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JusJoJan: Day 15

Welcome back to day 15 of Just Jot It January. Today’s prompt is leadership, but, yeah. I’ve got nothing for that. Instead, how about a little story. No, not the ones I usually write. This actually happened last night.

So, the girl’s 2nd grade teacher sends home a homework calendar for every month. Mondays are for reading 10-20 minutes(this is laughable if you knew how much my daughter reads). Tuesdays is math, either a sheet sent home or they can do problems on a site that has math games. Wednesdays is to do an activity from a spelling tic-tac-toe grid. And Thursdays there’s usually a writing prompt. Yesterday’s prompt was:

Ricky wore a mustache so he could look like his dad. Who do you want to look like? What could you wear?

So, first of all, she decided this was too hard before she even tried to think of anything(this has become an issue lately, and she’s even said she’s not smart enough to do something, which really bothers me, but that’s not what I’m getting into today). So, I had to try to calm her down and then asked her if she wanted to look like anyone. She said no. So, I asked her why not. “I want to look like myself.”

Now, I think that’s a perfectly good answer. So, I told her to write that down.

I imagine, however, her teacher isn’t going to agree with me. Back at parent-teacher conferences in November, her teacher showed us something the girl had written in response to a story they’d read. And said her response didn’t actually answer the question. Except…it did. Just not in quite the way the teacher had meant for it to be answered. But, the girl has always looked at and thought about things differently. So, I didn’t really see the problem with her answer then either.

But, I guess we’ll see when she gets the paper back what her teacher thinks about this answer.

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