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Flames A-Z: Mark & Maura

When I started writing Mark Young’s back story, I knew he had an older sister. But, that was pretty much it. In fact, at first, he didn’t have many nice things to say about her. Then, I started to dig a bit deeper.

Mark had always seen his sister as cold, withdrawn, and a bit of a bitch. A lot like their mother. But, as I started to dig deeper into his memories, he realized that she’d always been the one to take care of him. The one who made snacks for him when he was younger, that helped bandage any scrapes when he fell down. She was the only one who was there to meet him when he got back from basic training after he joined the Marines. He also realizes her seemingly cold attitude was her defense against their dysfunctional family. Anger tended to be his.

Maura loved her younger brother. She tried to take care of both of her brothers, but the youngest was treated like the golden child, so it was Mark she worried about more. Him and their father constantly butted heads. She tried to step between them, but that often made things worse. So, she started withdrawing, still trying to defuse situations without actually stepping in the middle.

Maura married Evan Reddick, thinking he actually loved her. She thought they’d have a better marriage than her parents did, something more than a business arrangement. Instead it was the same, maybe even worse. He cheated on her, lied to her, and ended up isolating her from friends and family. When it started affecting their children, she knew she needed to leave him.

Mark had been in the Marines during most of Maura’s engagement and the early years of her marriage. So, he didn’t see how bad it was. Didn’t realize she wasn’t really happy with what had been arranged. But, after he’s wounded, she’s the only one in the family who shows up when he needs the support.

After Mark moves north, at his best friend’s urging, to join the fire department in Crystal Glen, Maura’s the only one in his family he still talks to. His father essentially disowned him, and his mother always went along with her husband. But, even with her, he doesn’t keep good contact with. It’s actually from his best friend, Nolan, he learns how bad things have gotten in her marriage. Between the two of them, they convince her to move up to Crystal Glen with the kids.

So, Mark and Maura haven’t always had the best relationship. But, when it really matters, they’re there for each other.

Spoiling Santa

No, I don’t plan on spoiling Santa for my children any time soon. They are growing up fast enough as it is. I’m starting to think it will be spoiled for my son, that he will do it himself, sooner than I would like though.

I mentioned that last Wednesday we had the Christmas party at the fire station for the kids. Nathan was a little hesitant about going up to Santa then. But, he did go up on his own and sat on Santa’s lap. He seemed fine. Well, on Sunday we had another party, this time at the Moose. He was all ready to see Santa again. The kids’ names were called and we headed up to where Santa was sitting at the front of the room.20131215_145207

But, when we got up there, he just stopped. He suddenly wasn’t so sure. He looked at Santa, like he was thinking, “You’re not the same guy I just saw the other day.” He did finally go up and sit with him, but he seemed uneasy about it.

Not quite sure about this Santa.

Not quite sure about this Santa.

At three, I really wasn’t expecting him to be that observant. His sister, who is six, still seems to be oblivious to the fact that the Santas are different. We’ve never taken them to the Santa at the mall, and she avoided the one at Kraynak’s last year when we went. I guess this is just one more of those glimpses into how different these two kids are. They did both like their gifts though.

Cash register

Another monster truck
Another monster truck

Family Friday: My Little Monkey

I knew from the time he was born(well, really from the time I found out I was pregnant), that my son would be very different from his sister. With her, no morning sickness. With him, nauseous all day, every day during the first trimester. With her, I craved pasta, fruit, & milk(and popsicles in the middle of February). With him, pasta nearly made me sick even after the first trimester. Instead I craved meat and vegetables and just about anything spicy. When we went in for the 20 week ultrasound, my daughter had her legs crossed, so they were just “pretty sure” she was a girl. My son, there was no doubt. My daughter was laid back pretty much from the day she was born(until about 3 or so when she became a total drama queen). As I’m sure you can guess, my son is still the total opposite of his sister.

Even before he could walk, he was climbing on everything he could. We had to move our coffee table to where he couldn’t reach it because he’s use his sister’s set of chairs to climb up on it. He apparently has not gotten the climbing urge out of his system at 16 months old either. We can’t keep him off the couch or coffee table(which we finally moved back into the middle of the living room). And recently he’s learned if he stands on the arm of the couch, he can almost get up onto the back of the couch. Yes, I’ve had a few near heart attacks in the last few days.

We’ve tried redirection. Tell him not to stand on the couch. Set him back on the floor. Move him to his toys. Even got him a little slide so he’d have something he’s allowed to climb on. He doesn’t care. He goes right back to what he’s not supposed to do. Every single time. And there’s only so many times I can move him away before I start to lose my patience(and my mind). Thank goodness for the playpen. Except for the fact that he can pull himself up and hang on the side of it. Has not quite figured out how to get his lower body over the side yet. But, I’m afraid we won’t even have that as an option anymore. And it probably won’t be long after that he’ll figure out he can climb out of his crib as well. Certainly not ready for him to be in a toddler bed yet.

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