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Fiction Friday: Ongoing Projects

I’ve recently started a new writing schedule that will allow me to work on several different projects at a time. And still get my editing done. I have 10 different series at least planned. But, only 4 of those are currently in progress. So, I’ve put those, along with my list of standalones into my calendars for the rest of this year and next year. Working on a different one each day. I only have the series titles in the calendar(though I put the book title for the current month) since I don’t know exactly when I’ll finish it.

Anyway, these are the projects I’ve currently got on my schedule*:

Guarding the Heart(BC Security #1)

This was actually my NaNo ’11 novel. Last year I re-outlined it. And started it over from scratch. I started writing it last February, and it’s been pretty much stop and go from there. Hoping I can finally get it finished before this year is over.

He’d promised to protect her life, he didn’t realize it could cost him his heart.

After a failed assignment, retired Marine Casey Brannigan, needs to bring his personal security company back from the brink of shutting down. It would mean another failed career for him, but worse consequences for his partner and employees. When he gets a call from Senator Blaine, he doesn’t want to take the job, but knows he has no other options. Casey battles with his client, or rather his daughter, and hates that he keeps backing down. But, when it comes to her life, he doesn’t care what it costs to protect it. Even if it means his own life, or his heart.

Some Fools Never Learn(Hunter Family #2)

This is a spin-off from my Flames series. I’m including both of these, as well as another spin-off I’m planning all as one series. There will only be 4 books in this series(Jace’s story: Burning Bright, this one, then Kelan’s: Ready When You Are, & Jess’s story – no title yet, but all the others come from song titles, so I’ll probably continue that theme). I haven’t actually started writing this one yet, but it’s on the schedule for next Tuesday.

Tate Hunter is focusing all his attention on his job, and trying to ignore the mess of his personal life. Until he runs into Emilia Stiel at the community center where he’s working. An artist, she’s about as different from him, and his first wife, as possible. Still, she knocks him off balance and intrigues him. Just as they take off, though, his ex-wife returns, sending him around another loop of his personal rollercoaster. Can he get things back on track, or is he only meant for this crazy ride?

Bryan & Leo(Gilbert, CO 4.something)

This is a novella that will take place somewhere after Chasing the Ghost. I’m just not sure if it will come before or after Freeing His Heart. You’ll meet Bryan & Leo in Chasing the Ghost. But, I wanted to tell more of their story. It will be bookended by scenes in the present, but the majority of it will take place when they first meet. I’m still working on their back stories, so no plot summary for this one.

Let It Begin(Kurztown 2.5)

This novella is set about a month after the epilogue in Scars and All(which is on July 4th). It’s the story of Natalie(Brian’s mom) and Patrick(Brian’s boss). I already have about 17k written, and it will probably be at least 30k, maybe a little longer.

Patrick DiSalvo loved Natalie Graves with everything a teenage boy had, but it wasn’t enough to keep her from choosing someone else. Thirty years and two marriages later, he still loves her. Natalie has survived an abusive marriage, but she still doesn’t feel she’s left it behind. She’s finally standing on her own and Patrick is still waiting there for her. But, when someone from his past returns, do they still have a chance together?

By the Gun

This is the standalone western I’m currently working on. It’s actually a story I started working on several years ago. I never actually finished it back then. But, I’ve re-outlined(maybe I should just say outlined, because I don’t think I did even that the last time) and have started it from scratch.

Luke Tierney hung up his life of gunfighter to raise a family, but now its his son who may have to take it back up.

Alejandro Tierney is helping his father move some cattle when he learns something disturbing about the past. When they get back to the ranch, though, they find something even more disturbing. This sends Alejandro on a journey of recovery and reckoning Will this journey destroy him or bring him to an understanding of his father’s choices?

*plot summaries are all rough ideas I came up with during outlining process. Final summary is likely to be different.

Fiction Friday: Stained Series

I’m planning to start putting out my first western series late this year. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be releasing one each month. Of course we all know how plans usually go. There’s only 3 books in the series, so it’s shorter and more self-contained than my others. Like my other series, these are connected by the characters and there isn’t an over-arching line between them. Different main characters, different problems.

Stained Snow:

Sometimes blood isn’t thick enough.

When everything is taken from him, William Jensen knows just who to blame. It’s finding him that’s the problem.  When he’s wounded and taken in by a rancher and his daughter, he starts to see that there might be more to his life now than vengeance. But, when he’s faced with losing even that, can he face down the man who is willing to take everything until he has nothing left? Even if it means killing his own brother.

Stained by Ashes:

Adam Kindrick thinks his biggest trouble will be finding a way for his other family, his mother’s people, to finally accept him. Then, he meets Leah Kline, whose father despises him because of his heritage, and finds a burned down cabin within days. Now, he has to decide what’s more important: getting the girl or finding who is burning out homesteaders. Because, it becomes clear he won’t be able to have both.

Stained Blood:

Barrett Kline has been hiding out since his family’s disgrace, except for giving away his sister at her wedding. Until he sees a woman in apparent distress. But, there’s more to Deryn Glas than he first assumes. When he realizes there is trouble on her trail, he vows to protect her, even when that means marrying her. But, falling in love had never been in the plan.

Monday Mentions: Ending Series, Said, & Perspective

Sharing a few quick posts this week.

From Cecilia Tan – Top Ten Ways to NOT End a Series. I have a few ongoing series, one of which has spawned a spin-ff, and I’m planning another as well. These are some good tips(I’ve been working on the timeline one).

From Ava Jae: Don’t be afraid of said. I admit, sometimes I worry I use said too much. But, I try not to use any that are too “fancy”. And I may use muttered and murmured more than I should. As Ava says, it’s not something to worry too much about in the first draft. But, there’s really nothing wrong with a simple ‘said’.

And a post from Shan Jeniah, on questioning our perspective on things. It’s something we all should do at times. Especially as writers. Not all our characters are going to look at things the same way we do. And it’s always something to keep in mind.

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