not without more equipment. It’s not a magic power.”

“Seems like it sometimes,” Xavier murmured.

Piers felt his own face warm at that. But, he wouldn’t let Xaviersee how much his words pleased him. “We should get the information we have to Declan. He won’t leave his woman, but he should see this.”

He printed out the records they’d found and went to grab them, almost running into Xavier when he turned around. The other man already held the papers. Piers’ gaze caught on Xavier’s mouth and wanted to soothe the lip the other man was currently biting. Instead, he turned sharply away. He just couldn’t do it. Not again.

“Come on. They’re waiting for this information. Let’s go.”

I combined the prompts for both Story a Day and Stream of Consciousness Saturday again today. For Story a Day, it was to write about a sidekick. And for SOCS it was to start with a two letter word(and bonus points for ending with another one). Xavier has filled the role of sidekick before, mostly in Guarding the Heart. He hasn’t shown up too much in Protecting the Heart(which is where this will occur, though I’m not sure it will make it on the page), of course that’s because he’s probably trying to avoid Piers as much as he can. As you can probably tell, they’ve got some history(which I wrote about for the A-Z Challenge here, here, and here). Eventually, he’ll stop being the sidekick and have his own story. Along with Piers.

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