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WeWriWa: “You’re the One”

Welcome to another rendezvous with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for everyone who loves to write.  I’m still sharing from Into the Sun, and will for at least a couple more weeks. Today I have 10 sentences following just shortly after last week’s. Birdie has just greeted Trace rather…enthusiastically, and his mom isn’t sure what to think.

   ”Is she the reason you wouldn’t come home?”
My arm tightened around Birdie’s waist when she went stiff. I don’t know if she thought Mom’s comment was because of the color of her skin or something else, but I wanted to reassure her. “Birdie’s a damn good reason to stay anywhere, Mom, but, she’s not the only reason I wouldn’t go back. I found family here, something I never found with Henry ruling over us. If you give it a chance, you can, too.”
Birdie still hadn’t relaxed much, though she tightened her arm around me when I’d stood up for us. I glanced over at her, but her eyes were still locked on my mom.
“You,” Birdie finally said. “You’re the one who broke his heart.”

I tried to come up with some clever questions, but my brain is tired. I wrote lots & lots of words Thursday & Friday. My creative well is feeling a little dry. I did write the first 700 words this morning of the sequel to Into the Sun(currently titled: Come Back Down). This one is from Birdie’s POV, and starts a few weeks after Into the Sun ends. I still don’t know what will happen with Into the Sun(submitted it for a collection of short stories), but I should hear something probably this month. Either way, I plan to write this, even if I only publish it here on the blog. We’ll see.

Now, time to refill the creative well with some reading and knitting.

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