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Family Friday: Growing Up

Nathan turned 19 months at the beginning of April. That is very hard for me to believe. Especially when I was looking through pictures to print out for his scrapbook the other day. Yes, just a few more months until he turns two, and I am just starting to work on the scrapbook. I saw the picture I took of him at three months old, and it was hard to remember when he had been that little. But, I look at him and see how much he has grown.

The day before Easter, he got his first haircut. It wasn’t unmanageably long or anything, just getting rather shaggy around the ears. And Hayleigh and I were both getting ours trimmed at my sister’s after my cousin’s baby shower, so I decided to have her trim his up as well. And I couldn’t believe how much of a difference just a little trim made in how he looks. He no longer looked like a little toddler anymore. Instead he was transformed into a little boy.

The day before his haircut.

Getting his hair cut

Looking all grown up at Easter.

Then, earlier this week, I was getting his breakfast ready. Just a bowl of cheerios, so nothing elaborate. But, as I was pouring them into his bowl, he went over and climbed up into my chair at the table. Just like that. And he sat there the whole time he ate breakfast. I resisted this new change for about a day. Then, switched the extra chair for his high chair. And he’s been sitting in his “big boy chair” since then. Granted there is more playing around at meal times, but he still sits there and eats.

Sitting at the table

I looked back through photos of Hayleigh, and she was still in the high chair at her second birthday, but out of it within the next eight months(the next picture of her at the table is that next Easter). But, he seems to be doing just about everything earlier than she did.

At this rate, before I know it, he will be the one going to Pre-K. Although since his birthday falls just a few days after the school cut-off, I have an extra year for that.

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